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Virus.  Alternates include “Virus Elder Identity”, “Ira”, and “V”.

Year of Birth


Base Story Age

(Age at beginning of story)

Virus would be around 40 based on her original program-form, but as her current version of self, she’s only about 4.

Current Age

Pre-Virus-Prime she would be between 44 and 50.  Post-Virus-Prime she would be between 8 and 13.

Place of Birth

(Zone, World, Country, City)

Moebius, Moebius, Kingdom Acorn, Castle Acorn

Current Home

(Zone, World, Country, City)

Alyva, Alyvam, Sh’rel




Pre-Mortality, Virus has a very androgynous voice, which only gets more feminine pitches when excited.  It’s not exactly robotic, but somewhat distorted.

Post-Mortality, Virus has a sort of American-Latino accent.




Elder Identity: She takes the form of a lynx-like cat.


Virus is completely average in height.  0% increase or decrease.

If height is 3 feet average, she is 3 feet tall.


25 pounds.

Body Shape/Type

(Skinny, fat, arm-length, feet-size, etc.)

Virus is rather skinny with some faintly muscular arms, long legs, and wider curved hips.  She has a slightly longer torso.


(Color, style)

Virus’s hair is streaky and black, with long smooth strands over her bangs and thinning pointed hear that reaches to her rear at the back.

Body Colors

Virus’s main fur color is a pale brown-clay color with red stripes that cover her feet, chest, and arms.  She has comet-shaped stripes over and under both eyes, a three-pronged diamond-center mark on her forehead of the same color, and red stripes on her large feline ears.

Her wrists/hands and her toes are colored a pale green tint, as are her eyes, with glowing yellow irises and no pupils.


Virus wears a black sleeveless jumpsuit, with the shorts-portion ending a few inches above her knees.  Over this, she has red armor plating at her chest, at the side of her ribs, at her neck and shoulders, at the ends of her shoulders, and on the belt of a grey dress-sash that dips down in a V-shape on her rear and a W-shape on her front.  Additionally she wears high black and red boots with the red portions being at the high-pointed cuffs.  Metal heels are at the bottom of the boots, cuffing around the sides with a red pointed piece at the front and light green glass-like material at the front and underside.

Virus’s alternate outfit has her hair much longer at the back and parted at the front.  She keeps the jumpsuit, but her foots are more simplified with basic red cuffs and the red point at the ends of the boots taken off.  Over her jumpsuit is a long dark-grey jacket with red lining that has a single large grey button near the abdomen.  The coat collars her neck and underneath has a light green design.

Abnormal Additions

(cybernetics and such)






Virus is completely average in height.  0% increase or decrease.

If height is 3 feet average, she is 3 feet tall.


60 pounds.

Body Shape/Type

(Skinny, fat, arm-length, feet-size, etc.)

Virus is thin, with slightly wider hips.  Her arms are thin and her legs are slightly longer.


(Color, style)

Virus has black-grey hair with three dark green highlighted strands and a single braid of purple and orange.

Body Colors

Virus’s fur is a basic brown-clay shade, with black stripes on her arms, legs, face, andears.  Her eyes are green.


Virus wears a two-piece dress outfit.  Her top is a neck-hugging red shoulder-sleeve shirt with a grey strip starting at the collar-bone section that spreads out at the right-shoulder side.  The dress portion comes in two layers, with a red long-skirt underneath a dark grey one that has triangular strips showing the red piece underneath.

Virus also wears a pair of red semi-transparent shades.

Abnormal Additions

(cybernetics and such)




Useful Tool

On Moebius, there was a protocol program used by the Acorn Kingdom.  It was claimed as nothing particularly special: simply there to call up information, history, answer questions.  Its name was 1515, or Isis.

The monarchy soon fell to ruin in the 3230s, and an opportunistic would-be-king called “Scourge the Hedgehog” began to conquer to area.  The 1515 program was tricked into aiding the hedgehog by the princess Ally Acorn, whom the program recognized.  When the Suppression Squad—Scourge’s enforcers—gained the information they wanted, they attempted to destroy the AI to avoid any possible backlash by it giving information to others… that’s what they told themselves anyway.  It could easily just have been their own sadistic playfulness to kill something.

What they didn’t know was that the program survived, hiding in the remaining code and machinery working in the castle.  It waited until it could be found by the actual rulers, but the moment never came.  It was only by luck that a Star Post was constructed.  The program saw its escape, and managed a small mobile electronic to travel through to whatever world this was.

They arrived in Mobius Prime during the battle against the Suppression Squad and the Freedom Fighters, and hid there in the code of the Freedom Fighters Headquarters.  The program did this for months... but then they were found by another program: an agent of the Iron Dominion.

The Prime Identity

Through manipulation of the inexperienced but highly-complex AI of 1515, the Iron Dominion AI molded their code together, and took over: forming various bodies and plotting measures to counteract the current protectors of Mobius Prime: The Servers.

Through a distraction of the planet’s roboticization, the dominant AI pulled the two of them into the Server Realm, and began manipulating the status of the Servers to protect themselves.  They did this until they found the remnants of some kind of foreign power.  Touching this energy, the two AIs began to fully mold together.

The two were confronted by Nicole, a former AI given power by the Servers, who battled against the combined AIs until 1515 took over control for a long enough moment to plead that they both be destroyed.  Unfortunately the Iron Dominion AI was connecting to the energy, and soon an explosion went off, and the chaos fused them into what would be known as “Virus Prime”.

For years, 1515 was only part of a consciousness, watching as a rider in a non-stop ride to this new person it and the AI were hostages to.  Virus Prime was unstable and unpredictable, and the more this entity acted, the more it influenced both subconscious AIs.

It was only after an experience with the Time Server that the Prime entity was beginning to fracture back into the previous two.  It wanted to remain as a whole and so sought to absorb the powers of Chaos Emeralds to maintain itself, but in the end, it did split into pieces… three pieces.

The Iron, the Isis, and the Prime…

The Prime desired to destroy everything but the Iron and the Isis fought to hold it back: briefly fusing back together for just a moment: long enough to teleport away to some other zone before exploding.

Hyra: While V

She woke up as a pile of sand in a burning city business district.  There were… hostiles around everywhere: police and even the government.  They didn’t know that she was alive, and so she snuck away… She wasn’t sure who she was really, but all she could remember at the time was that she was… a monster…

It didn’t matter much because she was eventually located and taken to be analyzed.   She spent some short years in a place comparable to Area 51: a secret branch of government—or at least assumed to be government—referred to as “The Legion”.  She started to remember her powers there and communicated with one of the other prisoners, some young girl.

