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Truth the Cat
Basic information
Name Truth
Nickname White Demon
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Cat
Current residence St. Sofia, Holy Kingdom of Autumn
Occupation Crownsguard Member
Alignment Good
Physical description
Height 3'7
Weight 97 lbs.
Attire Crownsguard Garbs
Personal information
Hobbies/Talents •Cooking




Likes Reading, cooking for his friends, annoying people, and learning new things.
Dislikes Being stuck in a single place, not knowing about technology, and people who refuse to listen to others.
Relatives Wrath the Wolf
Friends Gemini the Jaguar, Soul the Tibetan Wolf, Aqua the Cat, Maderu the Dhole, Ghale the Bengal Tiger, Reed the Jaguar, Sitri, Lapis the Cat, Amir the Jaguar, and Crin the Lynx.
Romantic interest
Acquaintances Lord Spiritus
Enemies Wrath the Wolf and Florence the Mink

"I never expected to keep on living especially since I once considered myself a monster not worthy of being among you all. Yet, thanks to you guys, I found a purpose to continue my life and for that I want to thank you for saving me."

Truth is a 19 year old cat currently serving as a member of the Crownsguard within the Holy Kingdom of Autumn. He once considered himself an abomination as he was given powers to be a murderer, yet he went against his design and overcame his self-hatred. He now finds himself surrounded by people who love him, a life he never thought was possible.

Concept and Creation

While he was not my first Sonic FC, he was the one I grew most attached to and I would quickly make him my main character. As for my first character, he is forever lost to time and I hope to never remember him. A lot of thought went into his creation and he has the most rewrites out of all the others. Perhaps this isn't even his final revision and there might be more to come in the future.


Truth was created exactly as an infant by a man who went by the alias Akuma in order to become a tool of destruction. He was then infused with the essence of Ahura Mazda which provided the use of his support and healing abilities among others. Both Wrath and Akuma actually treated Truth with kindness while growing up, but he soon was utilized to collect the souls of the deceased which he had to kill himself. Something was off about Truth which his Akuma did not account for and that was a high amount of sympathy he had for others. His purpose was to kill, yet he couldn't handle such a thing while at the same time being afraid of going against his family. It soon became too much to bear and Truth ran and ran until he would collapse from exhaustion. His consciousness would fade as he laid on the ground of a foreign environment that he has never experienced.

He woke up the next day in bed, quite the difference from the hard ground he remembered laying on. Truth sits up and sees an old man fiddling in the kitchen. He watches for a few moments not saying a single thing until the man notices the young cat awake. The man introduces himself as Azaire and asks Truth if he would like some oatmeal he has made. Truth rejects as all he could think about were the people he left behind and if they would come looking for him. The cat decides to leave immediately as to not put Azaire in any danger, yet the man continued to offer the food. After a while Truth finally accepts and chooses to introduce himself though it would take some time for him to discuss any details further. It didn't take long for Truth to open up about himself so Azaire decided to take him and act as a fatherly figure towards him.

For the next few years Azaire taught Truth how to cook, how to properly wield his powers, and how to appreciate the planet itself along with its inhabitants. Truth would learn about oceans, deserts, and caves which he wanted to see for himself. At the age of 14, Truth left Azaire to see the world for himself and promised to see him once again. During his travels he met a young jaguar named Gemini along with her grandfather Reed. While hesitant to form a bond with them at first, they soon became very close and Truth would take Gemini under his wing just like Azaire did to him. The two traveled together with Truth wanting to see everything the world had to offer, and Gemini hoped to control her own powers. Two years had gone by and they decided to to head to where Azaire lived as Truth wanted to keep his promise. Unfortunately, upon returning to the small town Azaire lived in he found his house empty. Confused he asked a neighbor on his whereabouts, but was told something he did not expect. He had to see it for himself and so he rushed to the top of a hill where a lone tree stood where he found a single tombstone. His adoptive father had passed away a few months ago.

Truth sat under the tree for days refusing to eat anything. He could not come to terms with Azaire's passing. Truth was able to pull himself back together after some time, ultimately believing that he had to continue moving forward for both of their sake. Gemini gently held Truth's hand and without any words being exchanged, departed to their next destination.


People's first impression of Truth is that of a jerk with no problem speaking bluntly, mocking others, and responding sarcastically. While these traits do annoy others, especially those that just met him, Truth understands that he shouldn't go overboard. With enough time, you'll find an honest, hard-working, intelligent, and protective person. He'll do anything for those he cares about and won't think twice from putting himself in danger to protect a friend. Truth is a naturally curious person as he is often found reading from textbooks and traveling the world on occasion to learn the cultures from other nations. To the surprise of many, Truth may also provide sound advice to those facing personal challenges. He's also pretty bad with modern technology and may need some help with it.


Truth is a young, white cat with blonde hair that he fashions into a ponytail. He has red eyes which is a characteristic he shares with his older brother, Wrath. Truth dresses in the typical Crownsguard uniform which includes a black coat with pants with a matching cape and a pair of black boots. His uniform is distinguished by the use of gold accessories along with a purple sash he has tied around his waste and a black neckerchief. When off-duty, he can usually be seen in a simple shirt, pajamas, and sandals.

Powers and Abilities

Truth's main abilities are those that allow him to bestow others with temporary enhancements to their physical abilities. These enhancements include increasing physical strength, resilience, and movement speed. Along with this, Truth is able to heal the wounds of others, but mental afflictions and illnesses cannot be healed. Truth is also capable of bestowing these buffs to himself and is able to heal his own wounds as well though doing so requires more energy.

He is also able to envelop parts of his body in light to slightly increase his physical attacks as well as being able to increase his range by a small percentage. His preferred method to attack is to apply the light to his claws. Truth can also to produce this light into his palms and unleash them as beams of light with a slight tracking ability.


  • He is an excellent cook and enjoys making large meals for special occasions.
  • Truth is quite the weird person as he enjoys reading textbooks. His preferred subjects are Biology, Chemistry, History, and Geography.
  • Despite currently living in St. Sofia, Truth desires to continue his travels to places he has yet to visit.
  • Truth has a tendency to give people nicknames, but they are usually used when he either wants to tease someone or just annoy them.
  • The young cat was created powerless and would only gain his abilities after Akuma bestowed the essence of Ahura Mazda, which is the name of the creator deity in Zoroastrianism.


"I mean to be fair, my creator did deem me as a failure when I was young because I didn't want to obliterate a quarter of the world's population. Then again I'm doing pretty well for a so-called failure don't ya think?"

"You can call me names, beat me, spit on me, or even murder me. I can take that, but going as far as to season the meal I'm preparing is like you being sentenced to death."

"I won't allow you to bring about your ideal world. You have no damn right to take the free will of these people. Everyone is allowed to think's what makes us all unique. Our freedom allows for the progression of new ideas that will hopefully pave the way for a world that isn't plagued in conflict. I'll make that future a reality, and wipe out your authoritarian ideology."

"Maybe if our methods weren't so different, then we could have been comrades. Friends even. But seeing how our destinies clash with one another, it seems only one of us will forge a new future."

"Me? I would never do something so dastardly! Nope. Never. Heheh...."

"It shouldn't matter how many times you're knocked down. There real winner is the one who continues to get up for more and the loser is the one who decides that they can't tough it out."


Can't believe it's been four years. Time really does fly.