So... This story might be completely redone in August and/or September. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as it is now.

How this ENTIRE EXISTANCE works (for me)


This is the start of all timeline branches and has several possibilities, whether it be the universe ending up like Archie comics, ending up with everyone being made of poison or anything in between. There are multiple bursts, made by different sets of gods (creators are the gods of their characters and worlds).


Timelines are strings of multiverses that co-exist. There are multiple timelines, and there's a chance they can fuse together to create a new timeline. Timelines can also split and copied in case one gets destroyed.


Multiverses come in clusters of several, sometimes millions, of universes. Each cluster is connected and travels through its respective timelines. They can have different things in each of them, like one person existing in one galaxy, and not existing in another.


This has the standard galaxies, and other things you might see from documentaries, and "Dimensions".


Now, dimensions and universes are different things. Dimensions are the layers that MAKE a universe. It's basic geometry and sometimes goes PAST regular geometry. Shadows exist in the second dimension, and all "physical" things exist in the third dimension. Dimensions can also be small, personal pockets of a universe, which are commonly called "Realms". Now, there is also a special dimension that we can feel with our senses. It is called...

The Dimension of Waves (Sound, light, heat, ETC)

There is a dimension of the universe that completely controls all waves. If you can tap into this dimension, then it is possible to manipulate reality, much like what the Phantom Ruby does. It changes how you see, and what you hear in order to control you. It can also bend physics as seen in the Avatar's Grand Metropolis stage.


Realms are artificial dimensions made by someone with enough power. They have their own layers as well and are almost like their own universes.


Dark The Ocelot

He is the ruler of the Onyx Empire, a large city with the best food, most popular casinos, strongest fighters, and most innovative. He is an atheist on the Elementos religion and considers himself close enough to be a god. However, he is open to people having their own religions.

Flame The Hedgehog

Flame, a cocky, smart-mouthed 17-year-old genius, is a master engineer. He is in the Ember Family of Elementos and excels above most tasks... if he tried he would, anyway. He doesn't really understand that nobody will know he is above-average unless he shows he is.

Negative The Hedgehog

Like his brothers Flame and Bright, he is brilliant. He does actually prove he is, though. He is the oldest of his trio, being 19 years old. He is a master of deception, cunning, and loves messing with people's minds. He loves seeing someone recognize him, and he loves helping anyone he considers family, by any means necessary.

Bright The Hedgehog

He's overall someone to make everyone happy, no matter what. He loves his brothers and even the people who consider him his enemy. He is not afraid to stand up for anyone. He is the youngest, being only 15 years old, but damn he does what he loves.

Soul The Tenrec

Soul is energetic, short, and like Flame, 17 and at genius levels. He loves to build, imagine, and display his creations. He was born in the Onyx Empire, but he feels is true home is in the Storm Region of Elementos City, the land where the Temples and Families of Elementos lie. He is a popular comedian there, amazing with his wit and jokes. However, he is now seen as an outcast after the attack. To try to earn their trust back, he started helping Negative.

Mirror The Tenrec

Mirror is the son of Flame and current antagonist. He is a powerful being in possession of the Rose of Destruction, and the "son" of Elementos. He mainly is antagonizing Dark and has trapped him in his own dimension, named the "Mirror" Dimension. He's Ghost's best friend and has a small rivalry with him based on power.

Shine The Hedgehog

Shine is a sweet little dough-ball, and he's the son of Bright. He loves talking and has a crystal in his head to [SPOILERS] and creates a detectable aura, able to be sensed by Negative, Soul, Bright, and Chrome. He's the second youngest child, being only eight years old.

Chrome The Hedgehog

Chrome is a not-so-smart hedgehog and son of Negative. He loves making his father happy and showing off what he can do. However, even though he's the youngest, he can act a lot like a small hell-spawn. Other than that, he's sweet and loves to help.

Ghost The Tenrec

Ghost is a brilliant tenrec and the child of Soul. They can summon powerful auratic abilities, but his moral and emotional half doesn't allow them to release their full strength. Fun fact: Ghost is a hermaphrodite. They have a rivalry with Mirror based on power. Even though Ghost is only 10, compared to Mirror (15), he is quite strong.


Elementos City

An area far outside the Onyx Empire, filled with beautiful gardens and fountains, carved to fit each Familial Region. It welcomes newcomers with elemental powers and trains people in the following revered groups.


They are fiery and passionate. They love what they do, whatever it is, and do it well. They are energetic, bubbly, but very quick to anger. The buildings are a dark maroon, with gold and purple accents.


It's always snowing and cold, and it's amazing. Snowflakes are always unique, and their buildings reflect this. Each one has a different style and different accent colour. It always has a white base colour.


Land children are often tough and stupid. Their houses are inside cliffs, but they are far from bland. Like most ground structures, they look impossible and random but still standing. A rumour spread that they just hollowed out rocks to make their houses. Their buildings are grey, brown, green, and sometimes blue, having small lakes on top of them.


This one needs an elevator unless you can fly. They live high up in the sky, away from the others. This makes for some predicament where they forget that they can send meteors through the ground. They are often distracted, and rarely follow rules unless they are set by them.


This would be a level below the Space Region, but it's still high in the sky. It's always raining, whether it be weather or meteorites. Storm children are often quick on their feet, smart, and can often be loud and scary when annoyed. Their buildings look like they are cloudy, but really they're using fog machines. The fog can be blue, gold, or purple, depending on status. This area has the most popular entertainment in the entirety of Elementos.


EVERYTHING GLOWS. The light children are often revered as smart and creative, only being rude when it benefits more people than 100. They are often seen as adorable as well, having long spines/fur, and always having a sweet and loyal personality. Their buildings look mostly Greek but have a part that looks more like Soliana, which despite the game it was in, it is a beautiful city.


This city's main fountain looks like a black hole, with water going in and never coming back out, and also the fact the water's black. The buildings are black, purple and gold. The buildings are often large spires that have a glow at the top which is red, gold, or white, representing status and residence.

Onyx Empire

The Onyx Empire is divided into 5 districts, the Under district, which is underground, hidden from most, which stores military experts, the Level district, which is what you usually enter into, the Power district, which houses energy, and electric experts, the Emperor district, which has the Emperor's Castle, and finally the Battle district, where all battles between civilians must be fought. The Onyx Empire is the most popular place in Mobius for strict morals, freedom of faith, and a sort of democracy, where the people and Emperor vote together on laws. Most people are happy, and if they aren't, they can leave.

Level (skipping Under because it looks like a steel dungeon)

The buildings look like the ones in Spagonia and have a pallet of grey, black, white, gold, and faded-dark red. There are two staircases leading from both sides of the city, one leading straight to the Emperor District, and one leading to the Power district. It has 175 buildings in total, not counting houses.

Emperor (skipping power because it's a bunch of power plants with bedrooms inside of them)

This is a large black, white, and gold spire, with a hexagonal surrounding wall, and another spire on each corner. There is purple glows on top of each, and the ground is a beautiful shade of orange, or are those leaves? The entrance looks like you are stepping into the mouth of a giant creature, but it still manages to be flat.


The battle district is a large arena, with walls that cover the entire city. It domes over it and the top is exposed, except for a spire with a camera where people can watch the fight. It has a pattern on the ground, similar to that of a Chaos Emerald. It is circular, obviously, and has a half-point, separated by the spire's placement. The battles that happen there are always amazing, and it was almost called the Sports district, due to it being the only entertainment. It was originally going to be for farming until two people argued over who would get the land. It's also used as an area of announcements, seeing as the population can fit on it. Did I mention the population is 1,006,357,350, not counting children? Well, 1,006,357,349, now.

Episode 1: Roses are blooming


Part 1

Flame glances out, into the fiery city. Nothing important happens, just fire, the occasional volcano explosion, which is always fun to swim through, but other than that, nothing. thought Flame. He loves action. It's a vent for his energy, of which he has quite a bit.

"Hey, Flame! There's an announcement in the main plaza! This is the first day of Spring, man!", said his brother, Bright. Bright was usually distracted, and "spaced out" as most people said it. Flame shrugged and hopped down from the building he was on. Well, I guess something's finally happening.. admitted Flame, in his mind. Bright sighed impatiently and bounced around like a child. "C'mon, hurry up! I don't want to be late!" Bright whined. "Yeah, yeah... I'm goin', alright?" grumbled Flame. He packed an item into a box, a metal piece glinting in the sun.

They ran to the Null district, and Flame used his powers to jet up to their brother, Negative. He was training his mind, also known as reading a book. "Heya, guys. What brings you here?" Negative said, uncaring if they responded. Bright took the lead in explaining, explaining the Spring Equinox celebration. "We get it! you love the equinox, we've been going to it for ten years now.." said Negative annoyedly.

They walked to the main auditorium and sat in their assigned seats, each one having a gold label for each person. "I keep forgetting my least favourite part... I have to sit next to Angel.." complained Bright. Flame snapped his fingers, and a small, short spark appears when he does so. "Hey, be nice. You could end up marryin' her." teased Flame. "No!" said Bright, covering his blushing face. "Nice one," laughed Negative, and the two brothers high five each other.