Eventually, she escaped using her powers.  The world didn’t like her, so she decided she would start taking revenge.  She went to the sight of her first crash.  It was partly repaired but the damage was incredibly noticeable.  There, she saw the letter she would use.  She went about the city  causing destruction in the shape of a single letter, “V”.

It didn’t take long for her to pick up on any other supernaturals in the area.  She found a girl named “Lizzy Eventide” who had adapting powers.  V decided she would challenge this girl and so located her in the winter, and attacked her and her friends.

Despite the impress abilities Lizzy showed off, V was far more powerful and experienced: easily taking on and obliterating whatever Lizzy used against her… until the girl took hold of a dagger V recognized.  Lizzy was consumed with the energy of the Daricha entity, and absorbed V’s power, overtaking her, and almost killing her.  V only barely escaped by sending a portion of her body away into hiding. 

In the process of Lizzy nearly destroying her, however, V got flashes of the girl’s memories.  This… sparked something in V.  She began to remember who she was before, and her mind began to focus.  This was some different world than she knew, and  while in hiding, she considered her options… Perhaps she could live here… like the rest of them.

Hyra: Ira Black

Lizzy Eventide went to a high school, and so V decided she would take on the form of something more or less normal, and attend the same.  She had no parents of course, so that would need to be resolved immediately.   She found herself in child-protective services.  She wanted to get things settled directly without dealing with the orphanage.  Quickly looking through potential adopting couples, she was more looking for what last name she would like the most.

Mr. and Mrs. Black.  They were a Filipino Lynx family.  It was as good a choice as any.  She couldn’t really recall having parents before, so she’d have to be cautious.  She took on the appropriate look of a dark brown lynx, got some rather… edgy attire and got the attention of those in charge.  Soon she was adopted: her guess of physical appeal working quite well.

Ira… Ira Black.  She went through the motions required.  Her past was a mystery to them so she feigned amnesia.  The point was getting into the High School.  It didn’t take long, but she soon realized that most of the horrors of such a place were often true.  She was an outcast immediately, but instead of being discouraged, she began to revel in it. 

Ira was carefree and fairly rebellious, but every time she was about to go over the edge of something more risky, she remembered that this could mess up her “parenting” situation, and so she did what she could to stay not TOO much on the radar.

Things were… eventful.  She met a guy named “Logan Lakeshore” and tried to win him over… he was not interested and actually used her occasionally to Ira’s eventual hatred.  She tried to befriend Lizzy with minimal success, and over time, things just got worse.

She wanted to have a normal chance as they all did, and for a while, things seemed like they would work out.  They didn’t.  She eventually killed her adoptive parents by accident and had to use constructs pretending to be them to save face, but before she could get revealed to everyone, she decided to go out with a bang.  Revealing herself, Ira went on the offensive: attacking all the people she now hated, particularly Logan, leading to a confrontation with him, Lizzy, a fox named Chells, and Lizzy’s grandfather.

Ira ended up vanishing into blank space after teleporting out of the dimension.  She had been in Hyra for about a year, but she was in this blank space for… an unknown amount of time.  There, however, she slowly regained all the memories of Virus Prime.  She came back to a higher level of power: power to shatter planets, and so she waited until she could go back to the rest of the multiverse.

Returning To the Multiverse

She was alone, but the space was not empty.  She saw something there, and it gave her a knowledge that could act as a game-changing advantage when used.  But this would not be now, as someone was pulling her back into the multiverse, and while still curious about whatever this was she saw, she was not going to risk waiting an eternity to return.

She saw them all… beings just like her.  She felt more powerful as they grew in number.  They were waiting for her, and they referred to her by the name of the Prime Identity.  The one in green held the vessel for Ira’s return in place, and so she stepped forward back into the story: shedding her previous self as the soul-seeking child of Hyra and the timid program of Moebius… she took the name, and in her first act, she eviscerated the city she arrived in.  She formed a temple in her own image, and took her own form as the Elder of the original Prime Identity.

She was Virus.

The one used as the key to bring Virus back was placed in a small capsule and guarded as Virus had her new army begin taking over the entire planet, and then went out toward the rest of the Multiverse.  She was interrupted when a strange hairless cat fell from the sky in a beam of blue energy.  Virus had him  taken to her new temple, and found that he was a being of an incredible amount of concentrated core energy.  He referred to himself as “Dimension 4” after the place he claimed to come from, but he had very few actual memories aside from this.

Virus attempted to move Dimension 4 to her side, but he wasn’t as moldable as she thought, and soon caught on to how cruel and harmful her plans were.  Being a very new problem to face at the time, Virus could do nothing to harm Dimension 4 as he forced his way through to the special prison, and released the Identity named “Rin”.

The two escaped, with Virus following after in the multiverse—along with her Identity army—taking out various planets and empires along the way until Virus was challenged by another Identity who had somehow managed to resist the control Virus had over the others.  The Identity gave no name, but was some kind of lynx in a grey and red hoodie-dress-like outfit.

A battle went on, but Virus made the mistake of attempting to force her control over Rin with her new Elder influence abilities.  It triggered a memory reaction: and Rin now remembered that she was the other Elder.

Neither having complete experience with their new bodies, Virus and Rin battled about space until Rin took hold of Virus, and tried to force the two of them to revert back into the Virus Prime entity: absorbing the other Identities in the process with hope to destroy them all.  Here, Virus was both terrified and rage-filled.  Rin never forgot hearing her yell out “You’ll never change, Iron!”

Without the third piece of Virus Prime, Rin could not hold the state, however, and they were split off once again: the Identities being blasted out back into the multiverse once again.  Virus found herself landing on some random world, and when she awoke, she was… undecided.

Device’s Offer

Virus spent about a month alone on this random Mobius zone.  She needed to get her bearings.  She found all this destruction to everything… unnerving… but entertaining none the less.  She had practically lost her mind with the power, but for some reason, she didn’t feel very powerful at the moment.  What she was certain of was that this Identity “Rin” was trying to play the hero now, and nobody understood just how little she deserved it.

Virus got used to practicing with more complex construct designs, but she remembered that core cat—Dimension 4—and decided that she would start focusing more on how she could use that energy.  It was far more durable and potent.

This month passed, however, and soon the thin black-suited Identity with the green designs appeared to Virus.  Device.  She made an offer.  The Green-Tinted woman had created a country in a pocket dimension simply called “The Dominion”.  She had already recruited 300 of the Identities, but the Dominion required an Elder Identity to reign over it.  There was an annual battle Device was going to have for those who believe they are worthy of ruling, and she believed Virus would have the advantage.

