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CallofDutyfan360 Bio( IK IM SO LATE ON LE UPDATE DX)


Name: William

Nick Names: Call, CoD, 360, Will, Jodey (when Eric had to take laughing gas and was out if his mind)

Age: 21

Birthday: August 26, 1994

Place of living: Kentucky (Homestate), Pennsylvania (College)

Likes: Sonic, Minecraft, Halo (Games), Three Days Grace,Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Metallca, Iron Maiden, Sick Puppies, Eminem. (Music) Writing Fan Fiction , Drawing for friends, or enjoyment, sleeping. (Daily stuff) Pizza, Baked Potaotes,Carrots,Peppers, Celery, Tacos (Food)

Dislikes: Schoolwork (gotta deal with it), illnesses, Creepers, Drama,Chain Mail (repost this ect.) Complaning Fans (Get over it bro your idea wasnt added :T)

  1. of FCs: 32
  2. of FCs on the wiki: 4

    Spiders (A Minecraft parody of Badgers)

    ( im so behind DX)

==Little bout Me==I am William,  a 17 year old teen who enjoys hanging wth his freinds, writing stories, reading and drawing, most people consider me to be artistic, but I consider myself a decent artist, I am a huge gamer which also means Im a nerd at times (Lol yay being over excited for a bug fix update XD) And thb I actually stummbled across this wiki when i was looking up Sonic fc ideas. This place is were I actually peaked intrest in Sonic fcs,before I was meh an drew canon nonstop, now I cant draw canon at all. I got this user name from an old freind who thought it up,and from there I molded a new idenity from an old face.

Places to find Me

Im usally on youtube. (The_Aurian_Gamer.) Skype (Aurian_Art.) and on Google+ (Colton Mizuruki.)


Lozza (Trusted Friend )


Hynoid (Trusted Friend)

Korey (Trsted Freind)


Sonicknucklesfan (Trusted Friend)


Frozen (Trusted Friend)



Reens (Trusted Friend)

Hyrule (Tim) ( Trusted Friend)

Jonic (Trusted Friend)


DUBSTEPx (Trusted Friend)

Lily (Mod Sista) (Trusted Friend)

Emily (Chat Sista) (Trusted Friend)



List of FCs (-AC=Aurian Chronicles)

1.) Clash the Lynx-AC

2.) Cado the Lynx -AC

3.) Aqua the Hedgecat -AC

4.) Sparks the fox

5.) Necros the Malevolant-AC

6.) Jarachi the Demonfox-AC

7.) Miracle the lynx-AC

8.) Kara the Lynx-AC

9.) Maverick the Enchinda

10.) Cameron the Mongoose

11.) Beta the Biofox-AC

12.) Xeon the BioWolf-AC

13.) Alpha the BioHedgehog-AC

14.) Omega the BioBat-AC

15.) Frost the ArticWolf-AC

16.) Cerberus the DemDrgaon-AC

17.) Maria the Cat-AC

18.) Ashley the Raccon-AC

19.) Omicron the Darkurian-AC

20.) Cody the Hedgefox-AC

21.) Isaac the Artifical Wolfitsune

22.) Chelsea the Ferret

23.) Cordello the Huskey

24.) Dante the Hedgewolf

25.) Yokon the Wolfbat-AC

26.) Drake the Honey Badger-AC

27.) Drebin the weasel-AC

28.) Aron the Wolf

29.) Marick the Lepoard

30.) Fang the Wolf-AC

31.) Corpral Gary the Wolf-AC

32.) Kerikashi the Demon

33.) Helix the Hedgefoxitsune


Wisp the Bat

Tristan the Fox

Tryone the Cat

All of my AC Uploads

All my Uploads for Aurian Chronicles will be shown here

All my Uploads for Aurian Chronicles will be shown here