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In an alternate dimension parallel to Mobius exists a planet known as Morebys. Here, the majority of the planet were born or received superpowers which elevate them to a level many often dream about. Of course, with such a society, there’s bound to be those that would use their abilities to commit crimes both big and small.

So there also exists many teams of those who see those abusers face justice. And by far, one of the most underrated of those teams is known as The Versetectives.

This is the story of how they were formed.

A Grave Warning

The team came together one day when it’s future leader, a lark by the name of Stark Bruce crashed onto the planet near the home of a cow named Wardine Callan. She quickly tended to Stark and his injuries, eventually earning his trust and learning from him that he had fled the tyranny of a being who had recently enslaved his planet.

He then delivered a terrible warning: that the being known as Legault the Perfect would soon come for her planet as well. Horrified at this news, Wardine shoved Stark out and began making preparations to alert the planet.

Stark pointed out that just the word of an alien wouldn’t be enough to convince her planet and she reluctantly agreed. So instead, the two began to formulate a plan, to bring together an elite or so team to defend the planet from Legault. And so, they began their research and scouting.

Putting Together a Team

Stark and Wardine quite easily agreed that the two would be part of the team and Wardine mentioned that she had heard on the news that a vigilante had been “protecting” his town from crime and the two thought it sounded promising. Wardine began doing research on this vigilante while Stark took a tour of Wardine's home as he figured it would be his home for the foreseeable future.

In a fairly quick manner, Wardine had gotten her research note together and showed them to him. He didn't really know what he was looking at but thanked her for her help. And he returned the favor by putting together some snacks for the trip to which she was equally happy with. So after everything was ready, they traveled to the town and began and got off the plane to begin their search.

The city was huge and they felt a little put off by it. This made them rethink their strategy and Stark grabbed a city tour guide from nearby and they began flipping through it. They noticed that the city center was actually not too far away and they figured that there was a good place to start looking, so they went off to officially find their first team-member.


It surprisingly didn’t take long as they had caught his attention rather easily. They were told to meet him at the town precinct by a messenger and left to do so. They did meet him in his civilian clothes at the police station and he just so happened to be a cop. And the elephant introduced himself as Quillan Ilvern, the town sheriff to boot which surprised both of them.

Quillan wasn’t fazed as they explained to him the situation and he easily went along with it. Though when they came to ask him to join, he was a little taken aback. He only agreed to help them if it meant getting a better police force as even though he was doing all he could, even with his double life, too much crime was getting ignored.

Stark and Wardine knew they didn’t have the authority to fulfill his term but agreed in hopes of doing it later, which spoiler alert: they did. As soon as he arrived at Wardine’s home in his vigilante gear, he introduced himself properly as Quilver and drew his bow which reminded Wardine of a comic book character.

This gave Stark the idea of giving himself and Wardine codenames too. Stark quite quickly chose Starburst as he liked how it almost sounded like his name. Wardine wasn’t so quick to decide but eventually chose Patroliot as she knew she was going to spend most if not all of her time acting as their home base girl.

Quillan laughed at their bizarre choice but realized he couldn’t talk, so he just let them enjoy it as he looked for a spot to crash. Wardine told him he could stay in the basement and he gladly accepted it, going down to leave the two time alone to talk about what next.

Yena Yegg

The three were busy debating what kind of teammate to go for next when Quillan got word on his police scanner on a burglar who had targeted an attorney’s estate. The team decided to go after this crook as a sort of practice of the team’s dynamic

After arriving at the attorney’s residence and questioning him, they discovered his most prized treasure: a crystal emerald was left and they deduced that the burglar would soon be back for it, so they set up camp. They waited until late in the night when Quillan spotted a dark figure slicing into a window and he gave chase.

Wardine monitored him from home base and Stark cut off any exits he could see the burglar may take and soon the thief was cornered. She was discovered to be a hyena and when questioned revealed her name as Margarett Aleksi and she had chosen her mark as revenge for letting the murderer of her brother walk free.