Part 2

The curtains rolled back, and Soul sat nervously. He didn't know what to do when he got onstage. He practised the act several times, but he never performed it yet. "Welcome, welcome, one and all, to this spectacular morning! Today, you need not train, unless you desire to, and you may break the touching rule for high-fives and hugs." announced the Elemental Leader. "Today, we have a special guest this year. You may know him as the most popular fighter and comedian of Onyx Empire. He has agreed to join us today, and then we have a surprise afterwards." She continued. "Please welcome, Soul the Tenrec!"

Everyone cheered, and Soul walked up to the stage. He was wearing a contact to cover his left eye. "Thank you for having me here! C'mon, who's ready for the Equinox? Lemme hear it!" Shey all cheered "WE ARE!", and then Soul spun around, making a rosebud come seemingly from nowhere, and bloom, making them cheer more. "Y'know, Spring's one of my favourite times of the year. Perfect weather, always the right temperature for warm and cold-hearted." Nobody laughs at his joke. "Y'know, you're not making this easy. Not even something from the Lights, or anyone at all? C'mon, this is a time to be happy! So, let's get on with this celebration!" Soul performed his act flawlessly, moving in the perfect way to do all of the physical gags, and pointing in the perfect direction for some jokes. Soul bowed and tossed the rose into the crowd, and Bright managed to catch it.

Bright also managed to hold it in just the right way to make it look like he was giving it to Angel. His brothers laughed a bit. The celebration continued with awards and announcements. "And finally, the surprise." Said the Leader. She looked at everyone, and smiled, her tail waving back and forth. "Soul, please come back to the stage!"

He gets back up, and the leader puts her arm on his shoulder. "Soul has applied to be a part of our amazing community! Please welcome him warmly, and make sure that the Storm District has an open house." Everyone cheered, and Negative choked a bit. He heard that Soul had a bit of a problem with pride, and a tendency to talk a lot. Soul didn't care, because now he could use his powers the way he wanted to, instead of just being a light bulb. He walked off stage, and when everyone left their seats, he managed to make it look like he accidentally ran into Bright.

"Hey, you're the guy who caught the rose. You manage to give it to the girl?" said Soul. Bright smiled and slightly blushed, "That pose was accidental, I swear." he defended. "I see..." said Soul, nodding. "Well, I guess it was good I didn't give it to her. It's pure metal." Bright said.

"Doesn't change the fact it looks nice. If anything, it'll look like that forever," Soul explained. Bright had a look on his face that pretty much said: "I wish I did that, now".

Part 3

After Soul went on to talk to other people, Bright and his brothers wandered around. They ran into Angel again, and Bright obviously was nervous. "Heya, Angel," greeted Flame. Bright slightly blushed but covered his mouth with his scarf. "You okay, Bright?" asked Angel, looking over at him. "Yeah.." mumbled Bright. "Okay.." said Angel quietly. They both seemed nervous around each other. They waved goodbye and walked off Flame held back laughter, and Negative just smirked.

"She likes you too~", teased Flame. "I look forward to having a nephew.", added Negative. "Enough of it, alright? I get it, you like teasing me about liking someone. What about the girl Negative's following?" He referred a golden hedgehog with deep purple eyes, and a black, leather, dress-like jacket, and a faded blue shirt underneath. She wore torn jeans and black boots with 2 golden buckles. "Her? Pft.." said Negative, his colours chinging to a slightly pinkish hue. "She's just a friend...", he finished. "Yeah, a friend you're too nervous to talk to?", said Flame, helping Bright. "Drop it..", Negative said shyly.

After the day, everyone headed back to their districts. "Seeya guys at the next contests in Winter~" beamed Bright. Flame and Negatived hugged their goodbyes and went back to their places.

Part 4

Except Negative didn't. He was too awake to sleep, so he wandered around until he saw Soul being guided around. "Hey, you again! I saw you with the kid who caught the rose!" Soul's eyes looked different. "What's up with your eyes? They were both blue earlier." inquired Negative. Soul sighed, a little storm cloud coming out of his mouth when he did so. "I don't like talking about it, but let's just say it's one of the reasons I left the Onyx Empire.", explained Soul. Negative nodded and shrugged. He didn't want to ask too much.

He glanced at the clock and saw it was 8:21 PM. "Well, I gotta go back home. See you soon, maybe." said Negative, secretly hoping he didn't. Negative walked back to his house and went inside. He immediately fell down on his bed. he couldn't get Soul's eyes out of his head. He continued reading his book. It was one of his favourites, called "The Giver". He's figuring out why the author didn't use a lot of setting detail, due to everyone's colourblindness.

Then, there's a knock at his window. It's his friend Nightshade, a purple and green cat with bright gold eyes. "Yo! Negative! You still awake?" asked Nightshade. "Yeah, yeah.. why do you think I have the reading light on?" said Negative, getting up. "It isn't..." noted Nightshade. Negative shrugged and opened the window. Nightshade flew right in and landed on his floor lightly. "You get Topaz to talk to you yet?" asked his friend. "No... Bright found out about it though. I don't think I'll hear the end of it." said Negative in an annoyed manner. "Hey, cheer up. She's not dating anyone else, so that should make you feel at least a little better.", replied Nightshade. "Yeah..." said Negative.

They talk for a while, and Nightshade stops, and his ear closest to the window twists towards it. His tail flicks back and forth in thought, and Negative gets up and sees a pile of fallen pipes near the battle centre. "That's odd... what are those pipes doing there?" said Negative curiously. "Dunno... Let's check it out!", said Nightshade excitedly. Negative sighed, closing his eyes and looking down. His left hand was over his face, and he glanced up at Nightshade. "You sound just like Bright...", admitted Negative. Nightshade punched his arm lightly and hopped out the window. He started flying towards the pipes, and Negative dashed in pursuit.

When they got there, a sound was heard inside the building. Negative held back Nightshade and glanced in. There was a deep, dark blue, cat-like being, with a broken, angular tail, and red-orange sclera. Negative snuck in and made sure to not make a sound. The cat was searching for something. It looked like it was in the weapon container, due to the deadly items that he carelessly tossed on the ground. Negative put his hand on the wall and crossed his legs. He raised an eyelid a little, and said, "And what do you think you're doing after curfew?"

The being flinched a little and looked back. His purple-blue eyes glowed like gemstones. "Hmhmhm... None of your concern, monochromatic rodent. I am just here to fetch something. I couldn't trust anyone else to get it," said the being, not even looking at them anymore. He then held up a necklace with a golden rose on it. "Ah.. here it is... The Rose of Destruction."- He glanced at them-"Which shouldn't have a place in a child's playroom," he grumbled. He put the Rose on his tail, and then jumps out, through the roof. "Hey! What's your name?" Negative quickly asked. The being paused.

"You may call me Dark. It is the only term you can comprehend, as I can tell, child of Elementos" it said. He left in a purple aura. Nightshade rushes in. "Hey, who was that?" he said. "Lord of the Onyx Empire.. we have to tell the Leader about this." said Negative, with no time to explain. "Well, obviously, but what was he here-"

"I'll tell you when we get to the Leader's domain." interrupted Negative. They dashed to the large temple and knocked on the door. When the Leader answered, she opened her eyes wide. "Negative and Nightshade? What are you two doing out after curfew?" she interrogated. "I'll explain in a bit, but you should be grateful we were," said Negative


"I see.." said the Leader after they explained. "We must upgrade the defences at once. We need more patrols... actually, I'll plan this tomorrow. I'm too tired.." she yawned. "You two are to keep watch to see if Dark comes back," she said, and Negative and Nightshade did so.

Part 5

Dark ran back to the empire, his long limbs making him look like a stick figure. When he arrived in his castle, he slinked up to his room and mounted the rose on a wall in an empty frame. The Rose seemed to glow, but maybe it was just the fireplace. Then, he knocked over his actual vase of roses, and it fell on a pressure plate. Large mechanical whirs could be heard, and the rose was hidden in the wall. Dark then ran into the night. He went back to the Elementos City and saw the two Nulls standing guard. He cursed under his breath, thinking nobody would be around. His red sclera glinted, and the two fell asleep. Dark grinned to himself and ran throughout the city. He dug 9 holes around the city, one under the Leader's house, one under the weapons area, and others under the different towns.

He ran back to his Empire as the two Nulls woke up.

Part 6

The next morning, the Leader had called another meeting. "Last night, the Emperor, Dark The Ocelot, stole the Rose of Destruction. We never would've found out about it unless Negative and Nightshade hadn't been alert last night. We are all in their debt because we know how to combat this." she announced.

Bright raised his hand, and his brothers facepawed. "Yes, Bright?" asked the Leader. "I was told that we cannot combat the Rose, and I was also wondering if I could help defend against Dark." Flame looked at him like he was an alien. That's just suicide, thought Negative.

