thorn is a vampire hedgehog that is yellow his nozzle is white and so is his night he gains the power to fly and run extremely fast.he has a girlfriend called candy the vampire hedgehog and likes to spend time with her biting random guys and collecting Chaos Emeralds he so far has 4 and is searcing for more.

Enemies:Burst the Fox, Hannah the Fox .

Burst and Thorn are enemies because of Thorn and Candy constantly biting random guys,ever since they met they've been in a fued on how vampires should act.Because Burst is the kind of vampire who never has attacked someone and Thorn does not care about what Burst says.What Thorn doesn't know,is Burst has a Chaos Emerald.

Hannah and Thorn have been enemies since the time Thorn mistook Hannah as mortal and attacked her,ever since Thorn's been attacking Hannah trying to turn her evil.