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By TheWaffleLad, as if Xsavion was a normal style mobian, and this is AMAZING.

Xsavion base form.jpg
Basic information
Name Xsavion Sarkan
Nickname X
Gender Male
Age 21
Species Aquat
Personality Calm, with an undertone of power
Current residence Manchrom city
Occupation Freedom Fighter/Hero
Alignment Good
Physical description
Height 4 Feet and 8 inches
Weight 77 Lbs
Attire A cape and his customary helmet
Personal information
Hobbies/Talents Weapon Crafting
Likes Relaxing with octer
Dislikes The casualties of war
Relatives N/A
Friends Octer the spider, Darkling the umbra
Romantic interest N/A
Acquaintances N/A
Rivals N/A
Enemies Malcom, Mainframe, Reverobeast, Assorted Mercenaries, Assorted Robots
Theme Emotions


Xsavion is quite naive, and very devoted to helping people, even more so those he deems "innocent". however, he is not oblivious, and will eventually catch on to if you are not to be trusted based on your actions. At core, he is no more than a guy who wants freedom and equal opportunity for everyone, and is willing to remove any obstacles blocking that. He does prefer a peaceful solution to a battle, but has no problem with combat. He does not have a need to be a hero, he is perfectly fine with being an average, unseen cog in the machine. He tries to be threatening when meeting new people, but often fails.

Likes and dislikes

  • Favorite activity: Relaxing with his friend Octer the spider.
  • Least favorite activity: Anything he deems "unnecessary"
  • Favorite Food: Watermelon.
  • Least favorite food: Apples.
  • Unclassified likes: capes, The glory of combat, and freedom.
  • Unclassified dislikes: The casualties of combat, Death, Anyone that allies themselves with the darkness, Failure to save anyone.

Physical Abilities/Items

Xsavion fights with no proper training, He does not have any martial arts, any weapons, Etc.

His helmet is made from titanium, and as thus can deflect or prevent most head based attacks, but still can shatter. His cape is simply a normal cape. In the realm of physical abilities/items, he possesses no major advantage over an average mobian.


He has had the following abilities: Form Shifting, limited Photokinesis and Umbrakinesis, and a half cybernetic body. After absorbing the souls of 3 Admins, he loses all but the Photokinesis/Umbrakinesis. He also gains a few forms not linked to his normal form shifting ability, which are:

Hope is Lost. His carapace turns red, his helmet shatters, his eyes change, and he gains the ability to move at 8 times the speed of light, control his weight, throw around 700 punches a second, and access every dimension up to 10 at once and with no blowback, something his base form cannot boast. Unfortunately, this form has extreme consequences. He has no projectile attacks, but it can use a variety of elemental abilities on itself, such as catching on fire, although catching on fire predictably burns him. Any damage taken while in this form, which has high durability levels, reflects times 10 onto his base form, which is paper thin.

The Great Defender. His entire body turns jet black except his eyes, which turn a painfully bright shade of green. He can bend reality like it's nothing, move at 35 times the speed of light, throw 1.5 thousand punches a second, as well as everything Hope Is Lost can do. This has worse consequences, as it follows the same rules as Hope Is Lost but times 20 rather than times 10. These two forms have since been lost, due to him losing possession of the gods that allowed him to use them.


Form shifting is a conscious choice, except for the first time he enters any form. Forms are unlocked by strong emotion, and always have something to do with the emotion being experienced. He can also be attacked momentarily without consequence, during the short time it takes his body to change around during form swaps.(Around 1 second) The forms that Xsavion has used are:

Base. It is quite literally the most basic form possible. It is the one he starts in, and is the most easily recognizable one. It is the one described in the appearance section, under the "pre-malcom" subline.

:Jester, or Joy which sports stripey green and yellow clothing, and a throwing knife that will always return. Every 4th thrown knife will explode, and is useful for dealing with heavily armored foes, such as Deathdealers.

Flame, or Rage which has no costume changes, but his right arm becomes an organic flamethrower. It becomes nearly useless near water or under water, as well as against water based foes.

