"If you're saying there's no difference between good and bad, lemme spell it out for ya. Committing mass genocide is bad. NOT committing mass genocide is good. You saying there is no difference between the two is bad because you think it justifies your terrible actions."


Zigzag's current design.

Zigzag(ジグザグ - Jiguzagu) is a male Great White from Meropis. He's based off the titular Razor the Shark from the Archie Sonic series. He was created in August 18, 2017 after the creator, TakenUsername21, was inspired by Sonic Mania's visuals.


As a child, Zigzag lived a relatively uneventful life. There was the occasional scuffle from his mild anger issues, but other than that, he had a happy(and full) family. Once he was old enough, he bid his parents farewell and set off on his own adventures. He treadled new locations, flirted with the locals, and generally was just being himself in the gigantic ocean. One particular night, however, he was exploring near the shore, looking for shiny things. There was an abundance of trash, but he didn't care. His search was soon interrupted by a thunderstorm brewing. Knowing he was near the shore, he made a break for it. Wondering why he wasn't getting anywhere but at the same time gaining speed, he looked behind him to see his tail was caught in a plastic soda yoke, which was caught in a metal hook in the wet sand. Before he could untie it, a rogue bolt of lightning crashed onto the shore, electrocuting him and melting the plastic. The ocean threw him to the shore due to the waves, and he lay there, unconscious and paralyzed for the rest of the storm.

When he woke up, he felt unusually energized. He stretched his hand in front of him to see if any muscles were sore, and to his surprise, a small jolt of lightning came out of his palm. He thrust out his arm more forcefully this time, and a blast of electricity smacked the sea. His running speed has increased, too.

For a few more years he trained himself to utilize his powers, as well as melee fighting techniques. When he felt he was finally ready, he confronted Eggman around the time of Sonic CD. He was the one who placed the Time Stones for Sonic to find that game.


Zigzag is an anthropomorphic shark with spiked fins on both arms, an angular dorsal fin, and a zigzag patter across his chest and arms, hence the name "Zigzag." He also has zigzagged bangs, with a white stripe on one side. his entire body is cyan, and he sports pointed shoes with a buzzsaw pattern on the sides.


Zigzag is always up for a fight. While he is generally extroverted and friendly towards anyone who seems nice, he can smell a rat from a mile away, making him hard to manipulate. His love of fighting comes mainly from video games, and he aspires to be like them, even at 17. He's never experienced loss, which may explain his attitude, but he always supports others who have. While his mouth is smiling, his eyes always seem angry-- at what, we'l never know. He sometimes sheds his happier personality for a more serious and supportive one. He sometimes feels inferior or stupid compared to others because of his short temper, causing him to do things without thinking. While he is a little dense, he's not an idiot, and often thinks about existential subjects.





The fastest thing alive himself, he's worked with Sonic in minor roles on multiple occasions. He's more of an acquaintance than a buddy to Sonic, sort of like the Knuckles rivalry.

Lunar Maria Star

His well-protected girlfriend. This relationship came to be after a long and hard battle with Selene and Perfect Chaos, resulting in the two growing closer after Lunar came close to death. Cross-species relationships are already hard, and both are serious novices in romance(Zigzag's goal is mostly just to make out.). However, they always seem to come through in the end.

Mint the Hedgehog

Zigzag is pretty indifferent to Mint, and often just finds her as a roadblock. It doesn't help that she pops inventions out like hotcakes and is constantly breaking the fourth wall without rhyme or reason.

Xsavion the Aquat

One of Zigzag's best friends. He likes to get on his nerves by calling him "crab-man," as associated with his crustacean-like gear.


Lightning Zigzag: Much like his original form, but his dorsal fin takes the shape of a lightning bolt. His electric powers are heavily amplified, and he can create rifts in which he can travel through to get to places.

A sort of scale chart for Godslayer Zigzags size.

Godslayer Zigzag: This form can only be achieved by utilizing pure anger and dark energy. His size increases greatly, his color goes from blue to red and black, and he's irrational. He loses his electric abilities for the power to breathe a beam of white hot fire from his mouth.

