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About Volt


Volt is a rabbit who lives in mobius. She is part of S.P.O.M. and is friends with Surge and Static. She is a mechanic and is just as smart as Surge and Static. She is as skilled with weaponry as Surge. Occasionally, she makes and programs her own weapons.


Most of Volt's history is also classified.

We know three things:

One: She was born May 19th

Two: She was drafted into S.P.O.M. she was thirteen.

Annoymous Tip: Surge, Static and she were childhood friends before the drafting.

Background Info

Volt was introduced to when Surge needed backup fighting the N.S.S. After the fight, Volt and Static decided they would join the Freedom Fighters like Surge. She is good friends with Tails and Bunnie.

Romantic Interest

None yet. Although, she has shown feelings towards Mighty.


Real name: Valerie


Likes: Meeting new people, her trusty wrench, fixing things

Dislikes: Stuck-up people, over-complicating a problem, putting things off

Personality: Sassy, Sociable, Laid-back

Known Associates: Michelle Wolf, Surge Lion, Static Bat, Bunnie Rabbot, Tails, Bruce Bat


Attire: Jeans, Pink boots with high heels, Turquoise sweater, Pink fingerless gloves



Theme Song:(still deciding)

Chaos Emeralds?: No effect

Skill: Speed

Team: Team Thunder

Volt belongs to doggybag2355