Stark’s empathy towards her got the better of him and instead of turning her in, gave her a choice: go to prison or join their team and do something greater than petty crime. Surprising and not to Quillan, she refused and made her escape through an air vent. Wardine yelled at Stark for his idealistic view but the three left the estate to rethink their approach.

This led to days of tracking her, almost catching her but still getting away. The three eventually got bored and decided to try finding someone else. Though Wardine had an idea and made a call away from the other two and she smiled. A day or two later, Margarett appeared at the door with the news that the attorney she had targeted was found guilty of taking bribes and relieved of duty.

This pleased Wardine as she revealed she had used old contacts to dig up the attorney’s past. Margarett was grateful and this time joyfully accepted Starks’ offer of a team-up, though she made no promises about stealing their stuff if she liked it. She completed her initiation of sorts by proclaiming her codename of Yena Yegg.

Red Rwh

The four were relaxing at Wardine’s home when Magarett recounted a story she heard of a man who was known to possess people and Stark said that kind of ability could be useful for them. So he had Wardine plan a trip to the man’s hometown which was somewhere in the middle east, so they took a trip to the village and arrived in the early night.

They were shocked to see no one in the village out of their homes except a lone teen named Hasan who informed the team of the caracal known as Red Rwh. He described the Red Rwh as a man possessed by the village’s devil god out for revenge for the attempt on his life, before casually mentioning that the Red Rwh was his father. Hasan stayed when a red mist rolled into the village and the team began scanning the area.

It was pointless as the Red Rwh appeared before them. Stark introduced them to him, but the Red Rwh frowned and put away his ax. Stark apologized for taking up his time, although the Red Rwh shook his head, lowered his hood, and made his ghostly body solid. He introduced himself as Ruh Radbert, the village doctor, and expressed annoyance at outsiders entering their village. Stark told Ruh that he would like to help him but Ruh disagreed, saying it was his mission and his alone. Despite near begging, Ruh raised his hood, turned his body back into a ghostly one, and vanished into more red mist. Hasan apologized for his father’s behavior and asked for forgiveness before running off. Stark was at a loss but accepted this as the team began making their way back home.

A month later, a knock came at the door and it was both Ruh and Hasan. Ruh informed them that his quest was complete and that those behind his ghostly abilities were finally brought to justice and that once they were he had thought about how kind Stark was for offering help, so he figured he would do the same, thus he asked to join the team and allow his son to live with them.

The team was happy to oblige and they moved in. While unpacking, Ruh casually let it slip that he liked Stark and wanted to get to know him better which came as a shock to both Stark and Hasan, but it was ok as Stark said yes after getting permission from the younger Radbert. Though both agreed that other things were important first, such as finding more teammates and they got back to work.

Kick Astra

Things were pretty slow as everyone enjoyed some time to relax. That was until Ruh came forward with info on a fighting tournament in town that he had gotten them all tickets to, much to everyone’s excitement. So they all hopped into Wardine’s van and she drove them into town. Quickly making their way to the venue and taking their seats, they settled in for a night of fun.

The tournament was a blast for them all, especially Hasan and Quillan. Eventually, it all came down to the final match between a gorilla girl named Elene Gale and the champion ThunderWolf. The match was intense as both sides weren’t backing down. This made them all pumped to see a winner and Stark of course was viewing the viewer as a potential teammate.

The match came to a close and the win went to ThunderWolf despite the hard work Elene put in. After walking to recover from her nonetheless impressive effort, Elene stopped and sat down on her bench. Stark gave a signal to the others and left to talk to her. He snuck his way to the fighter’s lounge and quietly approached her, but she somehow heard him. So she grabbed him and pinned him to the floor as gently as possible.

Stark in equal parts pain and adrenaline introduced himself and asked her for an autograph. She was happy to let him go and give him one. He then asked her how happy she was with what she was doing. She confessed that while it paid the bills, she had recently begun getting bored of it and was looking for something more exciting.

