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I was born in a small town in Friesland, The Netherlands. At the age of 2, I was diagnosed with autism, which caused a difficult childhood and puberty. Growing up with autism is really hard. Around the age of 14, I started getting bullied in high school because I don't like whistling. When I was 15, I was expelled from high school after falling into a creative dip, which caused even more problems. After spending a year at home, I started attending a children day center, where I made friends for life. Also, I started rapping at the age of 15 when I started learning Epic Rap Battles of History lyrics. Ever since, I've been rapping frequently. Since 2010, I own a Youtube channel on which I frequently post video's, both Dutch and English. Despite all the cyberbullying I have to deal with, I still stand my ground really strongly. Over the years, I've learned to turn the other cheek when being cyberbullied, and I can ignore it more and more often. I currently work at a mailroom (which is more like recreation), and I live off welfare. Basically, that's all about me.

I Like

- Video Games (Mario, Sonic, GTA, Animal Crossing etc.)

- Fast Food (Especially KFC and Burger King, but McDonalds is nice too.), Pizza, Pancakes

- Traveling (I like bike rides through various landscapes.)

- Writing Stories

- Music (Especially the classics, but I also enjoy newer music, though not as much as the older music.)

- Making YouTube video's.

I Dislike

- Communism/Marxism

- Bullying (Mainly because I'm a victim of it myself.)

- Corrupt People In Power

- Famous Douchebags

- Biased Media

- Unfair Copyright/Monetization Systems


Sonicsilva1 - We really understand each other and enjoy roleplaying together.


Joshua the Hedgehog - He says I need to work on my roleplay potential (I understand this.), and I'm trying to make my roleplays as logical as possible. We also commonly roleplay together.



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