The Leader laughed. "You must be joking, young one. You are not experienced enough to fight." Bright stood up, his eyes serious. "How else am I going to get experience? Training is just, well, training, and there's nothing worth going full force, to keep it safe, so I'm going to help defend this city, no matter what! For Elementos!" The crowd laughed. Soul stood up and zipped onto the stage. Everyone fell silent. He had not put in his contact lens, and his corrupted eye was clearly showing. "Listen, you're all laughing at someone who wants to help you. At least in Onyx, we fought for each other, and we could do so whenever we wanted! That's their only advantage, y'know. They have people who care about protecting their land. This place, as I've seen, just shoots down people with no second thought, because they don't think they're good enough. I think it's time he proves himself. Bright, come to the stage. You're going to fight me." Bright's pupils shrunk. "W-wait, you're not serious..." he managed. Soul sighed, "Well, I guess you were right. I guess it's good that he's still in training. He's just a little kid with big dreams..." The words stabbed through Bright, and he jetted himself onto the stage. Soul chuckled and tossed the microphone back to the Leader.


Part 7

"You ready, kid?" said Soul. Bright glared at him. "You can't call me a kid if I'm two years younger than you," Bright said. Soul laughed slightly, and said, "Yeah I can. I'm more mature than I look." His darker eye glinted. They had a small staredown, both of them seemingly charging something, and then Soul tapped the tip of his shoe on the ground.

Bright and Soul clash at each other, Bright having a galaxy-like aura, and Soul's obviously being electric. Bright spun like a tornado for a moment, knocking Soul back. He brushed off the area where Bright hit and smirked at him. His golden accessories glowed slightly, along with his light blue tattoos. He axe-kicked at Bright, and Bright caught the hit. "Well this is awkward-" Bright spun him around, tossed him into the crowd, jumped after him at a faster speed, and shot him back on the stage with a comet. Soul got up, barely fazed. he grinned, and electricity formed in his hand like a rope. Solar flames formed in a similar way in Bright's hands, and they both began attacking with the whips. Bright managed to tie his with Soul's, and he pulled himself in for a kick to the face. He noticed his scarf was on fire, and he quickly patted it out. Then he shook his head and focused back on the fight. Soul summoned a strong wind to disorient Bright. He danced around, kicking, punching and zapping Bright. Then, Bright fires an asteroid at Soul. He easily dodges, and then due to the wind, it boomerangs and hits him in the back of the head. Bright catches the rock, and spins it on his finger, now that the wind has stopped. The asteroid disappeared, and Bright smirked. Soul got up, holding the part of his head the rock hit, and then shook his head. Both were bruised and slightly limping. "Y'know, I don't think anybody fights like you in the Onyx Empire.." said Soul, coughing at the end. "Really..? Then the fighters in the Onyx Empire aren't that good, huh?" teased, Bright, and the crowd laughed. Soul grinned, and a small bit of a fang showed. He got up like he felt no pain. Something seemed to switch on in his head, and his corrupted eye glowed gold. His fingertips grew sharp, and he grinned. All his teeth were fangs now. Bright's spines turned jagged, and his pupils shrank. His ears twisted back, and Soul dashed at him in a lightning stream, hitting him through the ground, and a mile further. His brothers got up and jumped from the far back seats. They both landed on the stage.


Part 8

Negative quickly got the opposite powers of Soul, and Flame began healing Bright. He winced through this, seeing as he felt the other person's pain whenever he healed someone. Bright got up out of the hole and helped Negative fight Soul. Negative quickly spun, and hit the back of Soul's neck, hitting him into the ground. Soul got up like it was nothing, and flicked Negative on the nose. Negative throttled back into the far wall, and Flame began making a fiery tornado around Soul. Soul quickly parted the fire with the wind, and then dropkicked Flame, quickly getting up. Bright held his hand up to Soul's face and made a comet come out at full velocity. Soul hit the wall, unconscious. The 3 brothers looked at each other, and Flame healed them.


"Nice play you put on, children.." said a voice familiar to some of them. Dark materialized out of the shadows, and Negative looked at him directly. Dark looked as if he was struggling to stand, limped over to Negative, and hit him into the crowd with a simple movement of his arm. He moved in a style similar to The Crooked Man, and Soul woke up in the rubble. He looked at Dark, and almost immediately fired a blast the size of his entire body at him. Dark swatted it aside, and it made the wall catch on fire. "I remember you... you stole the Rose.." said Negative. The cat-like emperor laughed, and said, "Ah, you have more intellect than most of these, don't you? All these people who hide behind the invisible shield of a god that does not exist... Well, when I put it that way..." he glanced at Negative, "I guess you're just as moronic as the rest of them. But I have a feeling..." Dark slinked towards him, "You're not like them... You're just putting on a facade, letting them trust you... It's clever... It's how some rise to power..." He said, holding his hand out to Negative. Negative merely kicked him onto the ground. "I am the most brilliant here... that's why I follow Elementos." The crowd cheered, and Dark slunk onto the stage. "You fools! Have you any idea what prevented for this child? He could become the warlord of worlds, king of cosmos, Emperor of Earth. Now you will witness a reversed repeat of history... The incident that happened 10 years ago, so anyone under 20 years of age must leave. You are not part of this. Your parents did something horrible..." Announced Dark.

The young ones fled in fear, except for Nightshade, Negative, his brothers, and Soul. Dark laughed, and said, "Fine. Die with the guilty... It's a shame too..." He glanced at Negative and frowned. "We could have done so much for everyone. You... your brothers... your friends... but you threw it away with your life..." He makes sharp points come from the surface of his body, impaling everyone in the way, except the 5 young ones who stayed. They had teleported away in a white, green, and purple aura. The other young ones looked at them, and Angel ran up to Bright. She hugged him, crying. Then everyone heard explosions everywhere, in all the districts, except the entrance district. Then an explosion the size of their terror erupts from the battle centre. Dark emerges from the theatre and looks at every one of the young ones. He stabs anyone who managed to escape who is at or above 20.

He stabbed Topaz seemingly through the heart, right in front of Negative.

He was holding her hand, and then she fell to the white pavement. Negative held back so much anger, his quills turned bright crimson. his eyes glowed green, and Soul held him back from trying to attack Dark. "Negative, you can't win. Nobody has lived through a complete fight with Dark, and those who have fought him and lived are people who are smart enough to run prematurely." Negative calmed down slightly, and sighed, loosening his fist. Dark flew off to his Empire again. Flame got up, holding a cat, about 3 years old, dark blue, with light blue tabby designs. He handed cradled him, rocking him back and forth gently. Everyone looked at Negative. Everyone moved away from Soul. Negative began instructions for the reconstruction of the districts. Everyone began working, and eventually, they had a beautiful meadow, with millions of flowers, trees, and a lake. The Earth family began making houses, and the Frost and Ember Families helped to wire for heaters and coolers, along with the heating and cooling. A Light child started adding the houses' rankings. "STOP. Rankings do not matter right now. What matters is staying alive." he shouted. The ranks were removed, and everyone got assigned a house with their brothers, sisters, and close friends. After 2 months they finish their rebuilding. Summer had begun.


Part 1

There were several scouting crews sent out, all of them coming back, speaking of an odd place that none of them had heard of. Then again, everyone there had only seen the city.

It was full of trees, rivers, it never had a storm, and never had any marks of burning on any trees. Negative and his group of leaders, the smartest adolescents that survived, in other words, decided what to do with this area. "Dark has no control over it, so we could take-"

"We don't know that! He could have territory all the way to the edge of our borders!"

"Then why aren't our scouts dead?" Negative asked, concluding the argument.

They looked at him, and the realization dawned on them. They sent Negative's family there. They were strong, and they wanted to reward Negative in any way they could.

Negative's "family" was comprised of his brothers, Angel and her siblings, Soul, Nightshade and his family, and the young cat that Flame found.

"The kitten needs a name, y'know." Soul declared, and the others looked at him again, this time with a look that translated to "We know, idiot.", except for Bright. "We can't just keep calling him 'the kitten'. Negative, you're the oldest. What's his name?" said Bright. Negative looked at him, one ear back. "Well, he has a lot of power in such a small body, so I believe 'Missile' might be an appropriate name-" said Negative, interrupted by Angel. "Really, you're going to name him after bombs? He acts a bit like a character from your favourite book, kinda... What was his name..?" she interrupted. "Sirius. I believe you think he acts like Sirius Black," said Negative.

Angel smiled at the newly named cat. "That's a nice name, isn't it?" The kitten mewed happily in response. "Then it's settled," said Flame. "So can we get to work making a cozy house now? I need something to do."