Stark silently cheered for how convenient that was and offered her a spot on the team, though he thought she would reject after the last two did initially. But instead, she agreed on the condition that beat her in a match. He nervously agreed and they took it to the ring while the audience was still there. Wardine and Hasan facepalmed at the idiocy but watched in intrigue regardless as Elene picked up a lance.

The match took longer than expected as nearly every attack Elene made, Stark either parried or countered. When asked where he learned his moves from, he explained he had a private instructor growing up but refused to say more. Elene turned up the intensity and began using a more aggressive style that would soon knock Stark off his balance and she triumphed.

Despite losing, Elene agreed to join explaining that she wasn’t looking for him to win but to test him, and he almost passed but she saw the possibilities. So after helping him back to the cheering stands and getting her gear, she met them at the van and introduced herself as her ring name: Kick Astra. They all hopped in and Wardine sped away for home


Blitz Stream

The search for someone new didn’t last long as Elene recommended her cousin: Fleta Nani as someone they could use and filled them in on her cousin’s abilities. Ruh was interested as it meant someone else with powers besides him and Stark. So Elene set a course for her cousin’s house and the others followed.

They arrived and noticed that it was a quaint farmhouse and were almost knocked over by a strong gust of wind blowing past them. The gust stopped and standing there was Fleta wearing some workout clothes. She greeted her cousin and got introduced to everyone. Elene then took her cousin aside to explain things and the others explored.

A couple of hours passed before the two came back with smiles on their faces. Fleta told them that she would be glad to join as it meant getting out of the farm for once and the others expressed relief that it wasn’t going to take a big event like a chase to convince her. Though she did ask them to stay for dinner.

That night, Fleta and Elene made dinner for everyone and they all gathered around the table and had a grand time. They talked about the future, their goals, and their pasts. But when the topic of Fleta’s parents came up, she went quiet. Nani explained that Fleta’s parents had died in a car accident when they were young.

Everyone felt bad but Fleta insisted she has made a lot of peace with it and encouraged them to cheer up and enjoy the rest of the night as she and Elene excused themselves. Everyone else broke off to relax too. With Quilver, Wardine, and Margarett going alone while Stark spent some time with Ruh.

The next morning as everyone began getting ready to head back home, Fleta came out with several suitcases and loaded them into the trunk. But instead of joining them in the ride, she pulled sports goggles down onto her face and said to keep with her blitz stream which gave Elene an idea. She then took off and they proceeded to follow.

Umberne Psyche

Things were pretty calm, that is until a fight broke out between Fleta and Elene The two went after each other all over a disagreement on what low-fat milk to buy. This went on for weeks until Stark finally had enough and kinda forced the two to go to a counselor he had been seeing for his anxiety on the planet.

Despite protests from both, they ultimately agreed under the condition that Stark had to come too, which he implied he was going to anyway. So he recommended the office of Kardama Dealla, a kiwi with several doctorates in therapy. The three traveled to his office and he was willing to see them without an appointment.

The two cousins introduced themselves and he did so as well and with that, the sessions began. The two cousins aired all of their grievances with each other as Kardama listened in. But then another argument started and Fleta accidentally let out that they were part of a team with powers.

Kardama chuckled as he explained he knew there was something about them before turning invisible and reappearing with a costume. Stark recognized him as a warrior from a planet close to his and understood who he was: a bounty hunter sent to capture him.

When this was brought up, Kardama laughed and explained that while that was why he had come to the planet at first, that after taking a job as a counselor as a cover, he grew to like to helping others and realized being a bounty hunter wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. He then turned the tables on them by asking if he could join them in exchange for payment.

The three were hesitant at first, but they then looked around his office and saw cards, pictures, and gifts from clients he had helped and they knew he wasn’t all that bad. Though Stark was mad at being deceived, he still relented while exclaiming that of course, he would do it for money, once a bad guy, always a bad guy to which Kardama agreed to with a click of his tongue.


