What's up! I'm 40DargreezKelvin and I've been a member on and off this wiki since 2013, back when I went by the name RustyPorcupine26. I don't do a lot of RP'ing but I try and stay active on my requests page where I do art of various characters from around the wiki. I also really enjoy writing fan fic stories which I spend even more time doing then drawing. I'm currently in the process of one story that one day I can hopefully make into an animation, called Dawn of the Equinox.

I have 6 characters that I base my work around: Rusty the Porcupine, Aynoa the Porcupine, Jay the Warbler, Esmerelda the Dark, Recon the Wolf, and Heather the Lynx.

Some other oc-related pages I own: The New Beginning Timeline, Lynnea the Porcupine, The Equinox, Scorn the Hedgehog

All stuff related to my animation project: Sonic Fan Universe: Dawn of the Equinox (Animation)

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