G winter the hedgehog by wierdowarden-d4b83yd

Winter the Hedgehog, drawn by WierdoWarden on Deviantart

Winter the Hedgehog is the sixth experement in a line of nine experaments to attempt find the path to inmortality. She is an artifical lifeform that has a limited power to control Ice. She has 8 siblings and many more friends.

Early Childhood

Not much is known about her childhood, although she was very entusiastic towards everyone. She grew up upon the ARK, along with the rest of her created family until G.U.N. came and raided the place. She was then launched onto earth in an escape pod, in the same one as her twin sister Snowflake.

Teenage Years

After her crash into Earth, she awoke upon Mt. Everest, in the middle part. Her twin sister was nowhere to be seen, but her footsteps had led down the mountain. Following them, Winter soon ran into her. Thus started a long and perilous journey to find the rest of her family. Her journey took her many places, but mainly ended up in a huge forest, where many things still remain hidden to this day...


Winter the Hedgehog tends to trust people a little too easily, and also seems very stupid by how enthusiastic she acts. Deep down, it really masks her intelligence. She cares about her family deep down, and loves everyone, even if they hate her. She would give her life to save a friend or family member in dang

Winter the Hedgehog, drawn by me.

er. Also, she tends to fall into traps or be tricked into doing something wrong with the threat of someone in danger or just out of curiosity. She loves people who can take jokes and are very loose and care-free, and dislikes people who are too self-centered or bossy. Despite this, she goes against what she hates and tries to make friends with everyone.... But when that fails, and they turn on her, Winter often turns fierce, retaliating right back.


Winter has 8 siblings: Leafia, Whirlwind, Flame, Oceana, Shadow, Snowflake, Darkness, and Platinum. She also has 3 "fathers," Gerald Robotnic, Black Doom, and Shade the Hedgehog. She is engaged to Meteor the Hedgehog and has two kids.