Kardama had just settled in when he informed the group of an individual known as Bugsy was going around and attacking gangsters in a city not far away. They all discussed it and decided that someone like that would be useful, so they hopped a plane to check it out.

When they arrived, they noticed wanted posters up depicting Bugsy, it was a beetle and she was wanted for a reward of over a thousand dollars. They knew the money wasn’t important but kept it in mind as they searched for clues. This went on for some time before being told to check out the local mafia hangout.

There, they ran into the head of a mafia family called Mariana, who told them that she had been threatened by Bugsy and she hired them as protection. They reluctantly agreed and decided to wait for their prospect to strike and they waited until nightfall which was when it happened.

They had each been on patrol when a quiet figure which was of course Bugsy took them all out one by one through non-lethal means, of course, all except for Magarett who’s danger sense had warned her and she countered. Thus engaging in a duel with her attacker.

As the mafia members evacuated, the duel continued with each duelist dealing out hits and counters. Neither one wanted to lose and it showed, but eventually, Magarett struck the final blow and Bugsy fell. After waking everyone up, they confronted her. She told them that her name was L’rachel Sawyer, the final member of the Sawyer crime family left alive and she wanted revenge on Mariana for ordering the hit on her family.

The team agreed to report Mariana and her family to the authorities in exchange for L’rachel joining her team. She agreed, but not before telling them to call her Maliapoda, as she always hated Bugsy. Thus after the Mariana family was arrested, L’rachel moved in and began getting to know everyone while everyone nursed their injuries given to them by her.

Andee Borg

Stark was feeling really good about the friends he had made but felt they needed at least one kore and began to search online for that special one. He soon came across a medical website that detailed how a kiwi named Andreas Orgeinstein had lost his arms and legs in an accident and had gotten robotic ones.

Stark liked the idea of a cyborg being on the team and went with L’rachel to Andreas’ last known location to scout him. They didn’t take long to find him as they had found him asleep on a park bench, apparently homeless. They woke him up and he accidentally let out a blast of heat from his arms which leveled a few trees.

As the cops were arriving, the three fled into the sewers to talk. Stark quickly asked if Andreas would join their team to which he was given a flat no as Andreas just wanted to be left alone to wallow in misery. When asked why by L’rachel, he explained that the accident cost him his job, his family, and his savings and he was just waiting for it to end.

The two took pity on him and brought him home to clean him up and make him food. He enjoyed his bath and dinner and looked around at everyone. He noted how they seemed like a family and that he missed that feeling. He then got up and went outside for presumably more wallowing.

The others did not like this and went out with him. They began to talk with him about their troubled pasts and how they got over each of them with help from others and sometimes each other. L’rachel then brought out a videophone to which she had used to call his family.

On the screen was each of his family, who all looked sad and on the brink of tears. The team all left him alone to talk to them and waited inside. They did so for several hours, and eventually, it started to get dark. So Stark went out to check up on him and found him in a happy conversation with his family.

This warmed Stark’s heart and he introduced himself to the family. Andreas’ spouse asked for Stark and the others to take care of him in their stead to which was accepted. After saying goodbye to his family and hanging up, Andreas agreed to join them and asked to be referred to as Andee Borg when doing their thing.

Preparing for a Battle

Now that Andreas had settled in and the team was looking good, Stark decided that it was time to start training for the moment that Legault would come. This consisted of various things, ranging from shopping for equipment, getting more familiar with each other to practicing team moves and strategies, and many more.

While this went on, Ruh had sent Hasan to live with a friend so that he would be in less danger and Wardine made schedules for each of them to follow. This annoyed some at first but they quickly realized it was for the best and they ceased their objections.

Every so often, Elene and Fleta would share news of small crime and other things going on around the world and the still-new team would take on these missions to further train and get used to each others’ powers.

After many months of preparation, Stark felt that the team was as good as it was going to get and he went to check on his family back home. He called them using a secret technique and learned that Legault had gotten bored of the planet and left, so his family told him to come back home.