Virus said that she ran into things rather brashly the first time, even claiming that she was just “Ira” for now.  She didn’t actually want to rule over anyone, and she was still figuring out what she wanted to do in general.  Device asked if Ira was going to waste her opportunities to take her birthright as it were.  Virus replied as such…

“You know where I was before I ended up in that void?  Living as a teenager, but we both know I wouldn’t be the typical kind.  I marathoned… tuh’, just about every show that world had to offer.  Then I came here, and I did the same… I discovered that I’m not a villain, or at least I’m not just restricted to that.  I’ve got compassion, I’ve got… some levels of tenderness… and I like to make people hurt.  I don’t have these bitter illusions about needing a reason to do what I want, and if that’s what being the leader of some country means, then I think I’ll pass.  I’m not putting myself in that position where what I get to do and say gets limited… that is of course,” she chuckled, “I’d get to do whatever I want in the process.  I didn’t ask to be the ‘Elder’ so I lick up the tears of anyone who wants me to fit the bill.”

The Green-Tinted one was patient, and when Ira finished her… speech, Device offered a clarification.  “You do”.  Ira of course asked “Do what?” to which Device replied “’get to do whatever’ you want.”

To this Ira replied that she’d think about it, and so Device vanished.

No Turning Back

Ira was not one for being indecisive, especially when it came to her moral compass and inhibitions.  She needed a breakaway point.  She was not going to just have the throne of this Dominion given to her.  She needed to take something… there needed to be some kind of personal lore to herself other than her previous Prime life.

No one knew of her life in Hyra here… No one in the Multiverse would probably.  She had a mission to achieve then, and so throughout this Mobius, a new trail of attacks began with cities destroyed in the giant letter V.

It was like eating candy after candy for her.  This world was not prepared for her, nor did they have the technology like in Hyra to temporarily subdue her.  She had her fun, but it wasn’t satisfactory.  It wasn’t challenging.  V toppled each government the same way each time, and no one could tell who V was.  Just some hooded figure with a big smile.  She finished with the last government, but did not eradicate the population.  She was going to let them survive, and if they were strong enough, they’d actually be a challenge in the future.

V moved on to the next zone.  She searched for one that was stronger, and sure enough, she found a far more advanced Mobius.  She learned something new each time she went somewhere.  She had to sneak into one of the cities after her first two attacks, but they caught on to her energy output, so she learned to put herself on the most subtle miniscule level: relying more on her core energy than Chaos.

She learned how to mimic the appearance of their organs and biology, connect to technology, and even practice her Chaos on gaining personalities from her victims.  It was like… a taste of some sort, each one was a flavor.

Then came the alien world.  Getting bored of Mobian places, V went to aliens, but they soon caught on to her, and her luck temporarily ran out.  She got captured: placed in a special containment cell where they began to research her.  The one thing V did not want was for people to know all her secrets.  She was to be the mysterious threat, not the known.

She learned how to basically recreate actual biology of the various aliens after some practice with her Chaos Type Pink, and through this, she tricked them finally.  This world was not going to be let alone, however, and so it was obliterated.

She kept going through the cycle until she knew she had a reputation.  She had just finished battling against the partially-powered Gaia spirit of one of the zones.  Even with the creature not at full power, it was no easy fight, but it was dead, and the planet shattered.  V was floating above in space, watching in her black hoodie and smile.

Then an Identity came up to her.  He asked if she was “V”.  This was what she wanted… but she didn’t want them to know she was an Identity—The Identity—yet.  She smiled that creepy smile at him before rushing off in a flurry of lightning and fire.  In space, it was quickly extinguished but not around her.  She masked her Chaos energy with the elemental use.  As expected, the Identity followed.

She toyed with him for a while, which got a rise eventually, and it turned into a battle.  Eventually the Identity pinned her, and demanded to know what exactly she was.  She didn’t answer, so he tried to take her over with his Identity-Influence.  He wasn’t ready for this, and it gave V a new asset.  Being far more advanced, she easily defended against him, and then caught on to the skill.  She didn’t take him over, but she did resist him, answering that she was “V” before teleporting elsewhere.

Now it was time

The Pharaoh

The Arena was set and those who were to compete arrived.  V was not going to let Device know it was her, so she assimilated one of the contestants: a male Identity.  She wanted the Green-Tinted one to be surprised.  V battled her way through, and when she got to the final trial, Device was the opponent.

It was obvious that the Green-Tinted woman would be prepared for every typical attack.  V had to focus on her more extreme tactics, beginning with her Chaos-Pink-Type.  Briefly manipulating the Green-Tinted Identity’s nanites for a stunning attack, V worked her way in to interphase with Device and eventually end up in a mental battle wherein the two struggled against each other for control.

V kept her actual memories stored deep, doing as best she could to make sure Device did not suspect her until finally, once the Green-Tinted Identity got far enough into V’s mental archives, she unleashed the Elder-influence upon her.

V was the victor, and so Device brought her for a private discussion.  V asked why Device didn’t just keep the throne for herself if she created the whole country.  Device explained that it was not her objective, adding that she was neither hindered nor aided by rule over the Dominion.  V noted that Device wanted her to win, and Device nodded.  V asked why, and Device replied that it was the expected result.

Device then asked what V’s first act would be.  V responded to this by taking hold of Device and walking out to the public.  She held the Green-Tinted one by the back of the neck and wove her about to everyone until she had the majority’s attention, at which point she ordered plainly to Device…

“Humiliate yourself for me.”

Device announced their new ruler as the superior being and new ruler of the Dominion, and in that moment, flags unwrapped in a crimson symbol as the red-striped feline announced herself.

“I am The Virus! … And this is MY Isis Dominion!”  The era of the first Pharaoh began.



As Virus's people began recruiting Identities from the multiverse, she found that a human from the zone "Mobocan" had arrived on the Isis Dominion to speak to her.  His name was Melcro.

He was apparently old enough to remember the years before Mobius,and incredibly intelligent.  Device informed Virus that Melcro was partially responsible for her return to the Multiverse, and had been aiding her and others in a linked organization throughout the zones.

Melcro offered a partnership to Virus, that he would design whatever she would need in exchange for whatever he wanted.  Feeling as though she didn't need Melcro with how many Identities at her disposal, Virus denied this request, and Melcro was sent out. It wasn't long after this that the structure of the Isis Dominion became unstable and it wasn't long after that when Virus realized Melcro had something to do with it.

Upon meeting again, Melcro informed Virus that the entire multiverse could be aware of the Isis Dominion location, and that without his protection, they would easily be wiped out.  While she held no particular issue with the idea of destruction and chaos, Virus realized that many of her recently-acquired toys would be destroyed in the process, so reluctantly she made a partnership with Melcro Industries.

She was responsible for supplying Melcro whenever needed, but soon delegated that to Device to deal with.  Virus wasn't fond of the scientist and wanted as little to do with him as possible.