Nocturne Zigzag: Zigzag acquired this one-time form when he fused with Selene temporarily. He has heightened strength and speed, and can manipulate time, being Selene is the god of the moon. After disposing of a foe together, ZIgzag used his invulnerability to his advantage and plunged Selene into the sun.

Ion Zigzag: A very obscure form even he doesn't know about. Zigzag is absolutely certain he can't harness the Chaos Emeralds, but he can harness the Master Emerald. This form gives him some sort of malleable silver exterior that resembles his base form, and can be manipulated to form objects.

Powers and Abilities


Thanks to a freak lightning bolt, Zigzag has the power to manipulate and create electricity. With this, he can run faster than the speed of..well, electricity. He can also increase in size, sort of. The way it works is he makes a gigantic foil of himself and puts himself in the center, controlling it.

A demonstration of Lightning Zigzag's speed.

Supernatural Condition

Zigzag possesses supernatural levels of strength and speed due to his exposure to lightning; thanks to this he is able to combat multiple badniks on his own. He is strong enough to one-shot a death egg robot. No, he can't surpass the speed of Sonic, but he can certainly keep up. He's survived many, many blasts from different sources. His stamina, while large, can be easily consumed by large bouts of power. Zigzag's Chaos Energy Level is 5. He is a power type, so he can easily exceed these feats of strength given enough energy.


Being a shark, he's extremely flexible, therefore he has the ability to spin-dash. Unlike most who can perform this, though, Zigzag's dorsal fins help him cut through hard objects.


He prefers melee to anything else, tanking hits while knocking his opponents into next week. He will use his lightning from afar or up close to singe or stun his opponent.


  • Chomp: The most obvious of his abilities, this attack consist of a single or multiple bites.
  • Pummel: In which Zigzag will start spinning rapidly, fists out, pummeling anything in sight, hence the name.
  • Muscle Counter: Being he has no bones, he can counter a stronger enemies attack and end the exact same amount of damage back at them.
  • He can heavily amplify these abilities using his electric powers, but that's too long of a list.
  • A demonstration of Death By Touch.

    Death By Touch: Zigzag surrounds himself in a large ball of lightning. He will incinerate anyone who gets too close. He can't hold this for long, though.

Special Abilities

  • Gills is a rare ability only found in aquatic creatures. It gives Zigzag infinite oxygen and his swim speed is faster, but the tradeoff is that the levels become much harder.

The attack that inspired Zigzag's Pummel Attack as seen in SU.

Limitations and Flaws

  • Thanatophobia - Almost every great hero has this flaw. Instead of simply slumping to the ground in defeat after a friend or loved one is dead, he will fly into a blinding rage. It's even worse if any dark energy hits him or is being emitted nearby, as he will go Godslayer on everyone.
  • Sensory Overload - Even though Zigzag's senses are heightened and efficient, especially underwater, if you were to punch him in the nose, his vision would become blurred and his brain would be overloaded with signals, leaving him vulnerable to attack.
  • Impulsiveness - Zigzag tends to act on instinct instead of making a plan, which usually ends in him being way over his head.


"Hmmm...let's see here..last words...uhh...Anatidephobia."

--Zigzag stating his lat words if he had to say them.

*Incomprehensible roaring*"

--Megalodon Zigzag

"Nah, I got this."

--Zigzag insisting he can take on giant unstoppable monsters himself.

"That sounds obscenely stupid, crazy, and fatal to our health. Count me in."




  • Zigzag's electrokinesis is a nod to actual sharks' electroreception.
  • Oddly enough, Zigzag is based off NINTENDO characters, said characters being Wario and Bowser.
  • Zigzag originally looked like an actual gray shark who stood upright. He was also a robot, could clone himself, and turn into animals. The idea was scrapped.

Rank Reactions

  • S Rank- "Alriiight!"
  • A Rank- "Nice work, pal!"
  • B Rank- "Well, that was easy.
  • C Rank- "Better than nothing, I guess.
  • D Rank- "'S your controller broken, pal?"
  • E Rank- *Kicks the rank letter, hurting his foot in the process.*


Zigzag's old design, drawn by @G1GAVoltz on Twitter.

Zigzag's old design, as drawn by SL1MSh4DY on Discord. The coloration still applies to his new design.

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