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An Image Of Weegee Aiming His Neutrona Wand.

Smol Weegee

Weegee L. Weegee, An AU of Weegee44, as He didn't create Mr. N and followed his Dreams as A Paranormal Scientist and Eliminator.

AU Weegee started off as a Cartoon animator. he thought that that wasn't the job for him so he quit, after that he started to see ghostly images. he wondered what was causing these, he started to research about spirits until a giant earthquake hit the city. and ghost sightings started to ramp up, Weegee just had enough of the Paranormal sightings and started his own Ghost Elimination and En-Trapment Biz. he even built his own Nuclear Protonic Accelerator. his Buisness Was doing great until an interdimensional shockwave hit the city and set off the power, releasing all of the ghosts in his Containment unit. now, by himself, has to face off against a Demi-God whos out to destroy their world, as he battled with the Demon. Weegee seemingly Defeated The Destroyer. as people call him a hero, some say he just Neutronized the Demi-god's physical form and is waiting for another paranormal Attack. Weegee is still busting ghosts in his Alternate Universe.

Weegee's Normal wear pretty much consists of a oversized (but not that oversized) Green Turtleneck with a Black jacket and a green scarf, and some black shoes and pants. for his PETAE (Paranormal En-Trapments And Eliminations) Form, He wears a Green Flightsuit and an lime embroided name tag with his last name on it and a No ghost logo on it's arm, Black Elbowpads, a Black Turtleneck, some black chemical gloves, a pair of Black Combat Boots, and a pistol belt, he sometimes wears a variant of His Jumpsuit which His Jumpsuit and His Other Accessories' colours are reversed.

Weegee L. Weegee is MUCH braver than Weegee. he's straight forward, funny, and knows alot about The Paranormal sending him into saying complex terms for Ghosts, is willing to throw hands to whoever ticks him off, and likes to annoy people who think they're the boss of him. but he's mostly a nice guy and serious about his work.

Weegee doesn't Have That Much Weaknesses, But when he's Wearing His Gear, He Is slower and His High Jump doesn't work, and can't fight hand to hand properly too. as Knowledge and Wonder Sometimes Get The Best Of Him.


(Without Gear)

- High Jump

- Big Brain

- Fighting Skills

(With Gear)

- Able To Fire Postively Charged Protonic Ions

- Able To Track Supernatural Entities.

-Can Fire Protonic Bomb Darts