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Zac the Bat
The Flying Wanderer














Zac grew up on Mobius in a healthy family, when he was old enough, they left him on his own to explore the world, years later he was chased out of his home by Eggman's forces for ground to build his empire on, now homeless he takes the path of his parents exploring the world while helping people along the way, some of his closest friends include Flare the Cat and Lance the Fox. He hates Robotnik but prefers to keep his distance in a temp to survive unless he is after something of importance, he also has a small dislike for the blue blur himself due to his hype nature and ego, but will be willing to help out, for a small decent price of course. this weapon of choice and favourite tool is a Desert Eagle, a old world weapon passed down from his father when he didn't need it.


Kind, sometimes very courageous, rarely sad unless he's reminded of the disaster in his past.


Flying at high speeds, skill with firearms.


  • Superb flying speed, capable of flying speeds of 250 miles per hour or more, dubbed the fastest flyer on Mobius.
  • Lightning and Air/Wind based powers
  • Hand to hand combat with above average strength.
  • Loud hyper-powerful voice that can hurt ears.


  • Getting his wings damaged
  • Loud noises in his ears, which can stun/distress him and weaken his abilities


  • Friends
  • Wanting to settle down
  • Babysitting children belonging to friends
  • Exploring
  • Caves
  • Rewards
  • Valuable treasure
  • Treasure hunting
  • Cooked meat
  • Pizza
  • Soda
  • Stealing, but only does it when it's dependant
  • Freedom Fighters, he doesn't praise or think too much of them but sees them as good people
  • Cats, gets along pretty well with Mobians of that species


  • Most vegetables and fruit, only eaten for survival
  • His counterpart
  • Beer, but he's mostly indifferent about it
  • Threats to his friends, family and local villages/towns
  • Loud places and noisy crowds
  • No-flying zones
  • Losing his goggles
  • The Eggman Empire and the Dark Egg Legion, for obvious criminal reasons


People smarter and meaner than him, friends disappearing.


  • Wolven Down the Wolf
  • Hisspan the Cobra
  • Flare the Cat
  • Lance the Fox
  • Catia Sparks the Cat
  • Rita the Cat
  • Pepper the Wolf
  • Syrena the Shark
  • Key the Bat
  • Frostling the Bat
  • Mallinda the Hedgehog
  • Darkness the Echidna
  • Flyte the Chrysopelea
  • Diana the Bat
  • Talia the Ferret
  • Scurvy the Pirate Hedgehog Shark
  • Lillia the Vampcat
  • Binky the Rabbit


  • Carries a firearm, a engraved Desert Eagle, but doesn't like showing it around friends.
  • Used to wear a pair on sunglasses, til he lost them in a fight.
  • His race is a carnivorous species of bat, his favourite kind of meat is Mobini steak.
  • Can drink alcohol but can't handle it well, prefers soda.
  • Quite attached to his goggles and hates when they get lost, but is mostly comfortable when a close friend is borrowing them or is gifted a even better pair.
  • His parents are still alive and tour the world, they often send him postcards but rarely does he get to visit them as to how busy they are.
  • Often used sarcasm or small jokes/jabs at people he finds kinda mean.