But he knew this only meant that the tyrant would be making his way to Morebys sooner rather than later and opted to stay to help protect the planet, much to his family’s dismay. It took time to convince them but they were eventually won over and promised to send aid in whatever way they could somehow.

The only thing left was to warn the planet and prepare them, which didn’t go over well because most people didn’t take his warning seriously given that he was an alien. But the others were able to rally some volunteers and begin training them. After a couple more months of this, the team felt the planet was as ready as it was going to be and completed their training by giving themselves a name: The Versetectives.

Though Stark insisted this be a temporary name.

Legault Arrives

Eventually, Legault arrived on Morebys with an army and he was determined to seize the planet as his own and had warped in a castle to be the center for his empire. When news of this reached The Versetectives, Stark decided to execute the plan that had been made up for months. Which was having the citizens of the planet unite to bring the fight to Legault while the team went to fight him head-on.

It was a long and hard battle to get to his castle base, but the team was able to after basically having to plow through his army. There they stood at the base and walked in, bracing themselves for the fight ahead and keeping an eye out for traps. They were able to successfully make it to the center of the base where Legault stood confident in his work.

Stark confronted him and pointed out that because the planet had banded together to defend himself that he was never going to succeed. Legault laughed at this and sprung his trap. Which consisted of separating the team into areas of the castle through the use of a warp device.

Each of the ten was cut off from each other and stranded with enemies on almost every side. Proud of his work, Legault retired to his bedroom to contemplate what to do next. Afterward, Stark used his magic to spy on the others and to get an idea of where they were. He thus began to navigate the area to find them.

One by one, the team came back together and began searching for a way back to their foe to take care of him. This was no easy feat as it was still like a maze. But thanks to Wardine’s clever navigational skills and Magarett’s danger sense, they were able to eventually find a secret passage that led back to the center where Legault once was.

They took advantage of his absence and began looking around for any weaknesses he might have, to which the search came up mostly fruitless. Just as they were finishing, Legault came back from his bedroom to find them there and he began to get furious. He then declared that the games were over and it was time to finish it, which the team was all too happy to agree with and they prepared themselves for the end.

The Climax

Legault came at them with weapons at the ready, to which they barely dodged. Stark commanded that the team go through with plan alpha which was to surround him and unleash their abilities at once.

Stark started it by firing bursts of magic at Legault, followed by Wardine activating a drone to shoot at him, then came Quillan and fired arrow after arrow, next was Margarett who threw chunks of the ground, after was Ruh who let out a ghostly wail, followed by Elene delivering a series of punches.

After her, was Fleta who ran circles around him, then it was Kardama who borrowed Ruh’s scythe and slashed away using some kind of shadowy essence, while he did that L’rachel performed a series of kicks, finally ending with Andreas letting out a dual laser beam from his hands.

At first, this combined effort seemed to be working, but Legault soon shielded himself and blew everyone back. As everyone struggled to get to their feet, Stark was grabbed and hoisted into the air. Legault promised to make every person on the planet suffer for them interfering with his glory and that Stark would be the first.

Refusing to give up, Stark ordered the execution of plan beta. The rest of the team turned their attention to Stark and used their attacks on him. As Legault laughed at the sheer obscurity, he failed to notice Stark somehow absorbing their attacks and powering himself up. By the time he did, it was too late as Stark unleashed a massive blast of magic which not only freed him but also sent Leagult flying into a wall and knocking him out.

After being helped up, he approached their defeated foe and proceeded to place handcuffs on him which would dampen his abilities. He then called the authorities and the team went outside to catch their breaths. It was finally over and this was cause to celebrate.


For a couple of weeks after Leagult the Perfect’s defeat, it was a party across the planet as everyone celebrated the end of his tyranny even if it was short-lived. But despite this, Stark was saddened by the fact that since their enemy was defeated, the team would split up and he would miss the first friends he made since coming to the planet.

Wardine comforted him, stating that just because the others leave, it didn’t mean they weren’t going to be friends. She added that he could stay with her until he either went back home or found a place to stay of his own. The two hugged it out and went to join the celebration.