Templar, or Defensive, which gains a suit of steel-plate armor, and a sword and shield, as well as a conical knight helmet in place of the normal one. Due to the form wearing metal plate armor, it is weak to fire and heat.

Hate, do I need to say this one? Which swells his size and gains a large club, as well shifting his appearance to a more sinister one. this form is caused by a dark presence inside of him.

The most powerful normally achievable is Hope, which occurs under the most powerful emotion. Again, I don't think I need to say it. The helmet changes from the pattern to straight solid black lines. his eyes go pure white, and a giant claw forms from his right hand. There may be more details on the lower half of his body, but they cannot be seen, as this form occurred once, after he was cut in half by Malcom. In addition, he gains a attack, which he calls Particlorbs. These Particlorbs will manifest by his side, until he gives them direction, then they will zoom off in that direction. Particlorbs are immensely powerful, and are in infinite supply.

Vengeance. The final form, triggered by the rage, fear, joy, long gone memories, hope for the future and cries for a hero of the entire planet of Mobius. He shifts to the near opposite of Hope, possessing a hand-held axe which instantly kills any non-god entity, and a hooked chain used for snagging and drawing in victims. His helmet takes on a skull-like pattern, and his eye's change to resemble a burning flame. His hands grow gauntlets with claws, and his natural armor thickens and increases density. His cape becomes tattered and ripped, with a screaming skull pattern on the back. He becomes fully invincible, even to instant kill attacks. He gains the ability to summon the past great heroes of mobius, and gains a small amount of each's power.( This form may also be called god killer.)


He also has the blood of the Admins flowing through his veins, granting a slightly heightened regeneration ability, but even with this, his body will take 50< years to regrow organs that are missing.

His body does not decay, allowing for his ability to come back from the grave unlimited times, with external help.

He gets the photokinesis and umbrakinesis after losing his form swapping ability(actually just forgetting it due to amnesia from a fall from a couple thousand feet.) He can use them to shoot beams of light and darkness, as well as bend it around his fists, to boost his punching damage. He can also spread it into a large wave, capable of physically moving extremely light objects or liquids.


He stands at a somewhat tall height of 4 feet and 8 inches, and his physical appearance changes multiple times over the course of his lifespan.


Xsavion wears a red helmet, adorned with a unique pattern on it. The pattern is a light orange.

He also sports a cape, with a blue back and a black inside.

His skin is a light blue, with a thin but durable layer of lobster-like carapace armor, and his eyes are green.


Xsavion now sports a robotic right arm, and entire lower half of prosthetics. These change a number of times.

Because of the removal of his right arm, his form shifting is no longer available

Post Mainframe

After the events of the Mainframe arc, he has an entire 3/4 of his body mechanized, his right arm, his legs, his stomach region, and a 2 inch area around his heart.

Post Ondell

After the events of the Ondell the Accursed arc, his upper right 1/3 of his face is replaced with a solid steel mask.

Post Admin round 2

After fighting and losing decidedly against The Admin in their second battle, his limbs are removed and replaced with iron armor bound by some eldritch power.


His story takes place 20 years after the sonic-eggman wars, in a post-crisis mobius, under a tyrannical government, run by Malcom.


He is the only known living Aquat. (There are more, but they live beneath the waves in massive, highly advanced coral cities.) He was the "offering to the waves" A child that every century gets sent out and up to the surface, as part of both a sort of ritual and a pact with the acorn kingdom, which had fallen around 70 years before he was sent out. When he washed up on the beach, he was rescued by Malcom's forces, who handed him off to a caretaker. He grew up under the regime of Malcom, and saw him go from a benevolent leader to the tyrant he eventually becomes. This is his reason for becoming a freedom fighter. He had a fairly average life up until the catalyst of his 21st birthday, in which he sought out like-minded freedom fighters, only to see them slaughtered by a trailing DeathDealer mk1, that had been following him. Because of this, he feels highly responsible for their deaths. He was then promptly slaughtered alongside them, causing him to be called up to the Loading Room, the dwelling place of the Admins, where he was given His form switching ability, and sent to seek out the armistice, where he began to unlock the forms, and started to, for the first time in his life, truly fight back. Along the way, he rallies the armistice forces, and motivates them for the final empire toppling push, and became a symbol of freedom in the act of toppling the emperor.


