Sonic Fan Characters Wiki

Is a character that started on a Roleplay on Foopets

Name: Zelda A Fox the fox

Gender: female

Color: dark gray, red, and a little brown

Abilitys: forcefields, sharp claws and teeth, I can control fire, (unknown how or why) can run very fast, can fly, strong and can carry up to 3 people at one time, healing light, firey rage, fire claws, fire fang, heatwave, and i can breath fire, tails tornado i can also use teleport now i also have a dark form too

husband: Ace

Likes: helping her friends no matter what, sitting under a lemon tree,spending time with her family, training every now and then and spending time with her friends

Dislikes: pink, dresses and being yelled at

Friends: Damion,flame,ace lily,ice, night (if you don’t see your name its because there are to many to fully name)

Family: to many to name though I also consider my friends to be my family too

Personality: I’m friendly most of the time but only when I’m really annoyed i can get mean (but its only rarely)

Age: 21

From: Future

Enemys: only those that bother me or my friends

Fav. food: pizza, chicken, roman noodles and cookies

Loathed food: anything bitter, or too sour

fears:loseing my family, the twilight world(its a place my fake lives) but other then that I’m very brave

birthday:July 6 4989

mission:100% done

job:i don’t have one

theme song:

static:none for now