Eventually, the celebration came to an end and the planet got back to normal. Everyone had indeed split up. Wardine had resumed their previous job as an intelligence officer. Quillan went back to his vigilante ways back in his city. Margarett returned to a life of cat burglary. Ruh took Hasan back home but promised to visit often.

Elene opened up a dojo in town to train students. Fleta went back to her farm to tend to the crops and animals. Kardama after getting paid chose to return to being a counselor and decided to do it full time. L’rachel created a support group for those affected by gangs. Andreas reunited with his family happier than ever. And Stark decided to open an embassy for immigrants to the planet.

A Message

After that things stayed for quite some time. But of course, it didn’t last. One day, Wardine called them back to the base and informed them of a message she received. She explained that she got it during work and she thought they might like to hear it, so she played it for them.

It was a message from an alternate dimension and a planet known only by Mobius. The message stated that trouble was brewing and that its usual heroes were missing and couldn’t be found. Stark and the others agreed that it sounded serious enough and they would go to Mobius to help. With that, Wardine unveiled a machine left behind after Leagult was taken down.

She fired it up and a portal opened in front of them, it opened to a place called Central City and the team stepped through. Once the portal closed, they looked around and noticed it was a ghost town. Thus they figured they could discover where the missing residents went and if it was related to their new mission.

And that is how The Versetectives formed, took down a tyrant, and got into the business of being interdimensional superheroes.

Team Members

Even though their formation is known, here are some extra details on the team members. Listed will be their names, their hero names, ages, genders, species, their sexual preferences, their alignment, any weapons they may use, their abilities, a summary of their personalities, and a general idea of what they look like since a lot of their appearance changes based on what world they are in..

Stark Bruce. Hero Name: Starburst. Age: 24. Gender: Male. Species: Lark. Sexual Preference: Bi-Curious. Alignment: Hero. Abilities: Stark has access to a wide variety of magic including a powerful magic burst, he can also fly using said magic and after being captured once, he gained an enhanced immune system and slowed aging.

Personality: Stark is a very curious person, always being intrigued or wowed by something new. He’s also quite headstrong and sometimes on the stubborn side. Not to mention he has an endless amount of optimism to share.

Appearance: Stark has dark pink hair which he keeps in swept and tidy along with red eyes hidden behind glasses and brown feathers. He along with the others have various sets of clothing, but both his civilian and hero clothing share the colors of white and blue.

Elene Gale. Hero Name: Kick Astra. Age: 28. Gender: Female. Species: Gorilla. Sexual Preference: Straight. Alignment: Hero. Weapon: Lance. Abilities: Elene doesn’t have superpowers, but she does have a lot of martial arts she can use along with having a photographic memory.

Personality: Elene is pretty feisty and fiery. She’s always looking for a fight and sometimes instigates one herself. Though she does remain committed to her training and rarely lets a day go by without working on some area of herself.

Appearance: Elene has pale purple hair which she keeps in a side pigtail along with dark blue eyes behind a pair of glasses and grey fur. Her civilian and hero outfits consist of the colors green and yellow.

Fleta Nani. Hero Name: Blitz Stream. Age: 26. Gender: Female. Species: Greyhound. Sexual Preference: Lesbian. Alignment: Hero. Abilities: Fleta has super speed so she can run fast, she also has a souped-up metabolism to go with her speed and she can sometimes run fast enough to create doubles of herself.

Personality: Fleta just enjoys life to the fullest and relishes living whenever she can, which is almost always. She’s rarely seen with a smile and it’s hard to make her frown. Not to say she’s happy all the time as she does tend to get easily upset over a lot of things.

Appearance: Fleta has blue hair which she ties into a low bun along with black eyes and tan fur. Her civilian and hero clothes consist of the colors brown, red, and white.