After they got settled in the forest, they realized that there were other things there that weren't people, like giant bugs. Flame became pretty much a turret and chef for everyone, making amazing meals and doing so with just fish and nuts, along with the spare food they brought with them. When they arrived back in Elementos, they told everyone about it, the good, bad, and the new species. Soul even went to the length of telling people how clean the water was, to try and help. Nobody listened to him, though. He wasn't a good comedian anymore. He was an Onyx invader. When Dark learned of this himself, he was surprised. "They know about the Forest of Purity? Odd... I thought they'd stay in their little town..." admitted Dark.

Part 2

He decided to send over weaponless communicators, and ask what it's like in there. Then they saw Soul. "Wait.. you're the one who said 'The Onyx Empire isn't good enough', and left!" exclaimed one of them. Soul glanced at him, his corrupted eye glinting, and he sighed, annoyed that they know him. The communicators asked around where the head house was, and when they got there...

"I don't care that they're not efficient, they're what we have!"

"Well, I don't see why we can't improve..." said a familiar voice shyly.

"Sparky has a point," admitted Nightshade

"We don't have the materials to improve! Get it through your 3-inch skull, that even if we wanted to-"

The communicators knocked on the door, and the Leaders stopped their arguing. Soul, who decided to be Negative's aid, opened the door. It helped that he knew what everyone was talking about so that he could add input. The communicators walked past him. "We come on Dark's behalf," announced the first.

"I told you we shouldn't go into the forest..." said a gold springhare

They looked at him in a confused manner and focused back on the conversation. "We come to tell you that Dark is impressed with your progress." said another communicator. Negative smiled ruefully. "Guess he was right. I am a good leader." He got up and welcomed them. They smiled and bowed. "Get up, I'm not a god," said Negative in an annoyed manner. They did so, and Negative explained their current situation.

"Might I convince Dark to give supplies to help?" asked the third communicator.

Negative looked at him and smiled. "That would fix our current situation. We only require a few farming tools and crops. Stronger armour and such can be created by the Land children and forged by the Ember..."

The one who opposed the idea of improvement glared at him, his pink eyes like that of a killer's.

"That is all you require?" asked one of the communicators. "For now, we have most things, except food." Negative assured them. The communicators shook everyone's hands and left. Negative had a smirk on his face. Nightshade looked over. "What's so funny?" he asked. Negative didn't glance back, and said, "I can't believe it... we don't have to go to war." Tears started forming in his eyes. "He took everything from us, but he's trying to help us. Why?" Soul realized that Negative didn't have an answer to his question. Negative has this mentality that since he was a well-respected person, he had to have some reason, other than his parents being important. He thought that he was the smartest, so whenever he can't solve something, he feels like he's not doing what he was meant to.

Part 3 (mainly exposition)

A few years since the alliance with the Onyx Empire and Elementos City, there has been peace. They were getting along fine. Hell, the Onyx Empire even allowed people to have religions for the first time. Negative was declared the main leader of Elementos City. Negative never had an answer to his question, though. Dark treated Negative like his son, telling him everything on how to be a leader. One day, however, after they bonded so much, Negative asked a question. "Why did you start helping us..?" he asked, finally able to get an answer. Dark looked at him and frowned. "You only thought to ask me now, Negative?" he said, raising an eyebrow. Negative sighed, thinking he wouldn't get an answer.

"I know what it's like to lose people you love."

Negative's eyes widened, and he looked at Dark with surprise. "I know, hold your shock, someone like me feeling sorry for people..." said Dark. He looked at him, and something seemed to click in his head.

"Do you want to hear the story?" he asked. "Of course, sir." said Negative.

Dark rose from his seat and knocked over a vase of flowers. The empty frame over his bed now had the Rose of Destruction in it. Negative gawked at it. "This is my family heirloom..." Dark began. He held it in his hands, which seemed to no longer have claws. "It has been passed down for several years, generation to generation, Emperor to Empress, all to have it end up in the hands of my parents." He looked at it and smiled. "I used to play with it as a child. Do you know how it got its name?" he asked Negative. "To deter people from taking it?" he guessed. "Exactly. We didn't want to lose what made our family what it was. This Rose went its way through wars, betrayals, torture... love, happiness, and prosperity. It's part of my family.

"Then, the Old Elementos saw it. They claimed it was theirs, and that we lied about our history with it. They went on a journey to 'retrieve" the 'stolen' artefact. My family was killed, ending the feud, and taking the Rose for themselves. I never forgot that day. I vowed to take it back, no matter the price to pay. Then when I got it back..."

Dark looked close to tears. "I realized you changed it. You made it belong to you, fill it with your old and cursed magic, making it truly a 'Rose of Destruction'.

"Your ancestors ruined something that didn't even belong to them! When I felt its power in my hands, I wanted to destroy it..."

Dark began crying.

"Your people destroyed my family!" he finished.

Negative was surprised by the story. "If we put magic into it... then how many other things have we--"

"You did not steal them. The people before you stole them." Dark interrupted.

"Well, I have something I would like to actually share with you about the Rose," said Negative, cautiously. "Go ahead..." said Dark. "It only works in the hands of a member of the Family of Elementos himself. Not in Ember, Null, Space, Storm, or any others...

"Only for Elementos," said Negative. Dark flinched and looked at him. "So nobody can use it..? It can be an heirloom again?" said Dark. "You are correct, Emperor," confirmed Negative. Dark looked at it, something still not being right for him. "But... it still has the power..." he said. "May I see it?" said Negative. Dark handed it to him. The red-purple Rose's colour began fading, and it glowed less. "Wait... my ancestor had a device that did something similar..." He jumped out the room's window, and came back with an old book called "The Lost Hero's Era". He turned to the "Forces" chapter. "Him! He used a gem called 'The Phantom Ruby' to enhance his powers, and make different dimension in reality that he controlled!" Negative's eyes widened. "The gem has an ability called 'Null Space', right? The Elementos followers were around for a long time, rivalling only the Echidna Tribe in age. Our people invented the ability to make and control dimensions!" Dark looked at him with a puzzled face. "Wait... so you knew about the complex of timelines and dimensions and linked multiverses back then?" he asked. Negative smiled at him.

"Obviously, sir."

Part 4 (not just an exposition part)

"Well? C'mon! You know what's happening, right?!" "Yeah yeah... I get it, you're excited, Bright... for the 6,001st time..." groaned Flame. "C'mon, hurry up! There's something happening in the main area of the Onyx Capital!" exclaimed Bright. "Wait, what?" said Flame, immediately getting up. "That sure got your attention," said Soul. "Yeah, that's because nothing ever happens in Onyx," said Flame, getting a coat on, due to the cold weather. "Angel, watch Sirius while we're gone, alright?" said Soul. She nodded, and they headed out the door.

The three of them ran to the area, and there was an enourmous group of people fighting.


"Wait... Crap. I didn't do any heat-ups yet, I can't use my normal powers to stop this," said Flame annoyedly. Soul sighed, a small storm cloud coming out of his mouth as he did so. "Really? 'Heat ups'?" asked Soul. Flame glanced at Soul. "It's what they're called, okay? Let's focus on the task at hand, Zappy," he said, annoyedly. Bright had been listening to what the fighters were saying, and tapped Soul on the shoulder. "What's up?" said Soul. "They don't really like the Elementos being here... Nightshade's in the fight right now," whispered Bright.

Flame's eyes widened. "WHAT?! Nightshade wouldn't involve himself in something so stu-" said Flame, interrupted by a sucker punch to the face. He quickly got back up, and Soul made an electric bubble around himself and Flame. "Wait, where the hell is Bright?!" he shouted, looking around, his dark eye glinting. Flame had his left hand on the part that got hit. "Ugh... I dunno..." he groaned. He realized that Bright was being dragged by his cape into the fight. Flame immediately dashed after the people dragging him. Flame's body glowed like a real fire, and he crashed into them, knocking the attackers down. He stopped and stopped glowing, helping his brother up. Soul set down the shield, ran over to help, and got elbowed in the rib onto the ground. He staggered to the right slightly and then punched the person who hit him with so much speed and strength that a bone crack could be heard. A sound like glass shattering backwards was heard, and all the people fighting stopped. Dark glared at all of them, Negative at his side. "THERE'S THE BETRAYING LEADER WHO LET THEM IN!! GET HIM!" The Onyx citizens dashed at Dark, and Negative pushed his hand to the right, his shadow's hand hitting the others' shadows, knocking them to the ground.


"How dare you! If you even consider yourselves residents of this Empire, then you can kiss that goodbye! LEAVE. I will not tolerate any more discrimination in this Empire. That era is gone-" a red and black mouse dashed at him, a decorated blade in his hand. Negative got in the way, blocking the blow with his own body. Dark glared at the rodent, and swatted him aside, getting the knife out of Negative. There was a mostly crimson from the blood, with some light blue liquid mixed in and a faint odour of almond. Negative coughed, a small amount of blood coming out. Flame, Soul, and Bright dashed at the mouse, ready to pretty much kill him. Dark blocked them. "I understand how you feel. You are all like my family, but I will deal with him legally," said Dark strictly, glaring at the rat. It glared back, its pink eyes glowing. It passed out from Dark's hit. 5 officers appeared. "Took you long enough. Have more officers stationed at popular spots so none of this happens again. Also, take the crimson rodent to the jail for attempted murder." One guard got out a radio and sent the order out, another took the rat into a crystalline cage temporarily, before teleporting him to the jail. The other 3 picked up the knife and teleported Negative to the hospital.

