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So like some of us in here, I am absolutely filthy in league play: Master Rank, snaking, breaking GAs, the whole shebang. Recently I decided to work on my shot punching to really start having kids bad, so I’d sit in private matches shot punching bots for 2-6 hours a day. After a week or so I looked like Abezy (but taller).

Last week I decided to go play paint ball because having bad online just wasn’t satisfying my itch anymore. So I’m sitting behind this barrier, snaking, shooting a kid across the field when my teammate from behind me yells “close right”. As I turn right a kid turns the corner and is standing right next to me. We both instinctively shoot at the same time but after I shoot I also elbow him in the right side of his cheek as hard as I’ve ever hit anything in my life. This kid was 5’4 and probably 13 while I’m 6’2 so I came down from above and hit him around his mask. For a second I stood over his body and shot it a couple times cause I just shit on him, then I quickly realized what the fuck I had done. As the kid is screaming in pain the referee and this kids parents run out onto the field to see what happened. Long story short his dad hit me in the face, I got thrown out, and was liable for this kid’s medical bills (broken jaw), now I’m kinda broke which is fine because I should be pro soon.

Speaking of pro soon, looking for a To3 must have LAN win and preferably a ring (not you Aches you’re dogshit). Bang my line and let’s run challengers.