L’rachel Sawyer. Hero Name: Maliapoda. Age: 25. Gender: Female. Species: Beetle. Sexual Preference: Demisexual. Alignment: Anti-Hero. Abilities: L’rachel has the strength, speed, and durability of a normal beetle but proportional to her strength, speed, and durability.

Personality: L’rachel is very stern and serious, so she’s not going to be the first one to get a joke. She’s also full of self-esteem issues stemming from being the last of her family. Not to mention her tendency to be overly blunt almost to the point of offending others.

Appearance: L’rachel has lime green hair that she wears long and loose along with teal eyes and pale green skin. Her civilian and hero clothes are always yellow and dark green.

Ruh Radbert. Hero Name: Red Rwh. Age: 27. Gender: Male. Species: Caracal. Sexual; Preference: Experimental Straight. Alignment: Anti-Hero. Weapon: Scythe. Abilities: Being killed and brought back to life somehow gave Ruh ghostly powers. Such as switching between a living and ghostly form, possessing people, teleporting and letting out either a spectral explosion of energy or channeling it into a haunting wail.

Personality: Ruh is very protective of others and quite fatherly. Which makes sense considering he has a teenage son. He’s also quite funny, eliciting a laugh with almost every joke made. Though he does suffer from PTSD from being killed from time to time.

Appearance: Ruh is bald by choice but his eyebrows are grey along with orange eyes and peach fur. His hero and civilian are usually red, though sometimes he’ll go with copper to be different.

Quillan Ilvern. Hero Name: Quilver. Age: 30. Gender: Male. Species: Elephant. Sexual Preference: Bisexual. Alignment: Anti-Hero. Weapon: Bow and Arrows. Abilities: Qullan is an expert marksman, he also has increased agility from training and received mental shield training from Stark that protects him from mind control and other attacks on his mind.

Personality: Quillan is a rather happy go lucky guy who takes life as it comes. He’s also very flirtatious, hitting on anyone he deems appropriate which sometimes causes problems. And he has a silver tongue which helps him worm his way into favorable outcomes.

Appearance: Quillan has blonde hair in waves with hazel eyes and beige skin. His civilian and hero clothes are always purple and sometimes with black accents.

Andreas Orgenstien. Hero Name: Andee Borg. Age: 29. Gender: Male. Species: Kiwi. Sexual Preference: Pansexual. Alignment: Anti-Villain. Abilities: Because his arms and legs were replaced by robotic ones, Andreas has access to a super jump which lets him jump higher distances, he also has laser beams built into his arms for powerful blasts, and the procedure which gave him his new limbs left him with a minor healing factor.

Personality: Andreas used to be very depressed and self-conscious about his appearance after his accident. But now he’s become a more stable and well off guy. Though he does sometimes break down when he remembers what happened. Not to mention how clumsy he is due to not being used to his new appendages.

Appearance: Andreas has red-orange hair that’s short and green eyes along with almond feathers, not to mention his silvery robotic arms and legs. His civilian and hero attire consists of the color orange.

Margarett Aleksi. Hero Name: Yena Yegg. Age: 31. Gender: Female. Species: Hyena. Sexual Preference: Asexual. Alignment: Anti-Villain. Weapon: Dual Claws. Abilities: Margarett doesn’t have powers, but she does have a superior way of tracking and an almost sixth sense when it comes to danger.

Personality: Margarett is mysterious as no one truly knows much about her other than the few things she does share. But what they do know is that she seems to be very manipulative and always seems to be scheming, which no one knows is a good thing or not.

Appearance: Margarett has black hair that she wears in a short ponytail with brown eyes and toffee brown fur. Her civilian and hero clothes always consist of the colors pale pink and black.

Kardama Dealla. Hero Name: Umbrene Psyche. Age: 32. Gender: Male. Species: Glasswing Butterfly. Sexual Preference: Gay. Alignment: Anti-Villain. Abilities: Kardama can influence or control someone using mind control and also can turn himself invisible.

Personality: Kardama lives for danger and constantly puts himself in harm's way just for the thrill of it. But when it’s time to slow down for his job as a counselor, he’s strictly professional and fair. Not to forget his constant narcissistic tendencies.

