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Basic information
Nickname The Benevolent Destroyer
Gender Male
Age 25
Species Wolf
Current residence Inferno
Occupation none
Alignment Evil
Physical description
Height 4'2
Weight 132 lbs.
Attire White robes
Personal information
Hobbies/Talents Spending time with Florence
Likes Florence

Finding something to believe in

Dislikes Isolation, himself, and thinking about his birth.
Relatives Truth
Friends Florence
Romantic interest
Acquaintances none
Enemies Truth and co.

"My purpose in life was to do nothing but destroy so that our father can bring his loved one back from the dead. That's all I had, it was the only thing I knew. I was lost when he was slain, but Florence has given me something to strive for. Together we'll be able to forge a new world, hopefully it'll be one where I can find happiness."

Wrath is a 25 year old wolf created for the purpose of collecting a large amount of souls for Akuma so he can force open the gate to the real of the dead. After Akuma's death at the hands of Truth, he was unable to find a reason to continue living, yet unwilling to end his own life. He wandered the world unable to live for himself as his role as a tool was all the he knew. His meeting with Florence the Mink gave him a new reason to live and hopes to aid her in achieving her goals. Wrath is the main antagonist for End of All.



His stoic appearance in combination with his tendency to act uncaring gives off an air of intimidation, yet one can sense an urge of wanting to belong. Despite his namesake, Wrath isn't a violent person but he is someone who obediently follows order of those he respects. He followed Akuma's cruel plans as he not only was thankful for the life he was given, but also because he'd feel loss if he didn't have someone guiding him. Wrath latches onto others far too much and was eventually manipulated by Florence to syphon the power of the underworld in order to wage war against those belonging to the Crescent Moon Pact.

He longs for a purpose and he thinks that following Florence will grant him the type of peace he's been searching for yet he seems oblivious to the fact that is once again doing the work of another person. Wrath also believes that people are far too destructive just like him and must be forced into submission to end all conflict. While he ended up wanting what's best for people, his methods are far too cruel and he has no issue sacrificing others to see his goals met. However, in the end, Wrath does deeply care for two people: Truth and Florence.

Powers and Abilities

Wrath boasts significant strength which he uses in tantum with being able to quickly devise tactics even in the heat of battle. Not only is he strong but he is able to move at impressive speeds and reflexes that Wrath is able to sustain through drawn out battles. Despite mainly being battle focused, he is intelligent enough to understand Inferno texts despite never being exposed to him in his life.

While Wrath's physical prowess may be intimidating in itself, his abilities granted to him by Akuma amplifies his role as a threat. Wrath is able to to destroy anything he touches whether it be reducing something to debris or by breaking it apart its molecular structure. Taking it a step further, he may destroy someone by breaking apart what makes them a person.


  • His name comes from one of the 7 deadly sins.
  • With the aid of Florence, Wrath was able to defeat the ruler of Inferno and become even more powerful.
  • He wishes Truth didn't interfere with his plan.
  • Wrath spends most of his time on the throne in Inferno thinking about his life all while transferring the hellish energy into the surface to be used by Florence.


"People are far too violent...we are the ones always waging war against each other, we destroy out very homes for our own personal gain, and we continue to rely on aa being that allows us to suffer. Florence and I will recreate this world where can be free of conflict, pain, and greed. I will do this for her, for all of us."

"You are far too idealistic for your own good. If we let people continue to live like this then they'll continue to destroy each other. We are naturally violent and so we will have to make some sacrifices to ensure the prosperity of everyone."

"It's been a few years. You've grown up quite a bit, nothing like the soft-spoken and timid kitten from when were kids."

"Your ideals against my own. I wish to forge a new world and you seek to leave it as is. Let's see which of our resolves is strong enough to carry the weight of our sins."

"You've grown a lot, made plenty of friends, and you ended up making something of yourself. Your future is shouldn't end so soon. Please my brother, please Truth, continue to live for the both of us. I may be asking for too much considering what I have done, but please grant me this one wish. Live."