Dark looked at the Elementos who fought. "I apologize for letting this happen. Hopefully, this will be the last time it happens. I'll take any injured to the hospital, and the bill is free." he apologized. They nodded, and said, "Thank you, Emperor." Nightshade got up from being unconscious from the fight. "Ugh... what happened- Wait, what's the three of you doin' here?" he asked Bright, Flame, and Soul. Bright answered, "I heard something was happening here, so I came to check it out." "Sorry about this mess. Someone just decided that since I was a Worshiper of Elementos, I didn't need my ears," said Nightshade bitterly, showing the small cuts at the base of his ears. "Damn it! I thought my people knew better than this! We all voted to accept this religion... and now they don't want it anymore? The minority's getting louder... and I have no idea what to do..." said Dark, putting his hand on his head, like it was hurting. "Hey, you'll figure something out..." said Flame, trying to make him feel better. "Then what? They'll get louder... they'll try to make it like it was before, and then- DAMN IT, if only Negative didn't get stabbed! He would've thought of something by now..." cried Dark.

"Listen, everyone's going to do everything they can to make sure this ends. Millions of years ago, people discriminated other people based on religion before, and that religion ended up being the most popular in the world. This will end, I promise." said Soul.

Nightshade's eyes widened. "Wait, NEGATIVE GOT HURT? WHO THE HELL DID IT?! THEY'RE GOIN' TO HELL!" he shouted, eyes blazing with anger.

"Calm down! I know you're his best friend, but he'll be fine. According to the basic report they sent out. He only- WAIT, HE HAS CYANIDE IN HIS BLOODSTREAM!?" said Flame, thinking he failed to comfort Nightshade. "Wait, that's a poison... I think I can use my powers to get that out of him," said Nightshade, slightly relieved. Nightshade tail flicked back and forth, and he turned to Dark. "They are right, though... Negative's gonna get through this..." he said. Dark sighed. "I'll call a public meeting. Send out a message telling everyone to get to the Battle District," he said.

Part 5

After the announcement, the two siblings and three friends walked back home. "I can't believe it... How dare they... First, they welcome us in, and then they try to kick us out..." said Angel, trying to be quiet. She accidentally woke up Sirius, who began to cry. Soul began holding him and rocked him back and forth gently. He whispered something, his blue eye glowing. Sirius stopped crying and fell back to sleep. "Hey, you never told us you were good with kids, Zap," said Nightshade. "Well, 'ya never asked," replied Soul, smirking at him.

"Alright, alright, but let's focus. We're all in agreement to visit Negative as soon as possible, obviously. Nightshade goes first, to get the poison out of his blood," said Flame, trying to plan things out. "Flame could also come, and see if he can heal him," suggested Bright. Soul glanced at him. "Wait... I forgot he could do that, but doesn't that mean that Flame also feels his pain?" he said. "Anything to make him feel better," said Flame.

When they arrived home, they had a letter in the mail. "'We are sorry for your loss...' yadda, yadda, yadda, 'Nightshade and Flame are permitted to try to heal Negative.' Alright, that settles it." said Soul, reading the letter. He set it on the table, put on his blue jacket, and started heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Nightshade. Soul looked back, his dark eye glinting. "I'm getting some fresh air," he said quickly. Nightshade's left ear twisted back, and he slightly flinched. "What? You're not going to stay here and help everyone feel better?" he asked. Soul sighed, the stormcloud coming out again. "I don't even feel good myself. I need to clear my head..." he said.

"You're going to remember what's going on eventually. You can't keep running," said Nightshade.

Soul looked back and glared. "Watch me," he said, walking out the door. He slammed it shut.

A few weeks later, Negative came back. Soul had been missing during this time as well and came back a few days later. "Negative!!" he said, giving him a big hug. "Heh, welcome back, Soul. From what I heard, you were missing while I was in the hospital." said Negative, smirking at him. "I needed to clear my head," said Soul, trying to look happy in front of everyone. Bright noticed something in his expression, though. It looked like guilt.

"Well, Sirius missed you too," said Angel, holding the slow-growing kitten. He mewed and held out his small hands to Soul. Soul gently picked him up, and Sirius began purring. Soul talked with everyone else, apologizing for leaving, and things like that.

"I'm gonna get some fresh air," said Soul. Angel looked at him, slightly worried he might leave again. "For real this time," he added quickly, and Angel smirked at him. He went on the door, jumped onto the roof, and relaxed. Bright followed him and sat down next to him. "What are you doing up here?" asked Soul, genuinely confused. "You really okay?" said Bright, remembering the look on Soul's face. "I'm fine, Bright. I really am," said Soul, trying to make Bright calm down. "Were you an actor too? That's a pretty convincing lie," said Bright. Soul blinked at him, a surprised look on his face. "Wait, what?" he said. "What are you feeling guilty about?" asked Bright. Soul looked back at the ground. "Well..." he said, sighing. "I just feel like I could've stopped what happened to Negative... I just felt so... useless!" he finally said. Bright looked at him and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Useless? You aren't the person that he taught how to not be afraid of the dark, and who he taught how to be just... a better person in general. I pretty much felt the knife that stabbed him, and so did Flame. We all feel bad about this..." said Bright. Soul still didn't look at Bright. "I know, but I can't even make them feel better. I'm just the person you look at and say 'Oh you poor thing' to, and I don't want to be that person! I am more than that! I'm not a pebble in the road, I'm just tired of being..." ranted Soul. "You're tired of being..?" asked Bright.

"I'm tired of being pitiful..."

Episode Two: New Peace... New Trouble


Part 1


Soul and Flame had cleared out an area for sparring and were starting to warm up. A large point board was on the Eastern side, and the ground already had scorch marks and small craters. Soul smirked, wearing a blue jacket, torn jeans with black leggings underneath, and a white shirt. Flame just had a simple black jacket with endoskeletal designs, black punk pants, and a faded blue shirt with stains.

"Ready, man?" said Soul, a contact lens over his dark eye. Flame glanced at him, smirked, his arms crossed, and made a thumbs up, a small burst of fire coming from his thumb. Soul stepped forwards with his left foot, and snapped his fingers, making lightning strike the ground near Flame. Flame quickly dodged each strike, barely moving his arms, keeping them mostly limp. He kept dodging and dashed at Soul, spinning, and hitting him to the side.

Negative, Bright, and Angel cheered. Nightshade was off in Elementos City creating a small army. Sirius, about half the height of Flame now, raised his tiny fist in the air, and yelled, "C'mon! You can do this!" Soul smirked, and did a fake-out kick at Flame, making him dodge into a lightning strike. Flame used the temporary extra energy to blast a giant beam at Soul, stopping it just in front of his face. Soul looked above the fire, and Flame ran across the blast, and kicked down at Soul, aiming for his face. Soul closed his eyes, calmly looked down, and grabbed Flame's leg. He spun around, throwing Flame into the scoreboard, changing Soul's score to one point.

Sirius, Angel, and Bright cheered, and Negative looked at his brother. Flame got up, dusted himself off, and smiled at Soul. "Nice..."- Flame crossed his legs and put his hand next to his score of 20 points- "but you need some practice." Soul looked at him, dusting himself off as well. "What do you think this is?" he remarked. Everyone went inside. There was something in the training area. "Hey, did you guys..?"

It's gone.


Part 2

Dark lied down on his bed, sick with something. Negative has taken command over almost everything at this point. Dark pressed the pressure pad to see the "Rose of Destruction". It was gone. "WHAT?!" yelled Dark, going into a coughing fit.

"Heh... listen, oldy, this toy doesn't belong to you. This is mine now." A tall figure stepped out of the dark corner of the room, holding the glowing Rose. "And just who do you think you are..?" said Dark weakly. The hedgehog looked Dark in the eye, not even slightly scared of what he can do. "The one who will rule this land. Negative can't strategize under stress, and well... you're dying," he said.


Dark stood up but found himself in a room filled with reflections of himself. "What on Mobius..?" he said, looking at different moments of his life. One where his family was killed, one where he became the emperor, one where he killed the old generation of Elementos, and his tombstone. "The last one is closer than you think. In fact..." said the hedgehog's now-disembodied voice. The hedgehog was right behind him, green eyes glowing. "How about I speed it up?" he said, grabbing Dark's neck. Dark turned his head 180 degrees to face the hedgehog. "Who are you..?" asked Dark. "For the brief moments that remain to you... I am called 'Mirror'."