Appearance: Kardama has silvery grey hair that he keeps short but slick along with amber eyes and mocha brown skin. His civilization and hero clothes consist of the colors black and yellow.

And, Wardine Callan. Hero Name: Patroliot. Age: 23. Gender: Female. Species: Cow. Sexual Preference: Gynesexual. Alignment: Hero. Weapon: Scoped Pistol. Abilities: Wardine doesn’t have powers, but she does have a high-level intellect, she can speak a variety of languages and she has expert mechanical knowledge from college and her former tech jobs,

Personality: Wardine doesn’t put up with any nonsense around her and seems almost neurotic to the point of absurdity. She’s also very intelligent having graduated from college at just seventeen and earned many degrees in mechanical engineering. Lastly is her penchant for overstating the facts.

Appearance: Wardine has brown hair in a long flowing ponytail with pink eyes behind glasses and opal skin. Her civilian and hero clothes are always red and white.


Listed below will be the allies of The Versetectives and any info that’s of importance.

Hasan Radbert. Ruh’’s son who tags along with the team on their adventures to keep an eye on his father. He doesn’t have powers of his own but that doesn’t stop him from helping them with tasks they are either too busy or too injured to do.

D.C 13. A group of friends that formed a band who The Versetectives run into every so often ever since the two groups got involved in a robbery case. The two seem to be on great terms and Stark has even asked them to put together some theme songs for each of the heroes.

Sonic the Hedgehog. The world-famous blue blur who they encountered after arriving on Mobius. They seemed skeptical about him at first but have since come to view him as a great informer while they are on Mobius. He just finds them interesting if not a little weird.

Tulia. Legault the Perfect’s daughter who betrayed her father when his goals of conquest got too savage for her tastes. She was the one who helped Stark escape his planet and warn Wardine. Ever since, the two seem almost inseparable when they meet up.

Amy Rose. The team met her one day while evacuating a city during an attack by aliens. She meshed pretty well with them and helped them by creating a shelter for their rescued citizens to run too. Now they know who to turn too when a big disaster is on the rise.

And, Rouge the Bat. They recruited her to be their eyes on anything bad going on, or she’s just amused by their thinking that she’s recruitable. Either way, she does feed them information whenever she feels like it and they in turn pay her with jewels or money.


Listed below will be the biggest enemies of The Versetectives along with info that’s important.

Legault the Perfect. The world-hopping tyrant who the team defeated. After escaping his prison, he swore revenge on them and has attacked them on multiple occasions. The team is wary of his attempts on their life and prepare themselves for any attack.

Dr.Eggman. The infamous doctor once kidnapped the team and experimented on them resulting in their ability to change appearance depending on what dimension they are in. The team has collectively dealt with this in their ways and vow to have him undo it one day.

Zavok. The zeti once enslaved the team using a special weapon and had them do his bidding. Ever since getting free of his control, they have remained vigilant as to when he might strike again and enslave them once more.

Infinite. The team encountered him one day after receiving a distress call and when they went to investigate, he ambushed them and defeated them with the power of his Phantom Ruby prototype. The team soon got back at him and sent him retreating, but they are sure he will return one day.

Queen Skytasia. Stark’s mother and queen of Stark’s homeworld. She tried to force Stark back home when she felt he had spent too much time away from home. And when he refused, she sent her entire personal guard after the team. After the team dispatched them, she promised to bring her son home no matter the cost.

And, Michaela. Kardama’s sister who was hired to assassinate the team including her brother. After Kardama insisted on a duel to save the team and her agreeing to it. They dueled for days until Kardama defeated his sister and imprisoned her. She promised to break free and finish her job one day, which her brother relished.


Mulio. The twin brother of Tulia and son of Legault the Perfect. He is frequently torn between the loyalty towards his father and his love for his sister. Regardless, he still fulfills any assignments he is given and comes up against the team frequently though he still makes time to meet the team halfway when he can.