"I can beat you in my sleep!" -Travis

Travis the Wolf is strong (sort of, I guess),not very fast, not at all smart, but strategic and acrobatic wolf from Mobius. Travis has a hover board, also called a Jetboard. He his awfully attached to it at times.

Travis wallpaper (thx sam237)

Basic bio

Nickname(s): Travo (by most) Useless (by Jarvis) Derpster (by Sam the rabbit)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf/Mobian

Alignment: Good

Personality: Careless, brave, prankster, funny, outgoing

Accent: Australian with a hint of English

Likes: His Jetboard, helping, pranking, fun, games

Dislikes: Always losing his Jetboard, screwing up, when pranks go wrong, bullies

Type: speed (because of Jetboard)/agility

Theme Song: Half-Truism by The Offspring

Occupation:... :/ nothing

Appearances in rp's: (Roleplay) Mobius


Friends: Mark the Rabbit (close friend/pranking buddy)

Violet the Racoon (close friend)

Sam the Rabbit

Linkoln the Lynx


Evil/Enemies Jarvis the Wolf (Brother/ Arch Enemy)

Sam and Travis racing .jpg


Fur colour: Grey white,

Secondary fur colour: White,

Hair colour: Red,

Attire: Red gloves with terracotta cuffs, Red cameo pants and Red shoes with a terracotta lightning streak,

Eye colour: Blue


Travis is a very mischievous and upbeat character. Travis also, unfortunately, is very incapable to stay like this for a long amount of time. Travis has multi-personality disorder. It's not bad, just not great, either.

List: Personality: press Travis, thinks he's a reporter. Personality: clown Travis, thinks he's a clown. Personality: gangsta Travis, thinks he's a rapper. Personality: pshyco Travis, goes absolute mad. Other than that, Travis has a very... personality.


Jetboard: This type of hover board is called Jet/X, with only one of its kind. Travis uses it for transport, Races and even in battle.

Jetboard, Jetlace, Jet-blade

Jetlace: The Jetlace Is a type of necklace with a aqua crystal chained to it, called a Jet stone. The Jetlace runs on a hope detecter meaning if don't have hope, you can't use it. The Jetlace creates weapons and transport.

Jet-blade: A weapon generated by the Jetlace, it turns a pipe of metal into a badass weapons of coolness. The Jet-blade can cut through most forms of metals and stones. It blocks lasers.

Climbing Skills: Travis was basically destined to be a natural born climber through the fact the family's has always been great at climbing mountainous ranges.

Agility: Along with climbing skills, the other side of the family had great agility skills. It adds onto his climbing skills. It also comes in handy during him riding his Jetboard.

Enhanced senses: He has enhanced scent and enhanced eyesight to help him riding his Jetboard. He can smell enemies from afar. This also helps him in fights.


Flying: Travis really, REALLY gets sick on a plane. I don't mean 'don't feel well' sick, I mean '*gag* Vooooooooomit!' sick.

Bullets and stuff like that: Just to be fair, this one is kinda obvious, so don't get all bla bla bla on me.

Magic: Travis really hates people who use magic instead of actual fist and stuff.


Neon Travis: In this form, Travis goes all super saien (Or however it's spelt) on you. His strength goes to that of a tank, his speed increases to over 3,000,000 m/h and can fly (without vomiting). He practically invincible to melee and projectile attacks. Magic is still effective on him, though.

Tracie the wolf

Tracie is a alter dimension version of Travis. The alter dimension is also called Nobius, where everyone is gender swapped and a few traits are swapped. Travis' counterpart is Tracie (Spelt with an 'ie'). Tracie is a stronger and more safety pre cautious female version of Travis. Everything else is the same.

Tracie the wolf

Name: Tracie

Age: 14

Gender: female

Personality: Outgoing, strong, careful, brave

Type: Strength/ speed

Difference with Travis: Stronger and more careful

Older Travis

Age: At the time

Personality: Insane, crazy, regretted

Type: Agility


After Travis has lost his Jetboard, his

Insane Travis

brother, his Jetlace and hand, Travis went berserk and insane. He became a crazy old wolf who regrets not living life like a normal teen. Travis has made a wooden stump for a hand and left to live in the woods without anything.


<gallery> Travis+Cooking.jpeg|Never let Travis Cook at your house

Trachristmas.jpeg|Travis Christmas (Made in five minutes so bad quality :3)

Travis' multi personality disorder.jpg|Multi personality disorders <gallery>

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