Physical weaknesses

Xsavion is not invincible, he has no hyper-regen ability. He cannot survive a building being slammed on him, he burns, he bleeds, Etc.

He can come back to life an unlimited amount of times with ease, due to the unique physiology of his body, but this requires external help, and he can be put back in the grave just as easily.

He is vulnerable to: Being impaled, Being cut in half, Being crushed, Being exploded, Being eaten, Fire, Blunt force trauma, Being torn apart, Being disintegrated, Being erased from space time, Any type of Kinesis, Drowning, Chaos, Energy weapons, Bullet Weapons, Poison, Sickness, and Magic.

Chaos Energy

He has an extreme weakness to Chaos Energy, due to the fact that he has none. Magic rings hurt him, and something as small as a Chaos Spear can be lethal on a direct hit to a vital point. An advanced technique, ex Chaos Shield, or Chaos Blast will be far more potent. For example, Chaos Shield is nigh-impassable for him until it is deactivated, or someone else breaks it. He can break through it, but it hurts him to touch it, so he can only effectively do this in his manic state (see mental weaknesses), as no pain registers. Chaos Blast will instantly kill him on an organic body hit.

Mental weaknesses

He has quite a fragile mental state in relation to his old team of freedom fighters, who he saw killed in front of him by a DeathDealer.

This has led him to believe that if he turns around for even a second and lets his guard down, he will see all his friends killed again, an extreme case of Thanatophobia. He is quite aggressive towards anything that reminds him of that event, and he will respond in one of 2 ways. He will either snap, and there will be nigh on nothing that can hold him back, even if it means he inflicts self-harm in the defeat of his foes. The other way he responds, is he snaps in a different way, and mentally breaks, simply slumping down on his knees and refusing to move unless one of his friends is in mortal danger, in which he will swap from the second response to the first one.

Notable feats

During the full course of his story, Xsavion accomplished the following

  • Toppled an empire a planet large, including the defeat of a nearly invincible foe.
  • Went toe to toe against a minor reality warper, defeating him but dying in the process.
  • Battled his way back out of the grave.
  • Defeated the former emperor of mobius, in a new robotic body, dying in the process.
  • Was resurrected, and saved the entire eastern coast of mobius with some help from a small army and a mechanical Goliath.
  • Ascended to the dwelling place of the Admins, slew them, and restarted the world.
  • Faced off against a casual universe breaker, although ended up dying.
  • Faced off against A being that can alter it's size, shape, molecular makeup, power levels, and mmore.
  • Fought the concept of death.


  • Octer the spider. His best friend, who he's died multiple times to protect. You touch Octer, you will never be found.
  • Darkling. The mechanical leader of the Armistice, and another good friend.
  • The Admin. God. Granted Xsavion his form switching abilities. Xsavion eventually killed him, for messing with Octer.
  • Shaderain. Warrior who joined the Armistice after failing to kill Xsavion.
  • Malcom the fox. God-like emperor of new mobius. Killed during the citadel siege by his assistant, after a long battle against Xsavion.
  • Mainframe. Small scale reality warper. Killed Xsavion, but was defeated during Xsavion's final breaths.
  • Lightric. The counterpart to Darkling. Helped Xsavion strengthen his Photokinesis.
  • Steam the hedgehog. Once threatened Manchrom city. Fought Xsavion to a standstill before Xsavion sealed him and his forces away.
  • Split the hedgehog. [Not yet, give it some time.]
  • Moch the hedgehog. [Not yet, give it some time]
  • Biscuit the cat. [Not yet, give it some time.]
  • Assorted Mercenaries. Employed by Malcom as security.
  • Mint the hedgehog. A tagalong that as of so far he has no reason to care about.
  • Zigzag the great white shark A good friend, and one he trusts to do his best to knock Savi down when necessary.
  • Lunar the wolf A caring friend with a lot in common with Xsavion.
  • Armour Mashina A good friend, who he was forced to put down.
  • Creation: Estelle the wolf. Someone he finds easy to relate to, due to their similar pasts. He will protect her with his life, and take yours without blinking if it would keep her safe.


