"For being a failure in the eye of my maker, I sure am doing pretty well if I say so myself."

Truth the Cat
First appearance New History
Appearances New History

The Promise

End of All

Biographical Overview
Name Truth
Nicknames N/A
Age 19
Birthday January 1
Birthplace Edzna Keep
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Male
Height 3'7
Weight 89 lbs.
Fur/feather/scale colour White and red.
Eye colour Red
Attire Crownsguard garbs
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food Fried plantains with condensed milk
Likes Reading, exploring the world, spending time with his friends, cooking, and messing with people he considers uptight.
Dislikes Being cooped up, restrictive rules, himself(formerly), Lapis's cooking, and drama.
Relatives None
Friends Gemini, Lapis, Soul, Ghale, Aqua, and many more.
Rivals None
Skills and powers Healing ability

Able to improve allies' physical attributes

Proficient with a lance

Theme None

Truth is an artificially created cat from the Edzna Keep and is currently an acting member of the Autumn Crownsguard. Despite originally swearing to hold no allegiance to a figure or nation, he has formed an unbreakable bond with the current king of Autumn, Soul the Tibetan Wolf.

Throughout his life he has forged multiple friendships with individuals around the world that has given him the inspiration to continue living his life. Even though he was created to be a cold-blooded killer, he was able to learn empathy which forced him to turn against his creator and siblings. He promised to protect the people of Autumn as well as those he cares about.

Concept and Creation



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The young cat tends to be a sarcastic, yet caring person. Despite this, he does care for people even though his choice of words may not reflect this. His snarky front is used to make light of situations to keep those around him calm, or to provide thought if someone makes a mistake. Rarely does he use his sarcasm to harshly judge someone, but it tends to be focused on those that Truth doesn’t like. Aside from this, Truth cares deeply for his friends though it can be a little much, especially when it comes to Lapis and Gemini. Truth is a very intelligent person as he was given vast amounts of knowledge by his creator, but because he was sheltered for quite some time, he has little experience with machinery.


Truth is a white cat with long, gold colored hair, and scarlet eyes. He wears the typical Crownsguard garb which includes a black dress shirt, a black vest with matching pants, knee-high boots, and a black cape with the Kingdom’s crest. He wears one fingerless glove on his right hand while wearing an emerald ring on his left. Truth also personalized his uniform with a purple, flowing sash tied around his waist.

Powers and Abilities

True to his original role as an angel of death, Truth is an incredibly powerful individual. Truth is capable of healing himself and others even if the wounds are critical. He can also boost his, or his teammate’s physical attributes for a short duration of time. Since this takes a large amount of energy, Truth must sleep and eat well; however, Truth doesn’t really do either so he is rarely operating at full power.

Truth was also taught to wield a spear in combat which was taught to him by his previous guardian. He currently wields the Holy Spear: Longinus.


"Once His Highness gets off his lazy butt, he'll be more than happy to meet with you. I gotta warn you though, he's a real charmer."

"Unfortunately for us both, my path will be stained by your blood."

"Slow your roll. I never agreed to be the bait."

"To be completely honest with you, I never saw myself as someone working for another person. Life is kinda funny but I wouldn't change these circumstances for anything in the world."

"It took a while, but I have found a reason to keep living."

"Wow...you must be fun at parties."


  • Truth is a great cook and he has a preference of cooking hearty and filling foods.
  • He is an avid reader, but his preferred books tend to be textbooks.
  • Truth spends more time with Soul in comparison with the other members of the Crownsguard.
  • The young cat has a habit of assigning nicknames randomly to people he has met.
  • Another quirk Truth possesses is his odd ability to tell whether a person is lying even if there's no noticeable evidence that they are.

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