Chapter 3

Dark focused on one reflection in particular. "Isn't that the Empire..? It's flying by, and what are those glows..?" asked Dark weakly. Mirror squeezed his neck. "Shh.... it'll make sense soon, Emperor... But I know what happens. You overcome this illness, and then Flame has a son. That son has the ability to control your precious Rose of Destruction, so you have Flame killed as punishment for being a parent to such a 'freak of nature'. His son and his wife survive, and the son grows up to hate the Empire. Then you finally die, and Negative is next to lead. He enforced your rules harder than you did." explained Mirror.

"What is any of that supposed to mean?! Why- oh god... WHAT IS DESTROYING MY EMPIRE?!" yelled Dark. Mirror threw him onto the ground. "You are. Nobody will trust Negative if nobody trusts you. Negative didn't want anyone to use the Rose either. You can understand what happens next." said Mirror. Dark's eyes widened, and he was in shock. "However, I have to keep you alive in order for you to finish destroying your Empire... and so they have someone to blame," said Mirror. Mirror disappeared, leaving Dark alone and unable to escape.

Meanwhile in the Empire...

"RUN!! OUR LEADER'S GONE MAD!! REBEL!!" said the assorted groups of The Onyx Empire. The geometric monster blasted them, leaving them on the rim of death. He flew off, laughing, and leaving behind a red trail. Soul and Bright arrived on the scene, seeing the clone. "DARK! IT'S US! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" shouted Bright. The being looked at them and blasted at them unempathetically.


Soul pushed Bright out of the way, taking the hit. "SOUL!!!" screamed Bright. He growled and started glowing slightly orange. The clone began charging another blast. Before another neuron travelled in its body, Bright knocked him to the ground, blasting him with a large, fiery blast. his red cape and scarf flew behind him. Soul got up, with an odd light blue hue on his fur, and a red one of his spine-tips. His eyes glowed red and gold, and his tail grew longer. It whipped back and forth, and Soul's hands turned to claws. The being dashed at the Dark clone, slashing him several times, and leaving multiple scars. The clone grabbed his head, starting to try and crush it. Shatter whipped at him with his tail, making a scar on the clone's body. It yelled in pain, and Shatter slashed it across its face. The clone disappeared. Shatter's eyes turned back to Soul's.

"And stay down," said Soul, turning back to normal.



"S-Soul..?" said Bright, terrified of Soul. Soul saw the look in his eyes, and he seemed to look like he was remembering something. Soul ran off, leaving his jacket behind...

Part 4

Soul had been missing for several days now. Sirius has become restless, and Angel seems distracted. Negative has to worry about several riots now, piling on even more stress. Nobody has found Dark yet, but it seems like Mirror's plan had worked. "Well, it's almost complete..." said Mirror, talking to himself. He pulled out a picture of Flame and smiled. "This is for you, Dad. I'm not going to let you die... Eventually, none of this will have to happen... I promise you won't die. You know I'd never break a promise..."


Mirror flew off from the ledge he was sitting on. He went to the Empire Castle and walked in. "Negative has to be in here by now... Then again, there aren't any rioters here... oh well-" said Mirror, being interrupted by a door slamming. Rapid footsteps were heard, and Mirror was face to face... with Sirius. His fur stood on end, and he jumped back from Mirror. "AH!!!"

"Shh... listen, kid, it's okay..." said Mirror. Damn... What's Missile doing here? Oh yeah... I don't know what's going to happen anymore... I changed the timeline, thought Mirror. "Uh... y-you okay, mister?" asked Sirius. "Yeah, I was just thinking... is Un- I mean... Is Negative here?" replied Mirror. "Nope. He's back home with Bright and Mom- I mean, Angel," answered Sirius. He walked up to Mirror, and whispered in his ear, "Don't tell her I called her that. She just acts like my mom." Mirror smirked at him. "Go home, okay kid? People are gonna start tearing this place down," said Mirror, trying to make sure he didn't get hurt. "Say, what's your name?" asked Sirius. "My name is Loki. Don't worry, unlike the Norse god, I'm not evil," Mirror answered, using his real name. "Oh, okay! My name is Sirius!" the cat said, smiling at Mirror. Mirror smirked at him. "C'mon, get outta here.." he said, patting him on the back, which gently pushed Sirius towards the door.

Sirius walked out happily, and Mirror had a smile on his face. Then, as he walked up the stairs, the mood left him. He started talking to himself on the way up, telling himself this was doing good. People were going to be saved because of him. He entered Dark's room and went into the Mirror Realm. Dark saw him but didn't get up to attack him. "What's wrong? You admit defeat..?" teased Mirror. Dark looked up at him. "What have you done..? Nobody will ever listen to me OR Negative... and Soul... Soul seems to have lost his mind..." said Dark weakly.

Mirror smiled. "Well... sometimes sacrifices are needed to achieve what you want..." said Mirror. "That's what probably went through my head when I punished your father in your time," said Dark.

Mirror kicked him to the ground. "I AM NOTHING LIKE YOU! I WOULD NEVER HURT ANYONE WHO DIDN'T DESERVE IT!" yelled Mirror, smashing Dark's face into the tombstone reflection. He huffed angrily. Dark smiled and said, "I would do the same thing in your place, y'know. I actually did a similar thing... except it didn't accomplish anything... other than those old bastards getting what they deserved." Another hit, this time knocking him unconscious. "QUIT TRYING TO COMPARE ME TO YOU!" he roared, losing his temper. He slammed his foot down on Dark's tail, breaking it in a different spot. He left the room in a fit of anger.

Part 5

Negative and Bright were running in Red Hill Zone, which is the old Green Hill Zone after a dormant volcano erupted, looking for Soul. They had split up, and Bright was near some old ruins when he saw a glow. It came from a sparking wire next to an old cave. Bright made a small, burning comet to light his way, and found a glowing blue pathway. He casually shot the comet out the cave and walked along the path.

He came to a large supercomputer, partially decayed, along with 6 test tubes, all of them broken. He walked further, and to his right, a large, moving statue was seen. "Soul?" called Bright, hoping he was in there.

"Sorry, he's not in here, space-out." The entrance was covered by a green aura, which solidified into a wall. Bright turned around and saw Mirror. "What the... who are you?!" yelled Bright. Mirror quietly laughed. "Just my luck you'd be here and not Negative. No matter, you'll make good bait." Mirror's eyes glow, and the setting turns less ruined like they were in the past version of this place. An unfinished white and green robot body was on a table and the test tubes contained beings with purple decorations on their bodies.


Mirror snaps his fingers, and several Multi-rings appear, each one shooting lasers at Bright. Bright jumped above two blasts, deflected one with his cape, and spun, making a shield of space-dust around himself for a second. Mirror smirked. "Impressive, astronaut. Let's see if you can handle THIS!" and as Mirror yelled "this", he dashed at Bright, the ground shattering under him as he ran. Bright dodged left and tried to trip him. As soon as their skin touched, Bright was in the Mirror Dimension. "What on Mobius-"

Mirror kicked Bright to the ground, one of Bright's ribs breaking. "Less talking, more fighting. I don't want you to go down like Dark did. I know you can be a challenge." advised Mirror. Bright looked at him and glared. His eyes glinted gold, and he got up, barely fazed. "Taking body language from Soul, huh? I don't blame you. He can be quite terrifying since he's a monster." mocked Mirror. Bright growled, and dashed at Mirror, hitting him with 3 comets a second, and uppercut him 3 meters into the air, the damage making them go back to the ruined lab.


The door faded from existence, and Mirror disappeared. Bright held his hand over his rib and yelled in pain. Negative ran down with Soul, unconscious, and in a black chain. "Misam!" yelled Negative, letting go of the chain, and running over to help him. Negative carried Bright over his shoulder and dragged Soul back home. When they arrive back home, Soul is released from the chains, and Bright is set on the couch. Angel ran over to Bright, and Sirius ran over to Soul. "C'mon, wake up..." said Sirius, nudging Soul. Soul opened his eyes, the blue one glowing more dominantly than his corrupted one. Negative held his hand over his head, and Soul went unconscious again. "I don't advise waking him up. He's still fighting... it..." said Negative. Sirius nodded and sat down next to Soul.

"Well, this is different.. why are they being nice to each other..."

"Hey, Mirror did change the timeline. Maybe something's happening... for the better, anyway."


Part 1

Negative and Bright were in the capital, rebuilding it from the attack. Bright was talking about his encounter with Mirror. "He was pure white, except for these purple ripples on his spines, and the tops of his arms. And he had these weird gloves, too... and his eyes were pure green..." he explained. Negative looked at him and sighed. "Don't talk about it right now, we have work to do."

When they went back home, there was an odd aura coming from the house. "Stay back," warned Negative. He quietly opened the door, and there was a light-gold, young hedgehog sitting on the couch. Bright peeked in and saw the child. The child looked back, and there were a few moments of silence.

"Hi, dad."

Bright's eyes widened, and his pupils shrank. "DAD?! I don't have any kids, I'm in my 20's!" he exclaimed. The young hedgehog laughed and looked at Bright. "That's because I'm from the future, silly! Just like Mirror!" he explained.

