The crazed immortal, Xsavion.

This is Xsavion's Sonic Heroes Legacy reference.


Xsavion doesn't care for combat unless necessary, rather choosing to try and redeem whoever he is pitted against. He joined the DSO after encountering a rogue demon attacking a population center, and was not strong enough to stop it, leading to 11 deaths before a team swooped in. He is insane, driven mad by a combination of guilt, watching/himself die, and stress. He has toppled an emperor, among other things,(in a different, more powerful form, hence it not being listed in feats) but he does his best to avoid talking about his past, and won't tell you unless you press him repeatedly. He's developed somewhat of a fearsome reputation, built on his lack of fearing death, and insanity. His behavior off the battlefield is often erratic, and illogical. He may sit there, looking at the wall for an hour, or be walking around the facility doing random things, such as talking to the walls. He allows himself to act like this in downtime to avoid it happening on the field, with people counting on him. One behavior he seems unable to control is laughing at entirely random moments, even if the situation is serious. He is effectively only scared of failing his team, or being unable to save someone. He is very protective and slightly possessive of his team, regularly referring to them as "My lunkheads"

"Hey, these are my lunkheads, back off!" - To a level 6 demon once, before he was backhanded into a wall hard enough to knock him out, and nearly kill him.


Xsavion cannot slay a demon single-handedly or perform any incredible feats of strength. He is by no means weak, but he is one of the least powerful agents of the D.S.O.

His Chaos Energy level is 1.

Prosthetic body

He has a mechanical lower half and right arm. The arm is electric, but the legs function off a blood hydraulic system.


While not true immortality, he is very hard to keep dead. Every cell contains his entire genetic code, and his body does not decay, allowing him to come back from the dead as many times as you can bring him back. Any extra bodies created will be dull, lifeless husks, never able to be used, seeming to indicate there can only be one Xsavion, in the style of a omniversal singularity. He can be kept dead however, if you just take his body after you kill him. No body, no cells, no resurrection.


He has extremely limited Photokinesis, (Light control) attached to his left arm, limited in that he cannot control all light, only that which he shoots forth from the center of his palm. He can wrap it around his fists to increase his punching effectiveness against monsters weak to light. These beams are strong enough to incinerate demon flesh, take craft out of the air, or just obstruct vision.


He has extremely limited Umbrakinesis, (Shadow control) attached to his right arm, limited in that he cannot control all shadow, only that which he shoots forth from the center of his palm. He can wrap it around his fists to increase his punching effectiveness against monsters weak to shadow. He can also shoot them in beam powerful enough to incinerate demon flesh, take craft out of the air, or just obstruct vision.

Soul resonance

He can pick up the souls of the recently departed, so long as they are willing, and talk to them, although to everyone else he seems to be talking to thin air. These provide no combat bonus, but can alert him to things around him, giving a near clairvoyant danger sense, provided one of them is watching the direction the danger is coming from. (They can be seen by other people, but only those with the ability to see/interact with the deceased.) Once he collects one, it will stick around for as long as it wishes to, and by default they form a sort of semicircle, behind him around shoulder level, but can maneuver themselves freely. (Note: These are not all in his head, despite this ability stemming from his insanity and making him temporarily more insane when using it.)

"It appears to be a form of stress relief, as he seems to believe the people he couldn't save are watching him, and share his goal of saving everyone he can. He seems to believe this makes them happy, and therefore it releases some of the pent up frustration/anger." - A summation of his condition from the Medical Ward Class C, which he makes frequent visits to, and is usually shuffled around, in a turn based cycle, because again, he terrifies people with his mere presence. During this particular visit he kept talking to the souls, perceived as talking to the air by the person evaluating him.


  • Titanium helmet: Emblazoned with his signature pattern, he has grown attached to this titanium helmet. After joining the D.S.O it was equipped with a H.U.D to track his healing items.
  • Cape: It's a blue cape, with several pockets, used to carry the aforementioned healing items, as well as his personal teleport device.
  • Speed booster: The D.S.O gave him a chaos powered speed booster. It goes on his wrist, and is button activated.
  • Chaos booster: Although his CEL usually sits at 1, he can use this to raise it to a maximum of 4 for a short time. It goes on the wrist opposite the speed booster.
  • Teleport device: The D.S.O also gave him a short range teleporter, for reaching injured allies. This is stored in his cape.
  • Prosthetic mod arm. After joining, someone on the R&D division tinkered with his arm, and added in the functionality of a Mod Arm.
  • Healing items. He carries a variety of healing items, used in his role to keep his team alive at all costs. These range from normal bandages to nanofiber bandages, painkillers to medicines that temporarily shut off the bodies capability to feel pain, and more. An important thing to note is that these are not capable of healing like the medical ward is, and are closer to a battlefield patch job, to keep you from bleeding out, or being vaporized, etc.


Yin yang blast: When darkness and light are used in equilibrium, this happens. Much more powerful than either alone, capable of taking down up to a level 3 demon.

