Self Introduce

I am hker021, just a Sonic fan from Hong Kong. I don't know what to say about myself since I am trying to keep myself secret as possible.

My concepts

I mostly active on deviantART since that is the place where I started growing. I have few Sonic concepts myself, first is the one of having Sonic characters wearing nothing in super form, it might be weird for some of you guys but it's just my nature, and I usually made it safe for work.

The second one is having Zonic the Zone Cops exposing his bare body, I will try this concept with Zector and Zespio in the future.

The third one is Sonic and Tails fusing togther with Chaos Emeralds, they are best friends so I thought they deserve to have a fusion of each other. My profile picture is the boys fused super form. I am not sure if I am going to name their fusion since there are lots of used names outside, so I have no idea what name should I choose.

My fan characters

I do created several characters:

Kingston Shanwon

  • Kingston Shanwon The Fox
  • Simon Shanwon The Fox (Kingston's cousin)
  • Tiffany Shanwon the Cat (Kingston's cousin)
  • Jake Shanwon the Fox (Kingston's grandpa)*
  • Laura Marrison the Fox (Kingston's grandma)*
  • Anderson "Andy" Shanwon (Kingston's dad)*
  • Millicent Tarina The Rabbit (Kingston's mom)*
  • Julian Shanwon The Fox (Kingston's uncle)*
  • Francesca Moriah The Cat (Kingston's aunt)*

The characters with * mean they are working in progress

Simon Shanwon

Tiifany Shanwon

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