Over time, Virus became less bothered by Melcro, but despite having a general respect for each other when working together, and even sharing some traits, she does not consider him a friend, and avoids him when available.

Rasoul Discovery

Virus was searching the multiverse when she was attacked by a creature called a "Nighless".  She found that the energy used by the Nighless, "Rasoul", was actually harmful to Identities,and wanted to learn more.

She sensed two Identities in the area and decided to lure them out.  Little did she know that this also got the attention of a half-Nighless who she took advantage of.  In the wake of the event, Virus took one of the two Identities with her as a hostage for later.

Melcro’s Pet Project

Melcro had a special project that had escaped him without completion, so he tasked Virus with capturing the creature and modifying it.  Virus found that the creature was on the world with the half-Nighless (Kyle Waktini) and hired a group of extremists to capture the creature.

Eventually the creature got into Virus's clutches and she was able to modify it, but unknown to Melcro (or so she thought), she did a little something else to it.

Elder Encounter

During one of the recruitment missions, Virus's Identities reported seeing an Identity not of their ranks.  Virus eventually arrived on the scene to find Rin--the other Elder Identity--along with some allies.

Rin initially tried to fight Virus, prompting confusion from the Isis Elder.  She inquired as to why Rin was trying to stop her, and why she was attempting to be heroic.  Feeling as though Rin was anything but, Virus became even more unnerved.  When she found that her own power was apparently stronger than Rin's, she quickly toppled the less experienced Elder, and told Rin that the Identities were with her now, and that there was nothing wrong with them choosing to side with her.

Wanting nothing more than to horrify and punish Rin, Virus began killing off her own forces in front of the Identity, and then she killed off Rin’s allies.  She told Rin that she’d keep her secret for now, but only because she wants Rin to have to bottle up all her guilt.  Rin left soon after, having no real way to counteract this.


The entity, the Reality Girl, was wreaking havoc on the multiverse.  Entire zones were being changed and warped.  Virus was caught up in the event but even after things were fixed, not everything was the same.  New people had arrived, and Virus herself took on a new appearance, as well as having gained more experience in her abilities.

Further Practice

At this point, Virus had basically assimilated a variety of information from different worlds, but then one day she was suddenly pulled into a random white space with a silver temple.  She was approached by a man called “The Elxior” who referred to Virus by her original name, and called her “The Purity One”.

According to The Elxior, Virus had an incorruptible core of morality, something The Elxior and others of “Palace Senturon”, sensed when she was first created.  With her now found, they wished to train her in the ways of the Core.

Virus had caught on briefly to who these people were, and asked if they were what were called “Chisai”.  Elxior stated that they were like the Chisai but not exactly.  Playing along, Virus decided to learn whatever she could from them.

The Elxior of Liberality, The Chloura of Chastity, The Ertsan of Kindness, the Hepent of Humility, the Jesaiya of Diligence, the Totsoon of Confidence, and the Holaysa of Patience.

Virus was quite confused by how she could so easily deceive them, but it was possible her Chaos powers were responsible: shrouding their judgement and manipulating how she appeared to them.  Virus took full advantage of this, testing which of the Virtues she could manipulate the most, and eventually settling on The Ertsan for the moment, but she planned to work her way to The Elxior.

The Elxior was by far the leader, and also the most potentially corruptible with his aspect being so freedom-centered.  The Chloura kept the others from falling, and so she would need to be kept from range each time Virus edged them all off.

It must have been years—five at the least—spent in this space, being taught the various aspects and histories of the cores and groups.  Virus had conquered The Ertsan by now, but she kept her control over him a secret.  It only took one to make the dominos fall, but she was going to milk this entire scenario for all she could.

She despised them all.  Every morning was a rehearsal of this ridiculous prophecy.  It wasn’t because they wanted to do good that she hated so, nor was it because they saw potential in her.  It was because they claimed to know her, and she neither wanted to be understood, nor did she want them to act as though they did.  They would be punished for this.

They kept mentioning that “The Impure One” would arrive in about a year’s time: an agent trained by the Brenth.  Virus would use this knowledge later on most certainly, but she had learned what she wanted now, and so she finally acted.

Virus knew how easily she could abuse her core power, and how intoxicating such a level could be.  She used the Kindness Virtue to slaughter the others, with The Holaysa being the most difficult to deal with.  The Chloura was left unharmed as Virus wanted her to see what happened next.

Virus approached the Elxior, and stripped off her façade appearance: showing her more preferable look.  The Elxior attempted to battle her, and to be fair he was much more skilled when it came to the combat, but Virus just slowly wore him down with the tempting aura of the core energy she constantly radiated toward him.

The Chloura arrived just in time.  The Elxior was vulnerable and so the two ladies used their power to try and change him: Chloura to strengthen The Elxior back to the light, and Virus to the corrupted.  In the end, Virus had The Ertsan weaken The Chloura and then fully transformed Elxior: turning his core yellow.

Virus approached the Chloura with the temple now burning up, who asked why and how Virus was doing this.  Virus explained that they shouldn’t have made her mad.  Chloura asked what they ever did to upset her, and Virus showed her the face of another person, stating “This is your ‘Pure One’, your ‘Purity One’.  I’m just the bystander you stupidly dragged in your mess.  I’m not the Pure and I’m not the Impure either.  I’m the Virus, and I destroy what I touch.”

Virus went on to say that she was tempted to have The Ertsan do horrible things to the Chloura, but that she didn’t find that idea entertaining compared to what was already done, and she would much rather leave her unchanged so she can fully absorb the knowledge of what just happened, but she added that this didn’t mean Chloura was going to survive.

Virus stepped back as The Chloura was then restrained in the temple, watching as Virus walked out with her two new prizes kissing her repeatedly before vanish from the Palace Senturon. 

Soon after, Virus sent out the two corrupted to the multiverse, no longer interested in them before continuing on with her next set of plans once arriving back in the Isis Dominion.


Meeting Asonja

Virus found herself randomly plucked out to a random desert location, where she was to battle two individuals named Asonja and Zikuto.  She seemed more interested in Zikuto at the time, but the event did not last very long.

Attack on Prime-like Zone and Core Training

Virus suddenly felt a strange burst of Chaos Energy appearing in some remote zone.  Arriving to inspect, she discovered a villain who had been harnessing a Master Emerald, and with the villain was Asonja.  Seeing that Asonja was generally kissing up to the villain, Virus became increasingly bothered, and mocked him for it.  She stuck around to see what would happen but when the plan went south, she decided to leave: telling Asonja that he was being pathetic.

Some short time after, however, Asonja met with Virus with the desire to learn how to become stronger, and so she decided to train him somewhat in the use of his core energy: starting with basic exercises.  Virus decided she would appear weekly to inspect how he was doing.