"Send me back already so i can trash that clown!" - Speaking to the Admin after his powers were granted.

"Well this was a fool's errand" - Facing down a squad of invincible robotic foes.

"Hey, we're the good guys. it's kinda in the job description." - Speaking to Shaderain after their battle in the Armistice HQ.

"Great. This guy can't stop trying to kill me, can he?" - Commenting on one of the death squads sent to the Armistice HQ.

"I don't relish the thought of fighting you. Please move. I know you are loyal to Malcom, and you make good points, but changes need to be made. There is still time to reconsider." - Speaking To a Malcom loyalist outside the Citadel in the final assault.

"Sorry, but you're gonna have to try a little harder than that." - Speaking to malcom after he enters Hope form and effortlessly shrugs off a powerful attack.

"This world will taste freedom by my hand." - Nearly halfway through the battle vs Malcom.

"This doesn't have to end this way." - A plead to Malcom to end the conflict peacefully

"Look, this doesn't have to go this way. We can settle this peacefully. Someone outside convinced me that even you aren't purely evil. Let's descend and talk this over. - Another plead for a peaceful end to the battle.

"News flash, you hideous thing. I'm not Xsavion. At least not yet. I haven't earned that name." - Taunting his dark mirror self after it claims to have defeated Xsavion.

"Yes. You got me. I'm weak. But, not why you think. You know why? Because I'm naive, I see good in everything. You for example. With time and effort, you could be a hero. But you don't care. You want to kill, and kill, and kill. You want to take the easy way out, you want instant gratification. And that makes you the weak one." - Taunting his dark mirror self again.

"You didn't defeat Xsavion, you defeated me. I haven't earned that name yet." - Taunting Mainframe after he(Mainframe) nearly kills him(Xsavion) in a showdown.

"You think this will do anything? You think you can hurt me like this? You think i don't know that they're all counting on me? You think i don't see this every single TIME I CLOSE MY EYES?! You don't come close to the things I've seen. So you think you can scare me? You think you can shake me?! Bring. It. On." - Taunting the Regret Lamps.

That's hilarious, you twisted voyeurs. But you think I don't regret that every day? That i wasn't fast enough to save everyone? Because guess what? I do. Your visions of the past can't touch me. So as I said, bring it on!" - More taunting the Regret Lamps.

"Oh, this again? Let's do this some place else, so we don't disturb the neighbors, ok?" - Speaking to Zen after he shows up at his apartment building.

"I'm one of a kind, but two unique beings fall today." - His last words as he faces down against Malcom Returned.

"Tails, I stopped being a hero a long time ago. I'm a soldier, I do what I have to so that people like you can sit back and tell me how much better you are than me for not doing those things. Let me do what I have to." - To Tails Eternal on the beach during the aquatic siege, as he prepares to fight the tidal eel.

"You might be a god, but I am a symbol." - To the Admin after he brags that he cannot be beaten, because he is a god.

"You know why you never take everything from someone? Because nothing's more dangerous than someone with nothing to protect. Because once everything they ever cared about is in flames around them, what do they have to lose?: - A question/challenge posed to the admin after he kills Octer with a comet during the final stand of mobius.

"I'm the Nothing that can kill you." - To the Admin, as he(Admin) is nearly defeated, and he (Xsavion) is preparing to launch the final blow.

Miscellaneous art.


Xsavion has been redesigned over 100 times.

Xsavion's original helmet design was inspired by a mix of Samus aran, The Doomslayer, and a viking axe.

Xsavion originally had many more forms, the notable one are: Justice, which was a form that powered up when facing foes who were truly evil, The creator, which turned him black and white with pie cut eyes, and allowed him to make living drawings that would fight/defend, and Quantum, originally intended to be his final and most powerful form, with time, space, reality, light, and friction control.

Xsavion's cape was originally blue on the inside and red on the back.

Xsavion at one point had black skin/armor.(Glad i changed that.)

Some of his major battle were intended to have musical themes, (before I decided that was too much effort)