Ability Type

He is not particularly strong, fast, or good at combat, but his ability to distract foes with small attacks, his maneuverability, and versatility, as well as the speed at which he intakes knowledge land him soundly in the Speed type.

D.S.O. Class

Military Division

As an agent in the D.S.O, his job is to head out and help his teammates slay demons. His class is King's Knights.


He is physically strong enough to hold his own against minor threats, such as demon scouts, although not strong enough to defeat them.


He is capable of moving as fast as a level 1 demon scout, and use of the speed booster increases this to level 2.


He can take around a dozen 4-D level attacks, and this decreases every -D level you go up.

Fighting Style

He is based on mobility, zipping around to help teammates, while blocking off vision with his Photo/Umbrakinesis.


He defeated a minor reality warper, but died in the process.

He endured around a dozen attacks from a level one scout, each one being strong enough to destroy a planet.

With access to a chaos emerald, he produced a light capable of rivaling the sun.

He managed to move fast enough to shield an ally from an incoming attack from a level 3 trooper, and survive.

He once whittled down a level 3 demon, by going in over and over, until he was able to defeat it.

He has used his light to permanently burn away a demon's eyes.


Xsavion is among the most fragile of the D.S.O. combat agents, and often over extends himself. In addition to this, he can be harmed by a stray attack from one of his team mates. He can also be killed with moderate ease by any demon who gets fed up with him healing people, provided they can land enough hits to put him down.

Xsavion is very naïve, to the point of trying to talk anyone out of bad things. More of a blessing and a curse scenario than a weakness, per se.

Xsavion will try to talk you away from your wrongdoing even as you attack him and his friends, up until a certain point, While this occasionally works, a majority of times the foe will shrug off his words.

Each of his abilities has one or more weakness.

Soul Resonance:

He still has to dodge, which is harder for him when fighting opponents with high levels of speed. Also, since this largely stems from his insanity, it makes him more insane temporarily when listening to the voices, and this effect stacks with how many he has with him. It can also distract him, as it is voices saying things all around him, occasionally leading to his death.


It's main weakness is it's main strength. It's light. Can't do much other than light things up/blind things.


It's main weakness is it's main strength. It's shadow. Can't do much other than dim light/obscure vision.

Robotic limbs:

His robotic limbs keep him from using his strongest ability, Form Shifting. (Not listed above due to inability to use.) The arm is susceptible to E.M.P. devices. His arm and legs both attach with a degratchet point, if you grab his arm/legs and forcibly rotate them 45 degrees forward on the arm and to the right on the legs, they will be able to be pulled off.


If you cut him, he will bleed, if you set him alight he will burn, if you poison him, he will feel the effects, etc.


He's insane. Mood swings, illogical actions, at the high levels he can no longer distinguish friend from foe. His unpredictability can be a disadvantage, as he may go from fighting to apathetic in the blink of an eye, and back once nobody's looking at him. It also can cause him to have varying levels of observation, ranging from being someone who is nigh on all-seeing to only being able to focus on one thing.

He has a sort of outward Thanatophobia, regarding losing anyone, and particularly friends. He caused the death of his entire local freedom fighter chapter, and is very fragile when it comes to that event. He will, if reminded of it, react in one of 2 ways.

Potential triggers

  • Anything openly mocking his past.
  • Anything threatening to harm his friends.
  • Anything generally taunting him about not being enough to save someone.
  • Extreme anger.

Reaction type one:

He will snap, and be a killing machine, that only death can stop, even inflicting self-damage in the defeat of his foes if necessary, capable of ripping through Gods and demons alike......for a few minutes, before falling unconscious from the tolls this state takes on him. In this state, he feels no pain, but is not invincible, meaning he can, and will fight till he dies if he sustains wounds that would kill him. This lack of pain registering lasts from the trigger point to roughly 15 minutes after he falls unconscious. The only ways for the more aggressive reaction to end are for the tolls this hyper active burst takes on his body to exhaust him, in which he will simply fall unconscious, or if all foes in sight are defeated he will enter a "cooldown" period, where his mental state begins to stabilize, lasting roughly 5 minutes, and at the end he will fall asleep, due to the physical tolls this state takes on his body. His loss of consciousness can range anywhere from an hour to a full day, depending on how much damage he received or how long he was in it. General formula for calculation is every 6 seconds he spends in it translates to one hour of downtime, lengthened by damage taken or effort expended. This state ups his strength to be on par with a C.E.L. of 6, through methods unknown.

Reaction type two:

He will just "turn off". He will slump down on his knees and not move, even allowing himself to be hit, and quite possibly killed. The only ways to snap him out of this state is to let time pass, and he will naturally recover or if someone he holds near is in danger, he will swap to the other reaction, while muttering "No, not again...." over and over under his breath. A behavior, which he, oddly, does not exhibit at all if he starts in the other reaction.


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