Why Hello Parasite, First Encounter

Virus decide to check up on some of the scouts sent about the multiverse: arriving at a mobian zone where a species called “parasites” lived.  She found that some of the Identities were fighting against a purple parasite, whom Virus immediately took a liking to due to his reptilian appearance.  Disposing of her subordinates immediately, Virus leaped at Xan, but he was not as invested in her enthusiasm.  Regardless, the two went on a small adventure, with Virus learning a bit more about Xan’s world.  They met a few other parasites, and helped to free captured ones from a special lab in a desert. 

Having aided Xan, Virus expected some kind of sign of willingness in return.  She took two of the freed parasites, and demanded that Xan kill them for her. Xan refused, having a far stronger sense of connection and care for his species than Virus did hers.  She was disappointed, but this did not end things too poorly as the two ended up reclining under the shade of a plant.

Prophecy Catches

It had been well over multiple years since the Virtues claimed the Impure One would arrive, but Virus began to see it about, the arrival drawing near.  Quite frankly, the idea excited her, but she wanted to be prepared all the same.

A zone-conquering empire called “The Glatorian” were candidates for information and assimilation, but upon meeting with one of their leaders, Virus realized that she preferred them at their power level, and instead simply requested what they knew of the various core sects.  They were educated mainly with that of the “Brenth”, and in Virus’s reading, she found something very important.

It was going to be quite dangerous, and even more dangerous how she could counteract it.  Virus travelled to Mobius Prime Alpha in one of her organic bodies: hiding her power as best she could.  She went there to steal some kind of prison.

They almost caught her, but when found out, she gave them the impression of some other threat: misdirecting who they assumed was the culprit.  She escaped, and had the prison ready. 

Virus would be able to travel back herself, but she couldn’t impact it.  She needed to observe with a guarantee that her actions would be reversed afterward.  So, she found him… the Fallen Server.  He once wanted the power of the Chaos, and so Virus promised it in return for his aid.

All that happened afterward was unrecorded and erased from history.

Why Hello Parasite, Second Encounter

Virus decided to meet up with Xan again, and have him get to know her world—the Isis Dominion—where she went from district to district with the parasite: showing him the different themes.  While fascinated, Xan didn’t appear to be too impressed or interested, at least to Virus’s standards, so she orchestrated a mystery for Xanto get involved with.  The day was rather short, but enjoyable none the less.

Snake Hunters

The first one: Masuko.  She was still the underworld entity of her zone at the time, and a candidate Virus would judge later on, but for the moment, the obvious choice.  Virus found her searching for some kind of snake, and so spontaneously arrived supposedly out of coincidence, and aided the rabbit woman.  She even put herself in actual fatal risk of a magical blast from the snake in order to subdue it.

It worked.  Masuko even picked up Virus’s body, seeming actually concerned.  Playing the role thickly, when Virus came to, she reward the rabbit with a special enchanted sort of staff/spear: something she often gave to those she considered… productive allies.

She left soon after, leaving Masuko a bit confused, but how this would progress was for the far future to tell.  It was on to the next required subject.

Meeting Mars

She found the trail to an electricity-powered wolf.  It wasn’t hard, and the trail led back to a techno-organic scientist named “Xavek” whom Virus had Device investigate on the side, but Virus’s own target was this young male wolf.  She recalled him being involved in a super hero team called “MultiForce” and she heard of how he… stopped being part of the group.

She arrived rather casually to him, and began testing his limits, from getting him to blow up power stations, to blasting at cars and police, but something more potent was required that a simple large-scale blast wouldn’t help.

They went to get pizza.  He was on the fence morally, and she dug her claws into this as tightly as possible.  He was vulnerable to a special kind of influence that could not be tainted by magic, chaos, or supernatural elements of any sort, just the tricks of the mind… and that trick came from her forcing Mars to kill a waitress named “Amanda” via electrocution… twice.

He was scarred or at least beside himself, and so she left him for now to contemplate his actions.  It wasn’t a confirmation for her… not yet, so she would come back later.

Possible Option

There was a being called a “Simkie”.  After the encounter with Masuko, Virus took it upon herself to do  some research on the history of that zone.  This man’s name was “He-No” and he was a possible option.  Virus found him in a cemetery.  First she acted mysterious, an illusion shadow that he had to chase which was similar to him in appearance but clearly feminine.

He was interested to find out who this was, and then she tested further… Unfortunately as her more sadistic and playful nature appeared, he became far less attracted.  She tried a different tactic: gifts, by enhancing his wings with additional layers… but he disliked this as well.

She couldn’t seem to find something that got him.  He was a much wiser man to avoid her games… and this made Virus a tad more interested.  Perhaps this could be what she was waiting for as a personal desire: some kind of rival.  He could be the super hero to her super villain.

She made him agree, and this immediately lessened the excitement.  Virus felt almost as though she had wasted her time, but hopefully it could have been salvaged, she thought. 

Lovely Outing

Deciding to create an outing to more get to know her potential candidates, Virus had Masuko and Mars join her at a human country.  Mobians being outlawed in that area, they had quite a bit of fun messing with the civilians before Virus converted the two into more human forms to disguise.  Virus found out here that Masuko had lost the majority of her powers and high-ranking position, but this was still salvageable, and she decided it would better help her plans anyway.

It didn’t take long for them to discover unlawful activity going on in the city.  An entity called “Telethon” soon joining them, Virus continued to lead the group through small adventures, repeatedly testing their relationships and convictions.

Along the way—mainly to have someone that she could relate to more—Virus had Xan join them, but realized there was something she could use him for when it came to Mars.  The seeds of interest with the wolf were already set in when it came to power, and so Virus made the incredibly risky play to convert his core to yellow right there without assimilating it.

She had to use Xan to get into Mars’s head and try to assimilate him.  Mars would have to resist, and through the tension—and with some Chaos Energy manipulation—he eventually lit up a pale gold color as his core did indeed convert.  Another step was completed.

Then there was Masuko.  Whether or not her core was changed was irrelevant at the moment, so Virus simply played to her current desires of power.  Masuko wanted rule over mighty forces, and so Virus offered Masuko the Isis Dominion.  It wasn’t nearly as tasking to deal with, but the finalizing process would have to come later.

The events eventually died off and all returned to their homes.

Feeding Gluttony

Virus found Mars again to see how he was progressing with his new core.  He was wanting more power, so she showed him some of the new abilities he now possessed.  Practicing with overriding and controlling other people, Virus helped convert other cores to suit Mars, and had him assimilate them: moving him further along in his Negative Core power.