"Y'know, that makes a lot of sense..." Negative admitted. "Wait, what's your name?" asked Bright. Shine smiled, and answered, "You named me Charity, but everyone calls me Shine." Soul walked into the room. "Hey, Shiny!" he said, ruffling his spines. Shine giggled and looked up at him. "I'm guessing you already introduced yourself so I don't have to explain it," guessed Soul. Shine nodded happily. Negative looked at Shine and smiled. "I didn't know anything cute could come from Bright," he said jokingly, his brother lightly punching his arm. "Although, I am wondering what the weird aura was..."

"Oh, that's just the gem," said Shine, pointing at the blue crystal on his forehead. "It's called the 'Haunted Sapphire'! It was a gift," he explained. Negative touched it, and his spines glowed blue. "That tickles!" said the little doughball (Yeah, I have a bias towards him. Fite me). Sirius ran in through the door, laughing as a purple and yellow hedgehog ran in after him. Flame was following them. "Hey, be careful! No running in the house! Don't touch that- *CRASH* Dangit..." Angel sighed. "It's been like that all day... I don't think I want kids..." she admitted. "Hey, if you guys calm down, I'll play with you outside in a little bit," Soul bartered. "Okay!" the two said in unison. Soul sighed. "I'm in agreement with Angel. Kids can be annoying... except for this one," he said, gesturing where Shine was. "Where'd he go?"

Shine was making small light constructs for his father.

After a few hours, everyone calmed down.

Negative was carrying the purple one(Chrome) on his shoulder, and Soul was carrying a young, white, orange, and blue tenrec(Ghost). "How are these kids so young..? Mirror's the oldest out of all of them, obviously, so-"

Speaking of Mirror, he was at the door, waiting for the group to return. "Kids, stay back," said Negative and Bright in unison. "Why, what's wrong with my son? I forgot we left him behind... The poor kid's been really sad for some reason..." said Flame. Bright turned to look at Flame, and said "That brat broke my rib!" Flame glared at him. "Hey, no son of mine would do that," he defended. "Yeah! It was a fake!" said Mirror. Negative and Bright looked at him aghast. Shine and Chrome ran up to Mirror, hugging him. Ghost stayed with Soul and glared at Mirror. "What's wrong?" said Soul.

"I never remember Bright lying... But maybe it was a fake. I don't know what to think..." he said. "Hey, calm down, Ghost, I'm sure a fake attacked Bright... besides, maybe it was a misunderstanding," explained Soul. "Maybe... I thought you were more untrusting than this of other people, but maybe things were different in this time. I can tell something was changed." People actually care about each other, thought Ghost.

Part 2

Ghost and Chrome were talking, joking around with each other. Angel sat next to Ghost and looked at him curiously. Ghost turned to her. "What is it? Dangit, did I spill something on myself again?" asked Ghost. Angel smiled, and said, "No, no... I was just wondering who your mother is in the future..."

Ghost smirked at Angel and whispered, "If I told you, do you promise to not tell Soul at this time?" Angel looked at Ghost, slightly puzzled. "Okay..?" she answered.

Ghost's blue eye glowed, and Angel got a message in her head, the answer making Angel slightly blush. Soul was walking by, picking up his son's dishes. "What's wrong, do you have a fever?" said Soul, putting his head on her forehead. Angel tensed up and looked directly into Soul's eyes. "I-I'm fine, Soul..." she said nervously, pulling back a bit. "It's nothing..."

"Whatever you say..." said Soul, pulling his hand away.

Meanwhile, Flame and Mirror were having a short spar, and Flame was instructing Mirror on what to do. "Duck! Left-strife into front-flip! Disable with a counter-attack, and kick- OW, MY HEAD!" Mirror's eyes widened and looked at his father worriedly. "Are you okay?! Dangit, I should watch my strength..." said Mirror, annoyed that he hurt his father. "Yeah, it's fine, Loki... but don't let your guard down!" said Flame, tackling his son to the ground. Mirror laughed, stood up, and helped his father up. "Not bad for someone who isn't even 15," admitted Flame. "Don't feel too prideful. You didn't train me," taunted Mirror. "Wait, then who did?" asked his father. Mirror's smile faded, and he looked away. "Wait, I forgot I can't ask about things relating to my future..." said Flame. Negative went back inside and picked up Chrome. Chrome smiled and started falling asleep. Shine made a small, blue construct above Chrome's head, saying Don't ask who his mom is. Due to some sorta thing called a "paradox" that everyone talks about, it could mean I don't have my best friend. (sad face)

Negative shrugged and carried Chrome to his room... and realized there is only one bed in his room. Silently cursing himself, he set Chrome on his own bed, and Negative sat in a chair in the corner of the room. "Good night, dad..." said Chrome. Negative smirked, put on his reading glasses, and began reading to himself.

"Dad?" asked Chrome, not moving his head to look at him. "Yes, Chrome?" Chrome sat upright, looking at his father. "Can you tell me a bedtime story..? You like to do it later..." he said. Negative glanced at him, a kinda nervous expression on his face. "Well, we don't really have any kids' books... And besides, if I tell you a story, you'll probably have already heard it." "Yeah... then how about a song?" Chrome asked. Negative bookmarked his page and closed his book. "How would you know that the same situation wouldn't arise?" asked Negative. "Because only mom sang to me." persuaded Chrome. Negative sighed. "God, I didn't even sing to you..? What kinda father was I..? I think I have something..." Negative kneeled down next to the bed, his eyes closed. He gently began singing "Nuclear" by Mike Oldfield. He didn't raise his voice above his normal, calm tone, and kept the rest of it quiet. Negative looked back at Chrome, and seeing him asleep, he smirked. "Good night, Sammy(Chrome's real name)..." whispered Negative. Chrome hugged Negative around his neck, "trapping" him. Negative fell asleep like this.

Part 3

"Hey, dad?" said Ghost to Soul. "Yeah?"

"Who do you think my mom is?" asked Ghost tauntingly. Soul blushed a bit. "Um, uh... someone... in this house..." he answered nervously. "You aren't wrong," said Ghost. "Can we talk about something other than who your mom is? It'll happen when it happens, alright, Ghost?" said Soul, trying to change the subject. "Alright. Can I see Shatter?" said Ghost. Soul stopped moving completely. He looked at Ghost, the colour fading from his face. "Trust me, dad. He won't hurt us," he said, referring to only himself. Soul nodded, still doubtful. "Follow me. I don't want anyone here to get hurt," said Soul. Ghost got up and followed his father to an area in the woods by the lake.


Soul closed his eyes. "By thorn, by rose. By dark, by light, release my beast for all to see and let them live for them to flee," chanted Soul. HIs spines turned light blue, his tattoos turning red. His sclera turns black, and his eyes go to their evil forms.

Shatter glared at Ghost. Its eyes glint, and it starts moving towards him. Ghost puts his hand on its forehead. "By love, by fear. By heart, by spirit, control this beast and bring it peace," omitted Ghost. Its sclera turned white. Ghost looked at Shatter, smiling. "Hello... It's good to see you when you aren't angry... It must feel good, too," said Ghost, smiling. Shatter smiled, its eyes turning back to Soul's eyes. Ghost hugged him, not being cut by its razor-sharp fur. It hugged back. "GHOST!" yelled Angel. Shatter flinched, and let go of Ghost, backing away. Its eyes turned back to normal. Angel looked at Shatter, glaring. "Soul! I know you're in there, I know you can control it..." she said. "You're right... he can," said Ghost. Shatter's eyes turned back to Soul's. Angel's eyes widened. "What the-?! How are you-?!"

"The important thing is that you aren't hurt-" said Soul, interrupted by Angel hugging him. Soul looked at her and turned normal. She's starting to cry. "Hey, hey, it's okay... I can control it..." he assured her. Angel looked at him, and moving a stray spine out of his eye, she smiled. "I know..." she said quietly. They hugged each other. Ghost looked at them and smiled. "Well... it looks like my work is done here... Love you, mom. Love you, dad. I'll leave you alone for a bit," said Ghost, letting them be together. Soul smiled at him. "You clever little marshmallow..." said Soul. Ghost started walking back home.



Ghost opened the door and saw Flame holding a camera. "What, don't want anyone to know that the future Emperor has a soft side?" said Flame, mockingly. Chrome walked up to Flame. "Dad needs to show people that he's serious... and since I'm not even born yet, they just think he has a soft spot for kids," said Chrome. "So? That'll make him more appealing!" said Flame, managing to keep the camera away from both of them. "He has a point... nobody wants a leader who can't love anyone," said Ghost. Flame looked at him. "When'd you get back, and since you're back, where's Soul? Where's Angel, too?" interrogated Flame. Ghost shrugged and looked at Flame. "I gave them some alone time," admitted Ghost. Flame dropped the camera. "'Alone time', huh? I kinda expected this to happen eventually... wonder when you're going to be announced," said Negative. "Bright is gonna kill him..." said Flame, adjusting his jacket's collar. Bright entered the room. "Who am I gonna kill?" he asked.

