name : Void the hedgehog

Age : 16

Alignment : whoever remains peaceful and tranguil in his presence.


Void is a hedgehog who was, for most of his childhood trapped in the chaos dimension. After finding his freedom by harnessing the powers that controlled him he decided to live as a hermit in the far mountains harnessing his power ever more. Among the few people that know his cottage many return for the peacef
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ul atmosphere.


mostly purple has a green glow across his arms and wears a set of black and brown leather armor, His hair consists of two long quills falling straight down, these are covered by quils set as a crown.


Outside of combat hes your avarage guy, but due to his understanding of the chaos powers he can channel enormous amounts of power through his body to the point where he can float at high speed form energy blades from his hands or even create visions in the minds of others. The use of this is incredably taxing so he pretty much faints shortly after.


not a bad guy, just oblivious to other people, mainly due to the fact that he was alone for nearly 14 years with nothing but green lightning flashing around him. He tries to be as friendly as he can to any of the few visitors he receives,most of them travelers, what he truly needs is a friend that can take him to the more populated world, perhaps to reclaim the years he never got to enjoy.