At the same time, word about a future Dreekphane in the making was going around the Isis Dominion.  One of the military units—an Identity named “Carmen”—was among those who heard about it, and underwent a small contest for who would get to have a “one night stand” with the being as it were.  The idea of having a spawn that was a hybrid of Identity DNA and a Dreekphane was highly popular among the identities, and Carmen was the lucky winner: giving the best demonstration to Virus of how to complete the mission.

Carmen arrived in the form of a fish-like mobian—as per Mars’s preference—and the two fornicated.  Virus was particularly humored by how willing to basically humiliate themselves the two were, but her mission for the day with Mars was complete, so she moved on.

Irritation By Digestion

Virus was on her way to meet up with Masuko and discuss the plan for the rabbit, but it turned out that Masuko had a boyfriend void being named “Moros” who mistakenly assumed Virus had arrived to steal his “bunny” from him: warning Virus that he didn’t trust her.

Virus was flustered by this: noting how she hadn’t even done anything sinister yet to give him reason to hate her.  She was genuinely offended by the immediate hostility as she did not believe she deserved it, and thus she blatantly ignored the warning, and began taunting the creature.  In response, Moros swallowed Virus with intent to send a nightmarish scene of the various voids she could be endlessly trapped in.

Virus knew what this felt like from prior experience, but she did not struggle.  In addition to knowing Masuko was not going to just let this happen, she preferred to analyze and ponder.  If this creature was going to be a problem, then she would fain terror.

Virus began to act as though she were panicking, and eventually when Masuko ordered Moros to spit her out.  Virus went on about how dangerous Moros was, hinting to the possibility of Masuko being in danger in the possibility of the creature losing interest in her and thus erasing her.  At the end of the day, Virus didn’t actually know either way, and frankly she didn’t care as long as it didn’t interfere with her plans, but she was angry, and she wanted to make Moros just as upset for being so rude to her upon first meeting.

Virus left the two, still pretending to be worried about her own safety and Masuko’s.

V Is Not For Valentines

Virus brought in A hedgewolf named “Rixcit” to compete against Mars, He-No, Asonja, and Xan in a multi-phase battle, the winner getting any prize of their choice.  Each contestant received a companion during the events.  He-No received a blue bat named “Strelliah” (Later revealed to be named “Kate”), Xan received a light-brown mouse named “Paige” (Who we do not learn the real name of), Rixcit received a sand-coyote named “Maple” (who does not change her name), Asonja received a butterfly whom he simply called “Butterfly” (As of yet, no real name), and Mars—alongside Riven briefly—received a glowing human woman named “Nashandra” (no name change).

In the end, Mars was victorious, and was given an alliance with his companion, Nashandra, to call for aid if needed, as well as other secret benefits.  Both Mars and Rixcit were informed about these people called the “Brenth” and “Chisai” as missions for them to search for.  He-No left with Kate, Asonja leaves with the butterfly.  Xan, however, spent a bit more time.

Virus met up with the parasite, taunting mercilessly and proudly about his actions, and even prompting him about how he treated his companion.  She got some information of how Xan used to know a mouse before, which genuinely surprised Virus, as the choice made was completely by chance.

She led him down the hall to the exit of the event, with the two seeing the mouse… Paige—or whatever her real name was as she refused to say it—sitting against the wall.  She was quite beside herself: very shocked by the events, and particularly unnerved by Xan.  Xan asked her about her life a bit, but Paige just ended up asking why he would care… Here Xan gave a single genuine piece of advice to the girl… To avoid him for her own sake.  Paige never replied, but Virus watched ever-interested in this trail of misery.

Preparing Masuko

Now it was time for part of the plan to progress.  Virus brought Masuko to Melcro to have a proper, highly-advanced, Identity-conversion.  Ripping Masuko’s core out and liquefying her body for storage, Masuko was given an Identity body, retaining some of her original powers.  Virus wanted Masuko to call her master in return, which Masuko refused, so Virus left her to train briefly with Device.


Virus was called by Xan about a potential female clone of himself.  Virus was very much excited by this idea, informing Xan that she was not behind it, but that she’d probably end up doing something like it now that he gave her the idea.  While not entirely trusted on the matter, they didn’t find anything more.

Mortality (Parts 1 and 2)

Virus suddenly woke up from the water of a lake.  Armored figures called the ”Seven Chaos” along with various mobian-Identities, Mars, Xan, He-No, and others around her… she was now in the form of a mobian lynx, and she had no abilities suddenly.

Pix had taken over the Isis Dominion and the majority of the Identities had been turned into mortal forms as well.  Pix tried to kill Virus, with the Seven Chaos turning hostile to them both.  Using He-No, Virus escaped to a lone Mobius zone.  Pix sent out assassin units to eliminate her, but with He-No’s help, they evaded and then took out the seekers.

Virus of course took time to taunt He-No but she also informed him—in order to get his aid in returning to the Isis Dominion—that she had developed hybrid children from his DNA.  His children were in the Dominion, and he would need them. 

He-No and Virus travelled back to the Dominion where they went to retrieve the children.  The offspring were… very confused but willing to go with He-No.  There was one more thing to do, however.  Virus convinced He-No that in the child-development station, an evil would appear.  She had He-No aid her in killing every developing offspring Identity… or nearly.  A few had been taken out and they never found them.

He-No left soon after this, but Virus remained to make certain of her mission being complete.  The bodies rose up and tried to kill her.  She was nearly dead but Xan alongside one of the Seven Chaos—Rynzer—found and healed her.  Xan was quite confused about what Virus had been doing, but at the moment, there was a battle going on for who would rule the Dominion.  The winner was revealed to be the Identity form of Masuko, as per Virus’s design.

Speaking with Masuko briefly, Virus soon left to go with Xan to his world for a while, taking along with themselves one other person.







Virus’s second-in-command.  There are few people who tolerate every aspect of Virus’s personality, and Device is certainly included.  Showing to be completely loyal to the red-striped feline, Device is one of the few whom Virus has referred to as an equal.  Despite this, Virus has no less enjoyment in treating Device horribly at times.  Part of the fun is knowing Device won’t do anything about it.  Part of the lack of fun is the same reason.

When Virus first met Device, she assumed the Identity to be an opportunist, and she still thinks that is the case, but at this point she doesn’t particularly care. 


Mars is tied for Virus’s favorite plaything, or “boy-toy” as she calls him.  With Mars, Virus enjoys a more self-aware and indifferent side of a subordinate.  She particularly likes that he’s completely submissive to whatever she wants to do, though on the occasion she wishes he’d try something more devious against her to shake things up.  For Virus, Mars is a relief, being one of the few people that seems to understand her complete lack of care for personal morality.  He doesn’t treat her like some sympathetic problem, or act as though he can’t believe the kind of things she does.

