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Map of the Vita Nova mainland by JonicOokami7

The Vita Nova Islands are of an archipelago  that exists In a Dimension far from existance of official materials. Geographicly the Islands are very far away from places such as South Island and Angel Island which means that there is  very little (if not any)  mention of Sonic and Friends 

Unlike other places of Mobius Pokémon can be found here.

The Main Land

The center Island of the Vita Nova Islands, the main land is more industrial then the other Islands in terms of population or machinary and is possibly the most civilized island.

1. Vita Nova City

The huge metropolis and capital city of the main land. it houses a great amount of citizens. It is made of 8 areas connected as a circle surrounding a center tower. Before it became this Vita Nova was an old mining town that to this day has many mines deep below it.

Sector 1. A generic housing area. It was demolished from an attack of Doctor Edgar Cyrex Nearly causing countless lives to be lost if the I.B.S didn't evacuate them in time.

Sector 2. The criminal hideaway of the city consisting of many wanted criminals.

Sector 3. A Money filled Area filled with gambling and casinos.

Sector 4. Where the factorys and various other companys work hard and busy providing many things to the city.

Sector 5. Another Residential area of the City.

Sector 6. The great shopping district of Vita Nova.

Sector 7. The last residential area and home to the City's Police and Army institute. It also houses the International Bastard Squad mansion and the Team of mercenaries that live in it.

Sector 8. The City's school district.

2. Starfall Beach

A beautiful seaside resort where people can go to relax in the sun or take the regions ferry to another continent. Starfall Beach got its name due to the fact it is the place where all Lightwaters fall when leaving their planet.

3. Heroes Peak

A large hill that overlooks Vita Nova City. It is the place where the legendary hero Breaker Earthsoul died and went to the heavens. The I.B.S Leader Airon Hikarikaze visits this place often.

4. Airship Crater

A former flying base to the evil Doctor Edgar Cyrex before the I.B.S took it out the sky. It now lays dorment in a crater and is pretty much raided by scavengers.

5. Forgotten Forest

Woods that sit on a far corner of the region. Deep inside are the ruins of the Ookami Tribe's village. 

6. Wastelands 

This area used to be a marvelous kingdom that had no quarrel. Until Oblivion and his army the Dark Reframe attacked and slaughtered it from humanity. It is now Oblivion's territory and very dangerous to go to.

7. Skyreach Mountain

A huge mountain that sits in almost the center of the entire region. It is said that whenever somthing bad is to happen dark ominous clouds gather around the tip.

Dusty Island

An Island simmilar to Australlia and Nega C Paynes home land, the Island is governed by a wise frog named Wansumad Vice and was once visted by Nega and Friends to stop Cyrex's assult.


Jamming Jungle - A Large Jungle that sits at the edge of Dusty Island it's trees reach so high that Dusty Islanders have made some of their homes in the trees. 

Beautiful Beach - One of the Islands well recived holiday spots. the seas sparkly brightly and is often compared with Vita Nova Island's Starfall beach 

Frantic Factory - A Secret Base that was used by Cyrex before it was destroyed by Nega and Friends. 

Hud Village - the central town of the Island which holds the most population. Wansumad Vice is the Elder of this town. 

Cyrex Island

An Island which houses the lair of the evil Doctor Cyrex The Island is a simple Desert island with Cyrex's lab base hidden deep within the jungle which is inhabbited by many of the sick twisted creatures the doctor has created. 

Crystal Island (Old canon)

The Home of the crystallian race who is akin to the Echidna of the Official Dimension. It is the Scotland of Vita Nova -more details comming soon-

Psycaro Island

The Vita Nova Islands equivilent of France. Like its real world counterpart Psycaro is stated to be a land of beauty and refined food and fashion.Yuri Violet was stated to have been born here but some unmentioned details caused her father Baron Cedric Violet to move on the Mainland. As the Island has only been mentioned there hasnt been any known locations apart from the landmark the Psycaro Tower.

The Lightwater Planet (Old Canon)

A Large blue planet that floats above the Islands like a second moon. It is where all Waterians fall from when starting their life on Mobius Also known as Aquarius - Éternus

Pandora Island (Old Canon)

A dark lifeless island that stands in visable distance to Starfall Beach. It is here where the Duchess of Corruption Dusk Pandora resides keeping the Palace she owns in top shape with her Spirit hoard

Reframe Island

An Island that is to be founded by Oblivion and the Dark Reframe in the future it will then be governed by King Oblivion and Queen Laufeia who rule over the soon newly born Race of Shadownians, Creatures formally known as Shadow Minions, mere creatures created from the dark to serve Oblivion's army. 


Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the Ookami

Jacob the Pikachu 

Nega C Payne the Bandicoot

Optimus Twat 'Thwaite' Keifer 

Lydia Hikarikaze the Ookami

Clair Nightcutter Payne the Ookami

Yuri Violet the Hedgehog

NCP02 "Beta"

Breaker Earthsoul the Hedgehog (Deceased)

Dr. Edgar Cyrex

Bios the Creation (1 through 3)

Yuritwo the altered-clone

Oblivion Yamikaze the Ookami

Laufeia Yamiborn Yamikaze the Hedgehog

Darkness Centros the Hedgehog

Aequnum the Ookami

Karen Knight the Badger

Old Canon

Project Overkill

Dusk Pandora the Lioness ("Corrupted" Lustwater)

Gennatwo the altered-clone

Friska Zerowater (aka. Penelope Lightwater) the Husky

Rain Lucas McCain the Owl

Peach Lightwater the Snow Leopard

Elvira Darkwater the Panther

Dementia Freezewater the White Tiger

Toxic Lustwater the Lioness

Sari Light Earth-water the Jackolope

Janesse Flora the Hedgehog

Kathy the Ferret-being

Valiant Lix Tetrax the Bathog

Sheila 'Electra-Carol' Villette the Hedge-???

Genna Nicholes the Mink

Tanya 'Rhapsody' Lockheart the Bat

James Blank III the Snow Cat

Shade the Hedgehog

Reece "Kiza" Kelly the Crystalian Green Panda

Finn Alexander Evans the Demon Wolf

Xorro the Lynx

Novis the Owl

Connor the Hedgehog (Archangel)

Miranda the Panther

Ashleigh the Cat

Tom the Fox

Sky Joy Hikarikaze the Snow Leopard

Rune Zen Hikarikaze the Ookami

Ethan Hikarikaze the Ookami

Tyke Payne the Dingo

Saskia Hikarikaze the Ookami

Serenity Lix Tetrax the Batmink

Samael Yamikaze the Ookami

Dango the Kirby 

NCP01 Alpha 

Connortwo the altered clone

CRE01 Hades

Victor Arrogan


Like other locations the Vita Nova Islands have nobles all though many have lost their titles over the years.

Zerell Leonardes Hikarikaze - King of Ookami Tribe (Formerly/ Whereabouts unknown) 

Yelina Carol Starseer - Queen of Ookami Tribe (Marrage/ Perished)

Queen Purity Lightwater - Queen of Aquarius-Éternus

Baron Cedric Violet - Baron of Psycaro (Perished)

Count Lix Tetrax - Count of Family (Presumably perished)

Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the Ookami - Prince (formerly) of the Ookami Tribe/ King of Aquarius-Éternus in Neo Era (By Marrage to Peach) (Old Canon) - Also Knighted by Queen Purity (Old Canon)

Lydia Hikarikaze the Ookami - Princess (formerly) of the Ookami Tribe

Clair Nightcutter Payne - Cousin of the aforementioned Prince and Princess

Peach Lightwater the Snow Leopard - Princess of Aquarius-Éternus / Queen of Aquarius-Éternus in Neo Era (True Heir)

Oblivion Yamikaze the Ookami - Lord of the Dark Reframe - King of Reframe Island in Neo Era (Founder)

Laufeia Yamiborn the Hedgehog - Marquee of Yami - Queen of Reframe Island in Neo Era (By Marrage)

Dusk Pandora the Lioness - The Lustwaterian Duchess of Corruption 

Yuri Elizabeth Violet the Hedgehog - Baroness of Psycaro (Birth right)

Valiant Lix Tetrax the Bathog - Count of Lix Tetrax Family (Birth right)

Genna Nicholes the Mink - Countess of Lix Tetrax Family (Marrage)

Nega C Payne - Somehow connected through marrage to Clair Nightcutter (family member of the royal Ookami line)

Sky Joy Hikarikaze the Snow Leopard - Heir to the Lightwater Throne by (Birth right) (Retconned until further notice)

Rune Zen Hikarikaze the Ookami - Heir to Ookami Throne by (Birth right) (Retconned until further notice)

Saskia Hikarikaze the Ookami - 2nd in line, Heir to Ookami Throne (Birth right) (Retconned until further notice)

Tyke C Payne the Dingo - Descendant of Clair Nightcutter

Ethan Hikarikaze the Ookami - Descendant of Yuri Elizabeth Violet & Lydia Hikarikaze (Retconned untill further notice)

Serenity Lix Tetrax the Batmink - Countess Heir (Birth right)

Samael Yamikaze the Ookami - Heir to the Dark Reframe - Princess of Reframe Island in Neo Era

Doctor Edgar Cyrex - Knighted by King Zerell Hikarikaze 

Ashleigh The Cat - Princess of Another Land


Vita Nova is home to many common animals such as birds and mammals but it is also home to Pokémon including ones that are not officially recognised 

Vita Nova Pokémon League

As a Side past time the I.B.S each took part in the Vita Nova City Pokemon League each awaiting trainers who would come and test their strength against them