"Dad, because he just realized my mom is Angel," said Ghost. Bright looked dead inside. He looked at Ghost. "B-but... you don't look anything like Angel! You look more like FLAME than like Angel!" said Bright. "You implying that I'M his mother?" said Flame, jokingly. Bright released a sigh of annoyance. "Shine kinda looked like Angel, too..." said Bright. Shine walked in, hearing his name. "Wait... Oh, you figured it out... I guess I should tell you who my mom is..." he said. Bright looked at him. "Her name is Topaz... I remember Negative liking her..." he said. Negative stopped in place. He looked at Shine, near tears. He falls on his knees. "Dad! Are you okay?!" Chrome said, helping to keep him up. "She's alive..? SHE'S ALIVE AND I DIDN'T KNOW?!" yelled Negative. He pounded his fist on the ground, tightening his fist. He looked up at Shine. "Where is she? I need to help her meet Bright..." said Negative, defeated. Bright looked at him with concern. "Listen, Negative, you obviously still love her... I don't want you to see her just to lose her," said Bright. "You didn't introduce her, anyway," said Shine. Negative got off the floor. "I-I apologize for my behaviour... I didn't think I would react that way... Bright, I give you the best of luck in your relationship. Please love her better than I could. I know you can." said Negative.

Part 4

Mirror and Ghost were racing each other in Red Hill Zone. "Haha! Wow, pretty fast for being 10," admitted Mirror, starting to get tired. Ghost was running backwards, his legs glowing blue. "You're pretty slow for being Infinite's spiritual successor," taunted Ghost, turning around. "Hey! Get back here, Yin-Yang!" taunted Mirror in return. Ghost ran through a corkscrew, rolled into a ramp, and flung into the air. He spread out his arms, and two blue wings formed over them. "Not fair!" yelled Mirror. Ghost did a taunting pose, and flew over the water, having a blue and orange reflection. he spun like a drill, and dove under. He came back up, making the water erupt. Mirror was soaked. "Oh, that's it!" said Mirror, going down the same slope Ghost did. He jumped off, and dove into the water, and came up just right to start running on it. "Fancy, but try running on waves!" taunted Ghost, his orange eye glowing. "You better keep running fast!" he said, flying so fast a tunnel of air appeared under the water. Mirror went through, barely managing to get out to follow Ghost.

Mirror was starting to get out of breath. "Let's stop at the shore, alright?" he panted. Ghost sighed and looked at him disappointedly. "Alright... KEEP UP!" he said, jetting off so fast that it shot a wave of water at Mirror. He ran over it, jumped off, and rolled onto the shore. Ghost clapped his hands and smirked at Mirror. "Keep this up and maybe you'll be able to beat me in a fight," said Ghost. Mirror picked up a spiral shell. "I already beat you in one," said Mirror. Ghost's blue eye glowed. "That's only because my powers weren't working right," he defended. Mirror quietly cursed. "I'm tellin' Flame!" taunted Ghost. Mirror jokingly threw a punch at Ghost, who dodged and seriously kicked Mirror into the lake. "SORRY! INSTINCTS!" said Ghost. Mirror got out of the water and glared at him.

While they were walking home, they saw a school. Ghost looked at Mirror and smirked. "Hey, don't we go there?" said Ghost. Mirror sighed, and looked back at Ghost. "I know what that smile means. Don't do it," said Mirror. "MAKE ME!" said Ghost, running at the school, and Mirror held out his hand. A barrier appeared in front of Ghost. "WOAH, NEW MAGIC, BAD MAGIC-!" said Ghost, trying to stop himself. He went through, and a light shined brighter than the sun. Mirror quickly looked away.

A black and blue tenrec looked at Mirror. He spoke like Ghost, except slightly more sophisticated. "Oh, COME ON! This is the 5th time this has happened!" he growled. He glared and looked at the ground. "I don't think they have a fusion station at this time, so good job! I have to deal with her in public..." he said, shuddering. A white and orange tenrec looked at the blue one and laughed a bit. "I'm not that bad, am I?" she said. Mirror facewawed. "This will be difficult to tell Soul..." said Mirror. "Don't tell him how it happened! He'll want us to separate him from Shatter if he finds out." warned blue. Mirror nodded. "Nightmare, Masterpiece, let's get home," he said. The two nodded at him, and followed him, Nightmare running normally, and Masterpiece skipping.

They ran past a store which is known for hating the Families of Elementos. "Well, look over there... 3 little rainbow-heads running around near our shop," said one of them. The other growled and spun a pocketknife in his hand. "The less of them, the better. Dark was obviously too insane to know what they're like. The Fight had more of us killed than them, all because Emperor Dark decided to be nice." They chased after the group. Nightmare glanced behind himself, and then looked ahead. "Left, right, right, left, right, right, u-turn, right, left, jump," he said rapidly. Mirror looked at him in a confused manner. "We're being followed, ripple-head!" Nightmare shouted. The shopkeepers started shooting guns at them. Everyone dodged left, turned right, jumped off the right wall to turn left, and went clockwise around a block for two turns. "Persistent, huh?!" said Mirror. "Yeah, but maybe THIS will change their minds!" said Nightmare, an aura of spikes being shot at the keepers. "NO!" said Masterpiece, and the spikes cancelled. "They'll run right into them!" she said. "That's the POINT, you emotional little shit!" said Nightmare, forming the spikes again. "U-turn... NOW!" he said, swinging around a light post. The others followed his example, and Masterpiece de-summoned the spikes and jumped over the attackers. Nightmare sweep-kicked them to the ground, and Mirror jumped off of one of them. "Alright, time for a change of plans, because I thought that would take longer. JUMP OVER THE BUILDING AND I'LL FLY US!" said Nightmare, winking at Masterpiece. She smirked, and they all jumped over the building. "Oh look, a way that doesn't waste power!" said Nightmare, turning right, and leaping across buildings. The others followed.

They finally got to the battle arena, and Nightmare sighed, glaring at Masterpiece. "I had it planned: kill them to make them stop chasing us," said Nightmare. "You didn't have to do that!" she defended. "They were trying to murder us because we follow Elementos. Now that they aren't dead, they're going to live another day of reducing our population," said Nightmare. "You don't know-"

"CAN YOU ACTUALLY COMPREHEND MORE THAN PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS?!" yelled Nightmare. Masterpiece stepped back. Flame ran to the field. "Mirror, who are these guys?" he said. "Technically Ghost. I'll explain it when Soul gets home," said Mirror, out of breath. "Wait, you have a cut, let me see it," said Flame. Nightmare sighed and looked at his "sister", and closed his eyes. "Don't think this means I'm becoming like you, but do you want another hand like mine?" he said. "Sure..." she said. A cleanly made orange hand appeared. "You didn't ask for an entire arm, so you can't use your sleeve," said Nightmare.

Part 5 (introduction to Nightmare and Masterpiece's siblinghood)

Soul and Angel entered the house and saw Masterpiece and Nightmare. "Uh... who's edgy and puppy-eyes?" said Soul. Angel elbowed him in the arm. "If you really can't tell, dad, it's me, Ghost... and Ghost... kinda," said Masterpiece. "Wow, really vague, but smarter than what you usually say..." said Nightmare. "At least I got a cute name, Nightmare!" said Masterpiece. "Kids, cool it," said Soul. The twins sighed. "Yes, dad..." they said in unison. "So... how did Ghost split into you two?" said Angel. Nightmare covered Masterpiece's mouth. "It's not your concern right now, after all, you can control Shatter. I know you want to separate from it, but it is quite strong- AH, DON'T LICK MY HAND!" said Nightmare, quickly removing his hand from Masterpiece's face.

"So, is Ghost male or female?" asked Negative. "Both," said the twins. Soul stared blankly, trying to process this. "So... Ghost is a hermaphrodite? Interesting... Hopefully one of you wanted a daughter and one of you wanted a son, otherwise, you're going to have a difficult realization," said Negative.

Soul became fazed finally, after a minute of processing. "So... you can technically have a crush on ANY gender?" he said. "Well, taking into consideration that we're both genders, that would mean that no matter what, we're homosexual. However, when combined Ghost acts more masculine. But this god-forsaken SISTER controls our emotions. So technically, we're gay towards guys, because there isn't a cute girl in this room. Well, unless you count Bright," Said Nightmare, making a jab at Bright. All he got in return was a glare. "So, who do you like, Masterpiece?" asked Angel. Masterpiece blushed and covered her face with a couch pillow. Nightmare snapped his auratic fingers and the pillow skyrocketed through the roof and into space. "She likes-" said Nightmare, silenced by Masterpiece. "I'll give you a hint, he's in this room and my age," she stuttered. Nightmare laughed behind Masterpiece's hand and removed it from his face. "That narrows it down to a singular marshmallow," Nightmare explained to his sister. Her eyes widened, and she covered her face with another pillow.

More to come