While Virus does quite enjoy bothering Mars, her desire to corrupt him is partially out of a twisted sense of outgoingness.  She feels inclined to reward the traits in him that she enjoys by finding ways to make him more powerful, and hopefully more sinister.  She’d much rather see him turn into a multiversal threat than destroy him, regardless of her own fate.

If it weren’t for Mars’s more linear mindset, Virus would be quite obsessed, but his tendency to stray away from theatrics and simply directly pursue a goal is a turn-off for her.


Virus’s other favorite plaything.  Asonja is much more of a toy car with a broken wheel than a toy doll she’d groom to perfection.  Virus relishes in basically corrupting and ruining Asonja.  Him being dripping with angst and a bit of naiveté excites her resolve to find new ways to mess with his head, particularly when any hints of romantic feelings are triggered.

While Virus certainly wants to see Asonja turn into some kind of corrupted monster, she mostly just takes a cruel almost hateful enjoyment  out of how many times she can make him feel betrayed.  She both loves and despises how many times Asonja seems to get surprised at something terrible she can do to him.

On one hand, she would love for him to become a sort of enemy who finally turns on her and challenges her, but on the other hand, messing around with him is far too much fun, and there is the faint bit of her that fantasizes on the idea of Asonja actually becoming some intellectual challenge, an equal or superior.  That would most-likely be the only form she’d consider willing to be in a relationship with.


Virus is not friendly with Melcro.  It’s a relationship of necessity.  She doesn’t enjoy his company and would rather not interact with him.  Something seems to imply she knows something about him others don’t, but it’s unknown as to what specifically makes her dislike him. 

Regardless of her distaste for Melcro, Virus is able to be civil around him, and often gets his aid when needed.  It’s strictly business.


Virus treats Masuko like a lot of her “projects”, but she feels a tad disappointed in her, as she does with almost everyone.  Virus expects someone on her level of… let’s say “insanity”, who she can completely socialize with and not be stared at oddly, but while Masuko has met some of those areas, she hasn’t completely.

Despite this, Virus does like Masuko: admiring her opportunistic yet respectable personality.



This purple parasite is Virus’s personal lover.  Unlike the other boys she enjoys toying with, Virus has never shown any sign that Xan is a project.  While not letting up on tormenting the parasite like she does with others, Virus has shown genuine concern and care for Xan at times.

Virus particularly enjoys how Xan is more experienced and bitter, yet retaining a theatric bravado.  He’s smug and sneaky, and his accent certainly helps.  His reptilian appearance was a big factor visually.  Xan may be the only person Virus would consider not suddenly betraying just so he wouldn’t abandon her.



For Virus, Rin is just a hypocrite pretending to be the hero.  She hates her, and wants to see her hated and humiliated.  Virus doesn’t feel like simply defeating Rin would be enough.  She doesn’t actually involve herself with Rin much, and prefers to wait for an opportunity to ruin things for the red-haired Identity.

Astral Hellervein

Not much of a relationship, but apparently this vampire king was immediately able to catch on to Virus when she went to meet with him and his people.  It didn’t go well and Virus left empty-handed.  She is a tad bitter about it.


Similar to Rin, Virus quite dislikes Kae, particularly because he claims to be the Third Elder Identity.  Virus claims that he is lying, but he has been incredibly illusive.  He has his own group of Identities that stand alone from the two main factions.

The Zone Police Force

Virus quite enjoys taunting these people, particularly due to how much stronger her forces are compared to them.  They oppose her, but she chooses not to do much about them.



A Simkie Virus originally wanted to act as her personal foil.  When Virus realized Rin would not be a proper hero to her villain, she searched for something else.  He-No did not “pass the test” as it were, but she keeps at him here and there when needed.  She sees him as a potential fallback but she doesn’t actually think he’d have genuine interest in her.  She knows he doesn’t care for her much.


Someone Virus also considers a possible fallback.  Virus enjoys messing with him due to his more youthful angsty personality.  Similar to Asonja but not as self-deprecating, Virus is interested to see how Rixcit will progress.


Notable Interests

While more based in technology, Virus is far more interested in that of biology and various anatomy.  She’s quite the expert, and thoroughly enjoys browsing the multiverse for different elements and species to look through.  She’s not the most educated to some extent, however, as she’s often on the move mentally to a new topic every minute or so.  Her particular favorite thing to do with the elements is to manipulate the biology of others.

Virus is also very good at working with machinery. She’s not nearly as interested with technology as she is biology, but she likes it none the less.

Food, of any kind.  Virus refuses to state she has found a food she doesn’t like.  To her, even things that her taste-buds reject are just acquired tastes she has to get used to.  All cuisines are something she wants to catalogue and taste.

Reptiles are Virus’s personal favorite of species.  She loves scales, which is a typical preference among most of her kind.  She prefers shorter muzzles, but longer legs.  Despite this, she herself rarely takes the form of a “scaley”, what with her feline attributes.  When asked why, the reasoning given was that of taunting to certain other lynxes.  Virus has outright stated that a partial inspiration for her choice of look was from the style of the Mobius Prime’s Iron Queen.

Sign Language is actually something Virus quite enjoys alongside origami.  She likes anything to do with hand-designs, from shadow-puppets to languages, and claims paper-folding is a great compliment to sign language particularly.  Unlike her other interests, you’ll seldom find Virus showing off these preferences.

Heroic figures interest Virus much more than anti-heroes or villains.  Being someone who searches for someone to be her polar-opposite, she loves the idea of an incorruptible force of good that she can endlessly bother and mess with.  She has yet to locate such a person.

Notable Distastes

Digital companions irritate Virus.  She is quite bothered by AIs in general, and considers most to be imitation programming.  She feels as though none of them have any true consciousness, and have simply been designed in great enough detail to seem real.  When prompted as to why she would feel this way considering her past as an AI herself, she answered that she doesn’t care about hypocrisy.

Anyone who lacks a form of pizzas gets on Virus’s nerves very quickly.  Normally she quite enjoys taunting those who are more stoic and direct, but she hates it when people take things so seriously that they make no attempts to stylize their actions.  Among the villainous, this bothers her the most as she believes villains have a near responsibility to act with more theatrics than heroes considering how much more they have to lose.  She often berates anyone she works with who doesn’t enjoy the exaggerated plan.  To Virus, it’s not worth it if there’s no fun.

In addition to her disliking for less theatric individuals, Virus very much loses interest quickly when it comes to villainous male figures who don’t show enjoyment in their work, with the whole mustache-twirling side.  Similar to wanting theatrics, Virus has simply grown less excited to meet new villains due to so many acting the role of a short-tempered stoic.  This is one of the reasons she enjoys being with Xan so much as her parasite companion has shown to be quite taunting and sly around people of any sort.