Vita Nova league Gym Badges. By RKizaX8

Note- This is a non canon thing and just for fun

Gym Leader's

Optimus's Trainer Card by JonicOokami7

Sector 1 Gym Leader: Optimus 

Gym Type -  Normal

Motto - First one in skilled with normal types

Pokemon - Porygon 

Badge - Bland Badge 

Toxic's Trainer Card. By JonicOokami7 Peach Lightwater- Hikarikaze & RKiza8

Sector 2 Gym Leader: Toxic

Gym Type - Poison 

Motto - Temptress of poison passion

Pokemon - Tentacool, Skrelp

Badge - Acid Badge 

Sector 3 Gym Leader: Finn

Finn's Trainer Card by JonicOokami7 Owned by FinnDj

Gym Type - Ghost

Motto - The gambler of spirits

Pokemon - Duskull, Haunter, Murkrow

Badge - Ace Badge

Sector 4 Gym Leader: Nega

Nega's Trainer card by JonicOokami7

Gym Type - Steel

Motto - The mechanical braniac

Pokemon - Magnamite, Lairon (Crasher), Forretress, Klang

Badge - Gear Badge

Sector 5 Gym Leader: Dementia

Demi's Trainer Card by JonicOokami7 owned by Peach Lightwater-Hikarikaze

Gym Type - Ice

Motto - A polite waitress with an icy touch

Pokemon - Glaceon (Crystal), Frosslass (Teardrop), Sealeo (Meatball), Piloswine (Botan), Dewgong (Myst)

Badge - Dessert Badge

Sector 6 Gym Leader: Ashleigh

Ashleigh's Trainer Card - made by JonicOokami7 owned by AshleighTC

Gym Type - Fire

Motto - The Girl with a heart of bright fire

Pokemon - Blaziken, Ninetails, Houndoom, Infernape, Talonflame, Pyroar (f)

Badge - Solar Badge

Sector 7 Gym Leader: Elvira

Elvira's Trainer card by JonicOokami7 owned By Peach Lightwater- Hikarikaze

Gym Type - Dark

Motto - The dark slender beauty of truth

Pokemon - Umbreon (Cookie), Weavile, (Red Velvet) Sharpedo (Toothy), Absol (Frosting), Zoroark (Cherry), Bisharp (Kebab),

Badge - Crescent Badge

Sector 8 Gym Leader: Yuri

Yuri's Trainer Card by JonicOokami7

Gym Type - Psychic

Motto - The teacher of a powerfull mind and accountable detentions

Pokemon - Gardevoir (Shelly), Alakazam, Espeon, Girafarig, Swoobat, Medicham

Badge - Knowledge Badge


Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Gym Leader Battle Music Theme Official Extended!

Gym Leader battle theme

Elite four

Vita Nova Elite Four 1: Peach

Peach's Trainer Card by JonicOokami7 owned by Peach Lightwater- Hikarikaze

Type - Water

Motto - A Star-born believer of the purest waters

Pokemon - Vaporeon (Chiba), Samurott (Nittle), Mantine☆ (Gubgubbi), Milotic (Princess), Starmie☆ (Shooter)

Vita Nova Elite Four 2: Clair

Clair's Trainer Card by JonicOokami7

Type - Fighting

Motto - The experianced fighter of the Vita Nova Institute

Pokemon - Lucario (Lutalo), Heracross, Machamp, Breloom, Toxicroak, Meinshao, 

Vita Nova Elite Four 3: Shade

Shade's Trainer card by JonicOokami7 owned by Dmetrius96

Type - Electric

Motto - The wise and strong master of the Electric element

Pokemon - Electrivire, Galvantula, Magnazone, Ampharos, Luxray, Zebstrika

Vita Nova Elite Four 4: Reece

Reece's trainer card by JonicOokami7 owned by RKizax8

Type - Dragon

Motto - The Lazy Dragon Type

Pokemon - Haxorus☆ (Beelzaboss), Hydreigon (Armageddon), Kingdra, Dragonair, Salamence, Flygon


Pokémon HG SS Pokémon Prism - Gym Leader Battle - EXTENDED-0

Elite four Battle Theme



Vita Nova Champion: Jonic

Jonic's Trainer Card By JonicOokami7

Type - Mixed

Motto - One with his Pokemon. The Multi-Trained Tribal Champ.

Pokemon - Pikachu (Jacob), Typhlosion☆ (Flare), Swampert (Hydro), Staraptor, Chesnaught (Spyke), Tyranitar (Prism), 


N's Castle Bridge Remix V.II

Champion's theme


  • Vita Nova is the only known place where the races known as the Ookami Waterians and Crystallians are said to inhabbit.
  • Vita Nova City is heavily based on the futuristic city known as Midgar from Final Fantasy VII.
  • The Island came to be from when its creator JonicOokami7 wanted to give Vita Nova city a definate Location.
  • The Vita Nova Islands are the one place in Mobius that holds no connection or mention of Sonic the hedgehog and friends. This is because it is in a completely different dimension