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Alchemia United characters and concept by Austin Bison art by Silvori on deviantART


Hello There

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My name is Austin, and I'm an amateur artist and writer, but most of all, a professional smart-ass. drawing sonic characters is what taught me the basics of humanoid anatomy, and gave the the skill to eventually experiment to draw humans with much more detail. I've still enjoy some of the Sonic games, the Archie comments, and the character design of the series.

If you'd like to check out some of my work, take a look at my deviantART page and feel free to leave a comment about what you thought.

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I would be glad to do commissions, art trades, and even requests if I like your character. I do have a life though, so I can't guarantee to complete anything in a timely manner, or do it at all. It never hurts to ask if you really want one though

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List of Projects

Here is a group of pages and media that I've created related to my Sonic OC's and their universe. Check them out if you have the time!


Memories of Enigma


Pokémobius: Chaos

List of Characters

here is a list of Sonic fan characters I have created in the past. If there is no link, then I have not created a page for it yet. I will add it sooner or later, but It may be awhile before I get caught up on the list.

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Amasis the Jackal

Arid the Lion

Bliss the Sheep

Bloktavia the Bear

Chant the Hedgehog

Charlotte the Dingo

Cyfos the Sea Star

Digitando the Porygon

Elegy the Rottweiler

Freijus the Manta Ray

Harp the Whismur

Hygra the Mushroom

Iliad the Monkey

Jenni the Serval

Kai the Mouse

Marisol the Cobra

Obidos the Dachshund

Rigel the Seal

Rok'shoza the Moth

Shelci the Bivalve

Shiloh the Bivalve

Suzumei the Espeon

Vihn the Spaniel

Yazi the Red Panda

Zaffre the Koala