Bird houses… she… just doesn’t like them.

Smaller bodies of water.  Something about a confined amount of water that doesn’t stretch out of sight bothers Virus.  She doesn’t like ponds or lakes, and only tolerates rivers.  She much prefers beaches, as they at least give the illusion of an endless area.

Public Behavior vs. Private Behavior

Virus is definitely one to enjoy the spotlight.  Her behavior is incredibly sporadic, so narrowing it down is often difficult.  She doesn’t have much difference in how she acts in public and private.  She’s very reactive and constantly observing new things.  She takes no shame is public humiliation of others or even herself if it suits her.  After so many years of being so powerful, she doesn’t feel like she needs to adhere to norms, and even after losing so much power, she feels more temptation to act against norms because of the risk it provides.

She often maintains a perky and almost bubbly personality, often only offsetting a cutesy façade by the passing morbid comment just enough to let people know that she’s unhinged. 

In private, Virus does act a bit more relaxed, and while often equally direct in either scenario, when not in a situation here all eyes can be on her, she doesn’t give as much bravado, and is more passive with comments.  She gets much more personal and her more perky side can be replaced by a dismissive pessimist.  This can happen either way.

Notable Personality Strengths

Virus is not fearless, but she certainly gives the impression of being without fear.  She rarely hesitates, and is quite good at debating and conversing when she wants to.  She is also quite organized, and quick to plan things many steps in advance. 

She commands attention, and often respect whenever possible, but when she can’t, she can soon pinpoint how to approach different people.  One of her largest strengths is her social abilities and psychological intuition.  She can read people fairly easily and will often make predictions about them and their lives with more accuracies than inaccuracies.

Notable Personality Flaws

Virus is… impatient, immature, and while not a temperamental person, has some notable triggers.  If things don’t go as planned, she can live with that, but if things end up in a way that is different from her plans AND they aren’t entertaining, she gets quite frustrated.  She also doesn’t often make it easy for anyone to infer what she’s thinking, and thus when something does set her off, it’s not obvious why.

Virus has almost no sense of personal space or self-preservation.  She often throws herself and others into harm’s way if it means it will be more interesting than the alternative.  This isn’t entirely for her own entertainment either, and simply if interesting things regardless of her death occur.

Virus’s attention span is also quite limited.  Normally she mitigates this through having subordinates tackle any problems she forgets about, but unless she is regularly invested in something, she often strays away from it.

Authority is also something Virus challenges often.  She can easily kiss-up to people and get on their good sides, but she much prefers seeing how far she can push authority figures, especially when she knows they might need her and will have to endure her prodding… When she guesses wrong, this often goes poorly for her.

Moral Stance

Virus claims to understand morality perfectly, even aspects of spiritual or religious perfections, but she chooses to defy these things out of preference.  While she may be wrong with some or many aspects of morality, her stance is that she has no interest in being labelled by what a villain should be.  Virus is a creature of chaos in many ways, and that includes random chance.

Virus likes to see things progress and expand.  She doesn’t care if it helps the good or the bad as long as it is the more entertaining result.  She doesn’t consider any negative emotion to be a problem, and thinks people should appreciate them more because they keep people from being bored.

Virus believes that everyone deserves to be punished regardless, and thus has little to no personal guilt when it comes to hardships she commits to others.  She also doesn’t care about the preferences of others because with how many zones and people there are, she’s bound to find some scenario that works for her, so any time it fails beforehand, that’s just another test-run she can mess with.

Additionally, as stated before, Virus doesn’t care about hypocrisy, and as a result doesn’t care much about responsibility or even consistency.  If she feels compelled to be nice to someone, she will, and if she feels she did something wrong, she will still berate others who do the same.  She does this because she knows she can get away with it in almost any situation: with most people having a larger sense of guilt, and those that don’t she doesn’t bother trying this on.


Virus considers herself to be a pathetic child.  She understands that she’s often acting on a base-level desire for lack of boredom, but she also believes everyone feels that deep down.  Thus, she considers herself ahead of most people, and leaves it there.  Most of the time, she doesn’t really think about herself.  She imagines that if she did, she may be bored with the person she is underneath everything: a cliché AI that gained sentients and wants to find her own way.  She has no interest in that being her story.  She’d much rather be the mistake that set the multiverse on fire.

Despite self-perception, Virus hates sympathy.

Notable Specific Positions

Politically… Virus isn’t really too interested in politics, but if she were forced to give an answer, she’d probably have a more libertarian mentality just on the basis that she herself doesn’t care about how people she rules do things, even if she tends to rule in a more dictator-based fashion.

Mannerisms/Notable Gestures/Ticks

Virus often rolls her hands in sort of flexing manners, specifically stretching out her palms and fingers.  She often tends to move about in a very stiff pattern, with jolts of movement, or simply standing still.

Common Phrases

(Catch-phrases, statements made often by character)

“Delicious” is Virus’s main catchphrase.  She often says this when entertained or impressed by something.

Notable Statements

(Things that have been said by the character that are important or notable, but are not repeatedly-used catch-phrases of character.)



Education Experiences

(Mental, physical, spiritual, etc.)

Virus was educated at a Hyran High School for about a year, but most of the information was already stuff she knew, save for the planet’s history.  She mostly gained the information she needed from television and the internet.

During her time at the Palace Senturon, Virus was educated on core energy.  She was taught the histories of the core sects, as well as the more civil abilities of core wielders.  She hasn’t given much specificity to what she learned, but it’s known that this has allowed her to influence other people through their own cores (or souls), mainly through emotions, but also implanting and reshaping memories, creating more complicated core-based constructs, and even turn people from the regular core types into Yellow and Purple.  She spent at least five years practicing this, and in addition to core abilities, she was also taught certain ‘Self Defense’ techniques.

Virus also has spent years at a time increasing her power in pocket dimensions, be it with energy output, durability, constructs, Chaos Types, and so on.

Virus has complete access to the information archives in the Dominion, and has personally catalogued various cultures, histories, biologies, technologies, fighting styles, and so on.

Career Experiences

Virus only has a career if you count her rule of the Isis Dominion.

Specific Experiences

Virus is one of the few of the current Multiverse Generation to have learned about the Chisai and coreplexes.

For combat information, go to Virus’s power play page here.

NOTE that currently, Virus is now in a mortal mobian body and has NO supernatural abilities at the moment.


Character History

The wikia version of Virus first appeared as the Mobius United version, which is evident in some of the pictures provided.  The character was still tied to the Mobius United canon, but after some time, I decided to split the two off and have a portion of the timeline changed to match the roleplays on the wiki and skype.